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Lionel Messi; the Story of his Life!

Sometimes, dreaming is not enough and eagerness to fulfill that dream is too much. It is always important to consider time, effort and support from those people who are concerned to the dreamer. And that solely was not even enough to reach the highest peak of the ladder that the dreamer wanted to step to. It is important to know the meaning of commitment and its difference to just being concerned.

Being concerned is just giving a percentage of your time or planning and thinking way to step on to your dream whenever opportunity comes but being committed is giving yourself 100% effort and time and not just planning the way to reach your goal but putting that plans into action. Meaning to be able to reach the upper part of the ladder of success, it has to be worked on. This is the fact that one of our star on the article believed.

As per his statistics and characteristics, he considers success as a combination of 10% luck and 90% hard works. Though this guy played his favorite sport during his early age, he did not able to evade a serious sickness and this was not considered as a hindrance to pursue his dreams, proving his worthy of what he is now and where he stands after all the success that he worked for.

He is actually the 2012 Best International Athlete for ESPY and member of the 2013 ESM Team of the Year, but more than that he was one of the record titlist of Guinness World Records for the most goal in the year. He is considered if not the only one is one of the greatest footballer of all time, his name? Leo Messi.


1. Who is Leo Messi?

Given above facts that Messi is footballer, he is Lionel Andres Messi by birth, born one from the four children of a factory steel worker Jorge Horacio Messi and a part time cleaner Celia Maria Cutticcini on Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Messi attended his primary school at Las Heras Elementary School also in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. He was not able to attend high school due to his health condition during his time, his family needed to transfer to Barcelona to treat and fix his health ailment.

It was his willingness and capabilities in football that made him hope and strive to be cured and football was also the reason why a certain Carles Rexach who happened to be the Director of FC Barcelona offered a support for his medicine and other necessity for his Growth Hormone Deficiency, in exchange of his membership to FC Barcelona. And so the elder Messi, Leo’s father allowed him to sign a contract with the FC Barcelona, even the contract is written on a tissue paper and they moved to Barcelona for training and to pursue Leo’s dream on football as well as to attend to his sickness. As his former team who also an avid fan of him when it comes to playing but not willing to help his family for his medical condition, Leo Messi attended the Club’s Youth Academy for his initial practice and training.

2. Messi’s Life in Football!

Football is Messi’s life, he devoted himself to the game and he always had given his 100% dedication every time he is in the arena. On his club football career, it was not easy for him to do the game with the others at first but on his talent in playing the game is superficial and he won the hearts of his members. He played first on Barcelona’s junior team showing his strength and capabilities of playing though he was still considered neophytes during that time, he was almost released to be dismembered on the club during the group’s financial shortages but his coaches knew that Messi would be worthy to be part of the team so they fought their right to sustain who ever players they wanted to be retained.

Messi had set a record of playing in five different teams during the 2003-2004 seasons, from Juvenile B to Juvenile A, from F C Barcelona C (third division) to F C Barcelona B (second division) and there are instances that Messi played for both the teams on a particular time. Messi got his debut on league in less than a year after he started playing club football and it was on the 16th of October 2004. He was considered as one of the youngest player of the team Barcelona and tagged as the youngest La Liga Club player. From this, he was very thankful to his coach during that season because at his early age, he was given the chance to play both on La Liga and to Club Championship.

On the 2005-2006 seasons, just in time for Messi to become Spanish Citizen, his contract in Barcelona was extended and his compensation as an extended member also was improved. During this season had given Messi his debut in the season's Spanish First Division and his first Champions League participation.

Though there are obstacles and many challenges that the team had encountered, it ended up with a big bang as his team Barcelona became the champion during that season. It was also this season that gave the team honors and recognition on La Liga Championship, Supercopa de Espana and UEFA Champions League.

2006-2007 seasons made Messi to become a first team player meaning, he became part of the first batch to play against an opponent. This season also gave Messi his first major injury as he suffered a broken bone on his foot. And FYI, the broken bone is called matatrsal bone which happened to be the most used part of the body in football. Messi needed to take a break of almost three months because of this accident and missed some of the important games during that season.


He also had set another record in football on this season as he became the first scorer player of the El Clásico hat-trick and the youngest player to score a hat-trick. Messi was recognized in Copa America during this season, La Liga Foreign Player of the Year, FIFPro World Young Player of the Year, and World Soccer Young Player of the Year. Messi also got the Bravo Award during that season. And one of his favorite recognition so far is the so called Olimpia de Plata which he garnered since 2005 and 2007.

Messi just continue playing from season to season and see to it that every season would be a record for him not only by counting awards but most importantly lessons that he learned every time he played in a football arena. Many lessons learned and numerous awards were given to him as he still outstand many of his opponents. He was even voted and nominated by some newspapers and sports magazine as one of the top footballers of all time.

Messi won his first Copa del Rey during the 2009 season and helped his team to win twice on La Liga and eventually win on the Champions League. He also became the top scorer in the Champions League during the season and awarded as the UEFA Club Forward of the Year and the UEFA Club Footballer of the Year as Messi was the reason for Barcelona’s three wins in one season, win on the Copa del Rey, win on the Champion League and win on the La Liga. Then continue to play his life of game and proves to the world that he still can be one of the greatest footballer even up to the present.

In fact, the list of records he had set is unparalleled such as Guinness World Record Holder Highest Goal Scorer, First football player to score consecutively against all teams in a professional league, Highest International Goal Scorer, Highest Goal Scorer for FIFA Club World Cup, Most Number of Awards for European Golden Shoe, Most Number of Highest Score in a European Cup, Highest Scorer of UEFA Champions League and One and Only Scorer against 20 Cities in European Cup. Messi ranked number one on World’s Richest Footballers on 2010 and was included in 100 Most Influential People for 2011 and 2012.

3. The Leo Messi Foundation!

It was mention above that Messi had suffered from an ailment during his childhood, and his family needed to defend on others just to support his medical necessity. This part of his life is one of the reasons why he had thought of building a foundation that would help and assist less fortunate sick children who cannot maintain their medications and those who cannot afford hospitalization for the cure of their sickness. It was called “The Leo Messi Foundation”. This charity’s objective is to provide financial support for the education and health welfare of the needy children. This includes even the transportation of the patient from one point to another if the situation calls for it especially if it is emergency cases. This charity foundation is maintained and financed by Messi’s own fundraising projects plus the support of his current endorsement Herbalife. Messi’s goodwill never ended on his foundation as he became the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, a remarkable organization that specializes on children’s right and other necessity. He also had helped an old friend to rebuild a gymnasium for the sports for children and donated a large amount of money to renovate a hospital on his hometown.

4. Life outside Football!

Not because it was mentioned that football is Messi’s life, he would allow evolving his life only to football. He also had love life which was considered once as very controversial and interesting. First, there is a time that he was involved to a certain Macarena Lemos also a Rosario native just like him. Though it was not confirmed that they had a formal affair, there are blind items and reports that telling that the two had a relationships of more than friends.

Then a glamorous Argentine ramp model came to his life by the name Luciana Salazar. There are also reports that Messi admitted that he had a girlfriend from Argentina whom happiness and excitement rewarded to him but it was not confirmed if he is pertaining to Salazar as his girlfriend.

And finally, he met Antoniella Roccuzzo whom he admitted that he would have a baby with during that time. Messi became a father on the second day of November 2012 on a baby Boy from which he and his girlfriend named as Thiago. He had shown to the world how he’d like this baby by engraving his son’s name and little palm on his left calf and announcing to the world how happy he was during those times of his life. And aside from love life, Messi also had a social life, in fact it was already mentioned that he had organized a foundation that would help and support children on their education and health necessities.


He also had reached communities that needed help and wholeheartedly had given financial support for the reconstruction of a football gym for the new footballers and for the renovation of a certain hospital on his home town Rosario. He is indeed a good hearted person because all of these goodwill he never wanted to announce in public. He even became a UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador on 2010 and finished his responsibilities there with flying colors.

Messi also had been involved in some of his endorsements such as Adidas, Turkish Airlines, Lays, Pepsi, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Herbalife who supported his foundation, New Bimbo, Japanese Face Wash Scalp, We Chat, Nokia Theme, Football Pedia and Head & Shoulder Shampoo and counting. Though Messi was not fond of acting in front of the camera, he was able to be part of some of the films that were produced and shown locally on his country such as "60 Minutes Sports" (2013), "Caiga Quien Caiga - CQC" (2012), "Quelli Che...Iil Calcio" (2009), "Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad" (2008), "S: The Stories" (2008), "Mañanas Informales" (2007) and "La Noche Del 10" (2005) and was visible and active in promoting his own inspired video games such as Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, FIFA Street, FIFA 13 and FIFA 14.

He was indeed a superstar on his own rights as he managed to organize his time and effort to those different fields and most importantly, he was loved by his fans and followers inside and outside football on whatever industry he would be inclined to, whether on sports, on endorsements or even on his personal life.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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