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Mayan Civilization and Culture!

The Traditions and Beliefs!

One of the most interesting cultures should always be a part and embraced by many other cultures and said to be the grandest among the other cultural inhabitants in the whole world. This is the Ancient Mayan Civilization. Up to this date, the fall of this civilization is still unexplainably mystery. Though gaining recognition and appreciation from much different part of the global because of the artworks, weaving inclination creations that are still intact from many centuries ago up to present, the study and commemoration of their cultures and traditions are still studied and presented to schools, seminars and even in some churches’ mass. Some of the interesting facts that Mayans brought to the earth are the beliefs and customs that many of the Humans living are still believing or at least accepting.

  • Life After Death – Ancient Mayans believe that death is not the end of anyone’s journey to the human race as there would always be another life after death. Death for them is believed to be the riskiest voyage that the person has to gamble because the game venue is the underworld. And only the sacrificed death is exempted for this matter. Also the women that died during their laboring birth would no longer need to gamble their life after death on the underworld.
  • Immortality – Though does not pertain to the gods and goddesses of mythology, these immortalities ascertain to those authorities of a certain nature such as “Itzamna” the God of beautiful Harvest which particularly refers to the harvest of corn, which actually the main source of living during those times. Aside from the god of harvest, they also have the god of Sun and Rain, who according to myth has to got their time and schedule of the season through gambling. Though undocumented and unproven, these are the facts that Mayans believed.
  • The End of the World – one of the most controversial beliefs of the Mayans were said to be the ever trending December 21, 2012 End of the World. Though the Mayan calendar most of the time lacks its credibility when it comes to envisioning the futures, the experts are testifying that the real actual phenomenon happened so close to the date that the Mayan’s Calendar predictions, this End of the World according to the expert is so next to impossible. The Mayans also believed that the earth was constructed fifth times already because the earth according to them was destroyed four times already.
  • Sacrifices – This should be the Mayans’ greatest gamble throughout their lives, sacrificing Human lives in exchanged for an unsure outcome. To be able to get a good life the entire life span, the Mayans believe that they needed to do sacrifices. Either by Animals or even Humans, these sacrifices must never stop because once discontinued; your life during your mortality would be in great pain and danger. They consider human blood as the most precious gift they can offer to their gods, whether this blood came from the prisoner of wars or from devoted volunteers, just the same precious blood to offer.
  • Religion and Science – There is no actual difference between Science and Religion as per the beliefs of the Mayans. One crystal clear evidence is the way they taking their lives particularly the cycle of it. They are depending their future to what is so called “the Mayan Calendar” which is actually based both on Science and Religion.

Mayans Also Gamble!

Well, any civilization whether northern or western hemisphere have their different cultures and traditions. And most of them are also having their recreational activities though still related to their cultures and religion. Mayans civilization is not actually exempted on this matter as they are also having their own way of entertaining themselves. They also celebrate important dates in accordance with the Gods details and they honor this day through playing music with their own created instruments that usually made up of wood, pottery, shells and antlers. They are also dancing and praying to prove their faith to the gods.

Another prominent way of entertaining themselves is through gambling, though very critical as the pottery is not only percentage of their assets but sometimes the whole wealth are in stake. This game is called “Pok-ol-Pok”. This game is very similar to the modern soccer as the rules of the games is just simply kicking the ball or moving the ball to reach the goal by any part of the body except the bare hands. Sometimes, the winning team would be able to claim all the jewelries of the losing team, sometimes, the female Mayan would be getting married to one of the members of the winning team but this is still humane because sometimes, the winning team could demand the losing team’s daughter to be their slave. And worst of all, there are matches that the bet requires your most precious life as a stake, so if you lose the game, you will lose your life.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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