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Macau, casinos and hotels

Way of Life!

If there is any place that surrounds a glittering way of life through giant billboards and most precious and creative lights that are hanging outside from buildings to buildings, and if there is any place at least on Asia that booms tremendously as fast as a shooting star not only to their local citizens but for any other aliens in the world, it is none other than Macau of China. Of course, aside from Las Vegas in the United States, there is another place for those by-Landers and or tourists who loves not just wondering around the jurisdiction of the place but for some reason is most appreciated as entertainment and fun. Advertising agencies more specifically the billboard and lightings business also has the advantage for the blooming of giant’s buildings such as hotels and casinos. For this, Macau has turned to be more western than being oriental on its origin.



The natives although subsidiary colonized by the state of Latin America, remained oriental in regards to their culture specially on their beliefs, foods, way of life and many others. If you noticed the suburban part of the region, it is still more on Asian and natively Chinese people. But that is not the main point of this article. This former Portuguese governed country has played a vital role in the reconnections of the orients to the west specially in changing the face of the city from being a “goon syndicated type” full of counterfeiters, drug relevant crimes and gangster wars to the innovated city spot for tourists and the likes. One of the greatest modernizations that have happened to Macau is the evolution of gambling establishment and its legalization. In fact, this is the only region in China that has legalized gambling to its fullest extent. Nowadays, Macau has become the stiffest counterpart of Las Vegas and to some point has exceeded the popularity of the area when it comes to gambling and casinos for that matter.

Casino Lisboa

How It Started!

It was 1999 when Macau was taken aback by the Chinese from the Latin American state and reconsiders it once again as under their jurisdiction. Chinese government decided to take the risk of accepting investors for gaming industry even outside Macau. Not quite good news for the Billionaire who monopolizes Casino industry for about 4 decades. This was the beginning of a westernized casino that is actually operated by American people. But this risky gamble by the Chinese government went into a positive outcome as this was became the greatest revenue source for Macau’s economy, as a matter of fact it took the lead when it comes to revenue matter from Las Vegas in 1997. During the time when foreign Casinos usually from Las Vegas itself and some from Australia entered Macau, the Chinese economy for this region has exploded to more than 50% of the entire revenues for the country, enough to build more establishments and create more jobs for the locals. At the moment, no urbanized country whether from the United States of America or from the Central Europe had no knowledge of how this City from China has became their center of tourist’s attraction most specially when it comes to entertainment and gambling.

Macau Bridge

The Casinos in Macau!

With the entry of the many gambling casino investors on this region, Macau has become one of the most powerful arenas in the industry of Gambling casino. With it’s more than 30 major Casinos spread all over the region, enough to compete with the almost the same industry which is well known to be Las Vegas.

Macau Venetian

The region of Macau is actually divided to some cities entirely for casinos. A couple of major casino city with all the gambling that are legal and authorized for anyone to play on. The Macau Peninsula and the Taipa Island and both are subsidized and partially operated by the government which is why both contained a common set of regulations. Of course all the other aspect of the casino such as the games like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and many others are also bounded by legality. Though Poker was a bit late on its introduction to Macau, it has now one of the most played casino game in many gambling establishments. To name a few that belongs only to the top caliber giant casinos are as follows;

  • The Venetian Macao – is a twin casino of the same casino in Las Vegas, the “The Venetian”. Owned by the Las Vegas Sands, this hotel casino is the largest single built structure in Asia, the 6th in the world but still the biggest casino globally. Containing almost 3,500 slot machines and 800 table games with 3000 rooms just for the accommodation of the guests, this 40 story building casino is located in the Cotai Strip.
  • The Galaxy Cotai Mega Resort – offering 2000 suites and an almost 50 restaurants with a beach so near to perfectly real and swimming pools with waves. Also offers a variety of Slot Machines up to 1000 choices and more than 400 casino tables. Though this casino has only had their grand opening last 2011, it is now one of the biggest nowadays and one of the most visited casino in Macau.
  • Casino Lisboa – Built with more than two thousand rooms for the guests and players. Six choices of restaurants and more than a hundred of slot machines plus almost 200 casino tables. This was owned and operated by Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau of Stanley Ho and family. It has an autonomous single casino also inside called Casino Crystal Palace.
  • MGM Macau – or also known as the MGM Grand was actually owned by partnership between the casino magnate in Macau which is the Ho family and the MGM resorts International. It is a 35 story building with 600 rooms, 12 restaurants and a grand convention hall with more than 800 square meters in size. It offers almost 350 gaming tables and more than a thousand slot machines variety.
  • Wynn Macau – said to be the greatest competitor of MGM Macau as the expansion was right away followed by the latter. Owned by Wynn Resorts, this establishment offers also 600 rooms and suites, before the expansion and added another approximately more than 400 rooms, more than 200 table games and almost 400 slot machines. A lot of restaurants also are located inside Wynn Macau.
  • Sands Macao – owned and operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and located in Macau peninsula. With almost 300 suites, more than 400 slot machines and almost 300 casino tables are the main feature of this casino. Just like Wynn and MGM, Sands also already had their expansion to cater more guests and players.
  • City of Dreams – or a more popular CoD is also in Cotai Strip and was owned and operated by Melco Crown Entertainment. It was built designed like a podium with four towers, the two Grand Hyatt Hotels, the hard Rock tower and the Crown Towers Hotel. CoD offers a mega casino with more than 500 casino tables and 1500 machines. Also have more than 20 restaurants and bars.

These are just some of the well-known casinos in Macau but there are still hundreds of them that belong to the giant group and another hundreds who belong to the not so big casinos that operate almost 24/7.

Macau Tower
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