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Look after your money at the Golden Horseshoe Casino and other casinos

It is fun playing at a casino. It is entertaining and individual games such as online poker are quite educational. It is important to keep a budget of your money. Below is a summary of the dos and don’ts to ensure that the evening following a visit to a casino continues to be fun, even when it is time to go home.

  • Gambling is entertainment
    Gambling with money at a casino is fun and should be perceived purely as entertainment similar to a trip to the cinema or a holiday abroad. That is why the money you spend on gambling must be money you can afford to Check List before you go visiting a casino.lose. Never use money that is meant for regular costs such as rent or similar.
  • Make a budget
    Before leaving home and arriving at the casino, you should already have a budget in mind for playing at the casino that evening. Write an amount down on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket. Should you be unlucky and lose the whole lot, stop playing for that evening.
  • Alcohol and gambling
    You often get free alcohol when at a casino. While it is ok to have a drink while playing, be careful. Alcohol and casino games in large quantities do not a good cocktail make. You have a tendency to lose your inhibitions and your sense of reality when consuming large quantities of alcohol. So only drink alcohol in small amounts, when playing for money.
  • Learn the rules of the casino games
    It is tempting to join a casino game even if you do not know the rules or strategies behind it. But if you do not even know the basic rules of blackjack, for example, it is better to stick to games where only luck determines whether you win or not. Roulette and slots are ideal for this in that both these games are purely coincidence-based, and the player has no influence on the outcome once the game has started.
  • Never borrow money
    It is often in groups that we go to Golden Horseshoe Casino or similar. If you have lost a lot of money and have a friend who offers to lend you money to carry on playing, say no. The likelihood of you losing even more is greater, so stop playing that day and wait.
  • Leave credit cards at home
    It is a good idea to leave your credit cards at home when you and your friends go to a casino. Withdraw an amount and bring it with you. Now you can only lose what you have brought with you, and have already removed the temptation to spend more, should luck be against you that evening.
  • Take regular breaks
    When gambling avoid playing for hours on end without taking breaks in between. Keep an eye on the time and play, for example, for an hour, and then have a coffee or do something else. If you take a break you also avoid becoming “caught up in the game”. Gambling should be fun. If you are not enjoying the game, take a break.
  • Remember to get some sleep
    If you are on a trip to Las Vegas, it is likely you will only be spending a couple of days there. Many therefore think they have to play as much as possible to make the most of their time. Do not do this. Use your hotel room to take a shower and get some sleep, so that you are clear-headed and better able to take on the challenges at the casino tables. Always remember that playing at a casino should be fun.
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