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Martial Arts!

1. Martial Arts: The Definition?

Martial Arts are defined as forms of various combating methods whether individually or by group that are broadly performed as sport, self-defense or healthy exercise. There are types of martial arts that require weapons and there A fightare also types which do not. Both of the armed type and the unarmed type of combat are usually based on conventional techniques of fighting that are used in Asian continents.

Kendo and Kyudo are two of those types of martial arts that require weapons; kendo is the art of fighting with the use of wooden sword for fencing while kyudo is the art of combat with the use of the bow and arrow for archery.

The types of martial arts that do not require weapons are as follows; Tae Kwan Do (Taekwondo) which originates in Korea and more about on the emphasis on speedy hand motion and flying kick.

Another type of martial arts that do not require weapon is Judo, which was created in Japan and specializes on throwing, locking and grappling techniques. Aikido is another form which also originates from Japan and specializes with mental techniques in strengthening human body power and the Japanese call it “unifying life’s energy”. Kung Fu is also one form or unarmed martial arts, it was discovered and developed in China, and it is about gaining knowledge through patience, energy and time. It resembles of other martial arts type karate.

No matter what type of martial arts any individual is inclined to, it surely develops human strength, stamina, speed, balance and flexibility.

And martial arts nowadays are not only meant for self-defense, it surely a great exercise to maintain and enhance human body health and most specially, martial arts are also now a subject for competitions and entertainment. In fact, one of the major climaxes of the ever famous Olympic Games focuses on martial arts.

2. Brief History!

Ancient paintings that shows signs of the existence of martial arts was seen on the Egyptian work of arts during the 3400 BC but there are also proofs that earlier on the 2879 BC, there are drawings and sketches in Vietnam that shows Showing a kickhuman battle with highlighted spears and bows, but the essence of martial arts are sensationalized in China before 4000BC. During the Xia Dynasty, a yellow Emperor launched the organized fighting processes and styles through writing a book along with other subjects such as Medicine and Astrology which he actually spread to the other kingdoms during that time. During the Tang Dynasty, choreographed calligraphy and sword dances are introduced by the great warrior Li Mu Bai who owned the historical and very powerful sword “The Green Destiny”. Ming and Qing Dynasties’ time empower Wushu which is partially the foundation of the modern martial arts around the world.

In early Europe, the signs of martial arts can be seen on the paintings and other handicraft art that show boxing, wrestling and other forms of combat that uses weapon such as axe, sledge hammer and spear in Ancient Greece. And in Romans, they always hold a competition for gladiators for a certain rewards such as freedom, wife and even their own life. History of martial arts during the middle ages in some of the European countries evolved as the use of sword plus shield became popular which can be watched for example in the movie “Troy” and “300”. While in some Asian nations, it was the use of two swords both on the right and left hand of the warrior. Japanese samurai also became famous; in fact even their highest ranking soldier would use it as his main source of self defense. When Asia was colonized by Europe, local martial arts’ popularity deteriorates as the introduction of guns and other form of explosive weapon became more and more interesting.

On the middle of 19th century, martial arts became one of the main categories in any sporting events but it was still based on the traditional styles and techniques of the ancient martial arts. The development of martial arts in Europe specializes in Fencing and Boxing as they became more on sports rather than self defense. And on the same time, Japan also marks the introduction of some form of martial arts such as judo, jujitsu, karate and kendo. And during the late 19th century, Westernized military personnel who spent a lot of time rendering their services to Asian countries were influenced by the local martial arts of China, Japan and South Korea. Jujutsu, judo and karate are the pioneer among many others that became very famous from the fifties to the sixties.

Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist was among the one who taught local Asian martial arts to the Western people before he got into show business world during the time that he spent his life in the United States. This was seen in the effect of the numerous Hong Kong martial arts movies that popularized the likes of Jackie Chan and Jet Lee. Asian movies with the same genre martial arts were adopted in the Hollywood alike movies but still were normally based on Asian martial arts styles and techniques.

A Folded Hand

3. Martial Arts in Olympics!

In 1920, the rise and establishment of boxing was fully authorized and the International Boxing Association was organized, and since then more and more boxing competitions were held including in the Olympic Games. It is 1956 when World Judo Championships had been started to be held. WJC is one of the most coveted and awaited Judo competition aside from of course the Judo Olympic Games.

WJC is holding its regular contest annually except during the time of Olympic has taken place. It has been introduced A Fighterin the Tokyo Japan’s 1956 Summer Olympics and since then, it is already always part of the game. Next in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, this World Championship includes some weight classes to widen the number of contestants and aspirants.

Martial art type Judo was included in the Summer Olympics during the 1964 games in different categories such as Heavyweight, half heavyweight, middleweight and many more. At first, this game is open only to male contestant and women are not qualified to compete, but on the 1992 Summer Olympic, women have their own categories in the games. Karate World Championships were introduced in 1970 and it was tagged as the highest level of Karate competition. World Karate Federation is having their championship every two years which was held in different countries defending on who would host the competition.

During the nineties, mixed martial arts were introduced and became as popular as that single and isolated type of combat. In fact, UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship who happened to be the biggest promoter of mixed martial arts in the world hosted the most of the top-ranked fighters in the sport and produces events worldwide.

Its initial offering took place in Denver Colorado last 1993. Another equally well-known promoter is the Japan based PRIDE or the Pride Fighting Championship.

Judo and karate instructor
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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