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History of Gambling in Las Vegas!

About Las Vegas!

Las Vegas as always written in many articles was tagged as the gambling capital city of the world. No matter how beautiful the land is, no matter how sparkling the night life in the city and no matter how interesting to know the other aspect of life that the city offers, no matter how convincing the food to be so delicious and glamorous, it is always the The beginning of gambling - how it all started.gambling, the casino, the poker and other games that are associated to gambling would be the major factor of describing the city. This is only because of the fact that Las Vegas has the most number of famous casinos who welcomes the entire humankind in the whole world. This city is the most popular venue and destination where gambling is the theme.

Gambling is equal to Las Vegas and Las Vegas is equal to gambling, but the question is, where gambling in Las Vegas came from really? Do we really know how gambling started in this city? Our concern is just where can we enjoy playing games in a casino with a lot of benefits like the hotel and restaurants that are inclined to the casino, we don’t really care the history of the game we are playing. We don’t really care how the casino where we are playing started. And we don’t really have the concrete idea why and how gambling started in Las Vegas.

Aside from that, who would ever think that this city is just a dusty desert once upon a time? Until some missionaries Mormon decided to be a permanent resident of this city and began to apply their lives in accordance with the movement of the city. Las Vegas is just a dusty desert which is actually only a stopover for the travelers especially for those who only transport goods and merchandises, meaning only a break time venue or a resting place for the long travelers and businessmen. The evolution of the city is truly interesting as there are so many developments and redevelopments in between from the time it was discovered up to the present.

How was gambling started in Las Vegas?

Many believe that the origin of the gambling galore in Las Vegas did not originate on the city itself, meaning there are factors outside the city that brought about the beginning of everything which involves gambling in the said city. We Gold rush was worth a lot of dollarsalready know that Las Vegas was founded on the 15th of May 1905, but gambling is long practiced even before then.

During the 1800’s, there is said to be an American carpenter and sawmill operator who was able to discover gold somewhere in California. His discovery became so sensational and the news easily spread widely not only in the center of America but all over the world.

This Gold Rush phenomenon was the reason why almost 300,000 people from different places came to California to engage themselves to be a gold seeker; some came through the sea transportation but most of them travelled by land. And as mentioned awhile ago that the land of Las Vegas usually is a stopover for the travelers, it is obviously where the Gold Rush explorers rest every time they needed to take some break and for some other activities. Also, there are other discoverer that confirms gold discovery to some part of Nevada and Northern California.

Some dwelling houses from this city took advantage of the situation and turned their small homes to lodging houses for the gold seekers. Some of the explorers are not just traveler because they have something with while travelling, these are the games and gadgets for gambling they had brought and they are using them while resting and taking sometimes to relax. These games include poker and blackjack; therefore, they had with them cards to play.

And so gambling was introduced to them by those gold seekers who have no idea that they also had brought the city a gold mine. Because since then, gambling was popularized and became the past time of many people not only those who want to experience gold rush but also especially the locals of the city. Gambling since then became uncontrollable in the city until up to early 1900’s especially during the times that the activity was practiced illegally and without authorization, meaning many gambling activities during that time were underground.

When was gambling boomed in Las Vegas?

This phenomenal Gold Rush also crackdown and the popularity deteriorate during the late 1920’s. While the seeking of gold parallel to the stock exchange market fell down, the citizens of Las Vegas found gambling as a escape goat anLas Vegas is growing despite of depression globallyconsider gambling as a dark angel because it would uplift again their economy, dark because there are moralists who do not believe on this and still consider gambling as an activity from hell.

But the authorities’ life and death desperation made gambling in Las Vegas a worldwide prospect for tourism. As they discover another gold mine phenomenon in gambling, the state legalized gambling for the purposes of revenues and revenues only. This was the source why they were able to built school and universities during that time.

As the idea of profiting from gambling saved the city from depression, Las Vegas was hugely tagged as the savior of America in regards with their economy. Especially during the Hoover Dam erection as it keep the economy of the local city raising.

Surprisingly, the Hoover dam did it in terms of revenues and profits, aside from giving a lot of manpower and jobs for the people, it also lessens the problem of the society by providing supports to some public establishments.

And then on the early 1940’s, the very first casino-hotel in the city was built connecting two highway lanes which eventually in a few times called The Vegas Strip or simply just The Strip. This casino hotel was called El Rancho, and made Vegas Strip very famous and helped it to be one of the most visited avenue in Nevada.

And since then, many casino hotels were constructed to follow the footstep of El Rancho, these include as I may recall the ever famous and actually one of the most popular casino hotel in Vegas gambling history is the Flamingo. A breakthrough in casino industry was occurred during the 1950’s from where a well known casino hotel known to be Moulin Rouge accepts and entertains different races and ethnicity on their services.

And finally, the Modern Las Vegas!

BellagioThe great transformation of gambling in Las Vegas started during the 1970’s when many of the casinos redevelop their services and enhance gambling into full entertainment. Many casino hotels indulge into a broader media that caters the whole time fun and entertainments. Some hold concerts, amusement games and rides, light comedy shows and many to mention. The clients became not only the gambler but broaden into the whole family.

The evolution runs through from casino houses to casino hotels and now to casino-hotel-resorts. Some even hold sport events which are known not only by the locals but also the whole wide world. Not to mention the magic of technology displaying giant neon signs, running lights and 3-dimension designs of many casino-hotel-resorts.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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