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Is it risky playing on casinos on the Internet?

This is raised frequently asked question among people who have not played on an online casino before.
It is natural to be a little sceptical over something you have not tried before. will in the following section try to remove any doubts and scepticism that many wrongly have. It is our opinion that it is actually riskier gambling the lottery at your local corner shop than playing on a casino on the Internet. This opinion will be further clarified later on this page.

This page contains the following sections, which all address the question “Is it risky playing on casinos on the Internet?"

  • Pick and choose
  • I do not want to use my credit card on the Internet
  • How to use your credit card to pay on the Internet
  • It is more risky to play a lottery game at your local corner shop than it is to play at an online casino
  • Summary

Pick and choose

"Gambling at a casino" on the Internet is a relatively new phenomenon. The first Internet-based casinos that enabled you to play for "real" money actually started back in 1995. Many quite rightly feel nervous about paying money to Choiceswhat are relatively new companies. (They could suddenly go bankrupt and what happens then to all my payments???)
Most casinos are not even as "old" as that. Every day a new company appears wanting to run a casino on the Internet. There are consequently over 1000 casinos on the Internet today. This enormous number alone makes it confusing, and a minefield to find your way round. Which casinos are real and which ones are not?

This is where can help. has tried and tested all the casinos on this site. This means you can choose among them with complete peace of mind. Some carry a greater risk than others, but this will be apparent in the review and ranking of each casino. has already made it easy for you. Choose the “easy” casinos first, next the casinos with “medium” waging requirements, and finally the “tough” ones, cf. the introduction to each of the pages named.

You have already tackled the first hurdle. You have the option of sorting through the casinos BEFORE you start playing. You can pick and choose.

I do not want to use my credit card on the Internet

Safe to use creditcard online.The following comments have been spoken by most people, or else they have heard others say it: “I do not want to use my credit card on the Internet. What if a hacker empties my bank account in a matter of seconds. I do not want to risk that, so I will choose the safe option and avoid using my credit card on the Internet”. Are we right??

It is a fact that many Brits still do not feel safe using their credit cards on the Internet. To them we can simply say: Your fears are unfounded. It is safe to use your credit card on the Internet. In the very unlikely event that you are one of the unlucky few subjected to unrightful use of your credit card, there is only one thing you should do. Call your bank and cancel your card. The phone number of your local bank is open 24 hours a day, so it is always possible to cancel your card. If you do this, there is one thing you need to know. It is the bank and not you that will cover this misuse of your credit card, providing you have adhered to some obvious rules. The most important of these is that, and we stress this, you never communicate your pin code (four digit code) to anyone else.

How to use your credit card to pay on the Internet

This is not hard. If you have shopped in British shops on the Internet, then you will be pleased to know that the exact same process is used with your credit card. What the shop or e.g. the casino needs information about is your credit card's expiry date and card number. Remember that your credit card number is not the same as your account number.
It is really easy to spot the difference between these 2 numbers, as the card number is the one "printed into the card". You can “feel” it.

It is riskier to play the lottery at your local corner shop than it is to play on casinos on the Internet

Play safe at online believes it is riskier to play a lottery game at your local corner shop, than it is to play on casinos on the Internet. Just ask yourself: “How many times have I won anything in the lottery in the last few years. Your answer might be: “I have had four correct numbers loads of times”. congratulates you on any winnings you might have had. But if you try to calculate how much profit you have made actually doing the lottery, or pools, you probably belong to the group of people who are in deficit.

It is a completely different scenario when we talk of casinos that have established themselves on the Internet platform. Here you have the advantage. All casinos on give you free money. The majority do however require you to pay a certain amount of money to access the free money, which is called a bonus. If you want to read more about what a bonus is and the different types CLICK HERE.’s point is therefore that because you get free money to play for, you don't in principle run any risk. The free money is yours, generously given to you by the casino. Yes, you read correctly. The money given to you by the casino is yours. However, you cannot withdraw your bonus money immediately. You have to have “played it” on the casino first. You can read more about this on the page entitled "Terms you should know" CLICK HERE , under "wager requirements". But if you follow online gambling’s advice, you will almost 100% guaranteed earn money.

Finally, it must be highlighted that in the long run, casinos on the Internet are better business for us smaller gamblers, than playing via e.g. a real casino in Las Vegas. It always pays to play on a casino on the Internet, even if you have not received a bonus. This is because the payment percentages on the majority of casinos on the Internet are 97-98% in most games. By comparison, the payment percentages in several of the casinos in Las Vegas are just 80-90%, and there is no bonus for new customers in the casinos there.


  • On casinos on the Internet, you are in a win–win situation
  • You get free money, i.e. a welcome bonus.
  • The percentages for payment of winnings are 97-98%.
  • It is completely safe to use your credit card on the Internet. For any credit card misuse it is your bank that is liable. gives you an overview of the best casinos, so that you avoid the ones that are not so good.
In Las Vegas casinos, most people are in a win-lose situation

  • You do not get any free money.
  • The percentages for payment of winnings are on average rarely above 90%.
  • People will lose their money in the long run.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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