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Lawn Tennis

What is Tennis?

Tennis is a sport that caters no limitations on the social status of any individual who can handle a racket and would be able to run whether by his own two feet or even by wheelchair to snap a rubber ball to return to the opponents’ side. It is played by through singles, meaning one is to one or by doubles meaning 2 players per court. The goal of the players is to strike the ball and for the opponents to miss it and drop it to their side of the court. Tennis is also played in Olympics and cannot be underestimated as it also can draw millions of crowds as audience.

Tennis court.


It was during the twelfth century when this game was discovered, but by during that time, there is no rocket yet to be used. It is the human palms that are used to hit the ball towards the opponent’s side. The game was called “jeu de paume” during that century and the very first person to admire this is none other than Louis X of France. “Jeu de Paume” which means in English term as “the game of palm” and soon evolved as “Lawn Tennis in the modern times was constructed first time outdoor, but the King Louis the 10th is not so happy with it so on the 13th century he instructed his men to build a tennis court indoor in Paris, a closed air court for tennis is better according to him. This new game-venue had been enjoyed not only by the King himself but also the audiences who witnessed games on this court. And so, time had come that this form of entertainment by the King of France was popularized on all the Royal Castle all over Europe. On the same century, around 1316, Louis X had died in a doubtful manner, it was not confirmed if his death is by accident, or by poisoning or by sickness but the death came after his game was finished, he was so tired and drank an intolerable amount of wine and then death comes. Because his death is in any way connected to the game “jeu de paume”, he was named as the very first known player of this game by history. Another King who has followed his footsteps when it comes to playing sports is King Charles V of France who also had constructed an indoor court on his own palace. And by his time, this game was even more popular than ever that even those who are not in the position are playing this game on this own yards including ordinary citizens of Europe are starting to patronize the game and making it their very own way of entertainment and fun. In the course of being popularity of the game, innovations and changes also appears on the 16th century, and one of the most notable developments is the use of rackets and the name of the game also began to change. It was then called “tennis” or in French term as “tenez” which means, to hold or to receive. This is the term used by the player who spike or the server addressed to his opponent.

Tennis number 1. Hard work and smile is what it takes to make it to the top.

The game was not only popularized throughout Europe but spread also all over America and this is because of the reason why modern tennis is still many favorites, he is Walter Clopton Wingfield, he was able to innovate more the game by producing a game set which includes rackets, poles, balls and net in playing the game. His charm and enthusiastic marketing style brought the game all over the world. But the game is not the only thing that he brought to the world; he insisted his own rules of the games to be followed. And because of his connections to the different countries, he was able to spread thousand of game set just to introduce the game along with his regulations. And from this, it was 1874 that the very first tennis tournament has been introduced, “the Wimbledon Championship” which was played first time to London in 1877. After this first tournament, antagonists came and wanted to update and modify some terms and conditions of the games and so many arguments have been raised and needed to be solved. Until it was decided and proclaimed by The International Lawn Tennis Federation or the now so called International Tennis Federation the standardize rules and regulations of the game which had been followed since then up to the present times.

Rules of the game!

A. Service, Faults and Voids

1. Either two opponent singles or team would be placed on the contradiction side of the court which a net in the middle exists. Who ever wanted to be placed on what side the players want would be confirmed by the other player but if the Tennis in action.initial place of the both players is the same, a toss coin will decide.

2. Same on whoever would be the first server or the first receiver, this is automatically be decided by a toss coin even before the play-practice starts. But the players would alternately be the service side after of each game.

3. For the server, there is always a required position (at least in legal service) which is in the baseline while the receiver could position himself anywhere inside the court whichever he thinks he could easily received the ball.

4. If the ball landed on the service box without touching the net, it’s a good service, but if the ball touches the net and landed to the service box, it’s a net service and it’s not considered as fault or a bad service though it is void, so the server would re-serve the ball.

5. If the ball did not pass through the net or landed outside the service box, the service is fault and the server would again reserve the ball, but if he misses a good service for the second time, the point would be given to the receiver.

B. Receive, Return and Rally

6. If the service is good, it begins a rally, meaning, the players could alternately hit the ball back and forth to the opposite court. If the receiver would be able to return the ball before it bounces two times within the floor or to any other feature on the court except of course the net, it is a good return. But if the receiver would not be able to hit the ball and bounces twice, the server wins the point.

7. The receiver neither the server could not hit the ball twice in a row during the rally, so the ball must over flow the net to the other side of the court, but if the ball touches the net during a rally, it is still a good return. Whoever among the server or the receiver who could not pass through the ball to the other side of the court losses and the point would be awarded to the opponent.

8. Then the server would position again himself to the appropriate side of the court to start a new game.

C. Scoring and Winners

Winners by game would actually be known when a player has won the first four points or at least ahead of two points against his opponents. In tennis, first three points are called “love” which mean zero, “fifteen” which means one, “thirty” which means two and “forty” means 3. If both players have the same score of “forty over forty”, it means “deuce” or tie or even. Winners by set can be determined when player wins six games or two win games against the opponent. But if a certain player has 6 points and the other has five points, the additional set of game is played. If the player with six points wins the final points, he wins the game but if the player with five points wins the game, a tie breaker would be implemented. And lastly, winner by match can be proclaimed winner if a player wins 3 set of game in a best of five matches or a player wins 2 games set in a best of three matches. In an ordinary play, the players could set whether they can finish best of five or best of three depending on their decision but in a professional tournament, men play best of five including those giant tournament such as Grand Slam tournaments and the likes, while women play best of three matches.

Tennis makes winners.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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