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Gareth Bale, the story of his life;

Destined to be a Champion!

ESPN Soccernet, November of 2011 “John Arne Riise: Bale is world’s best winger”. This was the comment made by Riise when Bale scored against Riise’s Fullham during a friendly match who created a buzz not only within the football industry but to the whole world of sports.

Sky Sports, March of 2011 “Fabio – Bale is world’s best”. Fabio Capello, England’s manager believes that if there is a football player that could be considered as the best player in the world, it would be Gareth Bale. Capello saw not only the potential on Bale in an extra-ordinary technique of playing but also his determination to succeed on his chosen field of endeavor. As once he said that “Gareth Bale is the number one player in the world. He is the only one who can make a difference in the role he plays as he has pace, technique and strength.”

BBC Sports, November of 2011 “Gareth Bale has everything says Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp.” Redknapp who happened to be the boss of Tottenham had a great compliment to Gareth Bale as the football superstar made a goal points twice in a Premier League wins that made his current club during that time snatches victory on that season.

Nasty Tackle, October of 2011 “Gareth Bale – Tottenham’s Hotspur Speed King.” As believed by many sports enthusiasts especially the football lovers for his exemplary and outstanding speed inside the football arena in every game he plays. As Gareth always sees to it that every game of the season would be a fruitful game for him by scoring a single up to a double goal points.


CBS News New York: “Real Madrid Sign Midfielder Gareth Bale for World-Record $132 Million.” As many popular clubs are interested in Bale’s service as a football player, Real Madrid was able to win him by this mesmerizing amount. “It is a great dream for me to play for Real Madrid,” “I want to help to bring the team success.” These are the words that Bale had to deliver during his speech.

The Telegraph; October of 2011, “Rugby World Cup 2011: Cardiff-born Gareth Bale and Sam Warburton were stars from the start, reflects coach.” As the two superstars of football stole the attention of everyone on the arena as they performed the most outstanding starts of the game by giving their opponents the hard times to overpower their teams.

These are just few headlines on different forms of media such as websites, newspapers and sports magazine, proving that Gareth Bale is one of the most bankable football players of his time. Not to mentions all the awards and recognition for his outstanding performance inside the football arena and his techniques and strategies in connecting to his team mates. But this are not the end of the story as we would still had to expect more headlines that feature his story as this was just a near beginning in the blasting of his career. As we in the believed that once a champion will always be a champion.

How Gareth Bale marks the Football industry!

Even on his very early age in his football life, Gareth has always been on top of many others probably because of his determination to succeed. He also has the characteristics that will surely achieve all his objectives. In his school life, he was awarded the PE department’s prize for sports in recognition of his support for the school to win the school's under-18 side win the Cardiff & Vale Senior Cup. His first club career was with Southampton and he was considered the second youngest player of the club. But despite being one of the youngest, he still the one who was able to win the Carwyn James Award for the BBC Wales Young Sports Personality of the Year for 2006. Bale was also named the Football League Young Player of the Year for 2007. Because of these awards, he was considered the youngest player to win awards in a very early stage on his club career. Bale was awarded Player of the Round in recognition of helping the Tottenham Hotspurs to a 3–1 win in the FA Cup against Fulham during the 2009-2010 seasons. On the same season, he was also named as Man of the Match due to his score that made the club win over the defending champion. He was named Barclays Player of the Month for April 2010 due to his outstanding and exemplary performance during the season. On the beginning of the 2010-2011 seasons, Bale was able to score two times to win against Stoke City, one of which was awarded as the Goal of the Month for August 2010 by the BBC. On September of 2010, Gareth made a point on his pioneer Champions League goal for Spurs in a 4–1 home victory versus Dutch champions FC Twente. Because of this, he was recognized as the Welsh Player of the Year by the FAW during the season. Gareth was then awarded as the BBC Cymru Sports personality of the year for 2010 in recognition of his contributions to the world of Football in his previous performances. Also because of all the supports he gave to his clubs and to his co team mates Gareth Bale was given one of the most prestigious awards in a football player, the PFA Player of the Year on April of 2011. And on December of the same year, Bale made a couple of points giving Tottenham a 2–0 victory versus Norwich City making him one of the players elected into the UEFA Team of the Year for 2011. He then scored another two goals giving him a total of ten goals in a season gaining him again another award for the month of January of 2012, the Premier League Player of the Month. He won this award twice already. After scoring goal for goal against many different clubs and upon performing well on every game he played, Gareth did not fail to impress the people around the games, he again won the Premier League Player of the Month for February of 2013 almost spontaneous with the recognition brought by his attention catching strikes during his games against Norwich City and West Ham Clubs giving him the prestigious award BBC's Goal of the Month. Gareth Bale performed well or should we say, extra outstanding during the 2012-2013 seasons and for this performance, he gained both the PFA Players' Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year award. On May of 2013, he was considered as one of the players who had won three special awards in a season because he was also given the award Player of the Year Award by FWA (Football Writers Association). To sum it up, all his awards include Football League Team of the Year awarded by PFA on 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, he was named the Young Player of the Year awarded by Football League Championship, Football Association of Wales on 2007, Sports Personality of the Year, Sportsman of the Year, Footballer of the Year and many more. These are just consolation prizes for him as he only dreamt of becoming a competent football player, and by his capabilities, techniques and styles considering his determination and strength, this dream is no longer a dream anymore and he would not stop playing not only for the awards, not only to entertain the football enthusiasts but also to pursue his own goals in life. But knowing all these awards and having the idea of how good or excellent Gareth Bale inside the football arena, not so many fans who idolize him knew actually the real Gareth, where he came from and how Bale learned his techniques in playing. A little research has been made by and would like to share every detail we know on Gareth Bales Life.


Who is Gareth Bale?

Once there was a school caretaker and an operations manager who fell in love and bears a child named Gareth Bale, the father known to be Frank Bale and the mother who was named Debbie Bale. He also has a relative who was a former footballer; his uncle who plays football is Chris Pike. Gareth had his education in primary at Whitchurch Elementary School and early secondary on Whitchurch High School. He was discovered to be good in playing football when he was nine at his primary school. His discoverer Southampton did not waste the opportunity to get his service and develop his skills to enhance his football capabilities. Bale was with Cardiff Civil Service Football Club when he was able to impress Southampton with his performance at his very early age in playing the game. And so the famous club gave him the opportunity to be trained by their well experienced coaches on their Southampton Satellite Academy in Bath, though Bale was not so sure if he would be given scholarship by the club due to his lacking height. When he was fourteen at Whitchurch, because of his extra-ordinary ability in playing football, his PE teacher had to set special rules targeting not to use his left foot in playing football and restricting him to play one-touch football category. Being so young in the field of football did not stop Bale to help the school's under-18 side to snatch the victory in the Cardiff & Vale Senior Cup. So it is no longer surprising that Bale got an A grade on sports when he left his school and got one of the most prestigious recognition award, the PE department's prize for services to sport. Gareth Bale now lives with his long time partner Emma Rhys-Jones who happened to be his childhood sweetheart together with his first child Alba Violet. On March of 2013, Bale registered a logo which was based on his heart symbol goal and his athlete number 11 for a copyright presentation of his endorsements with a line of clothing and sporting goods and footwear. And on July of the same year, FIFA 14 released its version on the British, Irish and Middle Eastern covers with Gareth Bale features. He was with his co-football superstar Lionel Messi on this endeavor.

All the Clubs Within!

Gareth Bale started his professional career as a Southampton club member, as it was the club that discovered him when he was still in school playing his junior club. It was also Southampton that trained him on its own Satellite Academy. He played football in 2006-2007 seasons with this club and he had won several awards due to his outstanding performance during the season. His 2007-2008 seasons was with Tottenham Hotspur from which he did outstand many other players but this is also the season from where he got an injury. 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 seasons from the same club again brought him several awards and recognitions. Bale was named Man of the Match during the 2010-2011 seasons still under Tottenham Hotspur. On 2011-2012 season he was again recognized as Premier League Player of the Month for his remarkable performance still under this club and on the 2012-2013 seasons, Bale scored a 90th minute goal from 25 yards out that gave the club a victory versus Sunderland, but this fact did not brought them luck to be part of the Champions League football which is set for the following season. On September of 2013, it was all over the news on the internet and on National television that Bale would be transferred to another equally competent club, the Real Madrid, and his performance as a Real Madrid Club member did not lessen his capabilities, strength and determination in playing football as he showed his power inside the football arena during the 2013-2014 seasons qualifying games.


Gareth in Olympics!

Gareth’s eagerness to play in a match during the 2012 London Olympics created a buzz and confusions to some who wished bale to play on Olympics as part of Welsh FA, because Gareth chose to play as part of the Great Britain Olympic Football Team. In fact, his picture was printed on the shirt that the GB team’s supporters are wearing during the Olympic. But the management of the other team Welsh FA did not stop him to decide whether he would play on their team or as part of the other team as Bale being a Welsh is also British. But his cooperation with the GB team was cut for awhile as he was not in good shape on June of 2012 because of his back and hip pain. And so he decided to back out over the team to lessen the team’s problem. His club during that time Tottenham had made a statement in accordance to Bale's non-participation on the team GB during the Olympic. The statement quotes "Gareth sustained an injury as he built up his fitness ahead of joining up with Stuart Pearce's side. MRI scan reports were sent to the FA medical team on 29 June (2012). He was subsequently not selected on the basis of this injury and the inability to predict recovery time. This decision was not taken lightly and made only after consultation with Team GB's medical team, who were in agreement after seeing the medical reports". But his recovery is just in time for the club’s US friendly tour, defeating LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls and others.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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