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Many of the gambling enthusiasts possesses a particular expertise on what game should be played, the rules, the techniques, the strategies or even the most exceptional tactics on how to handle a rigid and dangerous situation while Bookplaying favorite games on a casino whether it is online or brick-walled.

Just a mere snap or a slight stare on the card or on the table or on the people around the table, a gambling expert would already know what should be his next move.

But………there’s a word “but”, not all of them knows where their talents came from as well as they do not know what is the origin of the important things that their talents are used to.

Here is an article that would probably tickle your mind or at least would catch your attention because you would know something that you only happen to know after reading this article.



Created in China during the 9th century’s Tang Dynasty and spread throughout Asia during the 11th century. First Chinese playing cards actually have four suits which are usually set of coins. Numerals 2 to 9 are used and the ten is represented by a Myriad or a coin worth 10,000 during that times. It is said that the design of the playing cards before are actually used now as a design on our modern mahjong tiles. During the 14th century these playing cards spread along Europe and began the designs to be modified.

KingsThe Kings!

The design is actually based on real people specially the 4 Kings, the 4 Queens and the 4 Jacks. Because on the 14th century, the deck of cards were recreated on France and the creator decided to pattern them on real Kings.

Gaius Julius Caesar who happens to be both held as the Dictator for life during his time and Tribunes as the King of Diamonds that is depicted as the only King on the Deck that is brandishing an axe and not holding a sword.

King of Hearts also known as the suicide king because of the sword that is positioned like he would stab his own head is also the only king on the deck that has no beard. It was represented by Charlemagne who was also known as the Charles Le Magne which means “Charles the Great”. He is the King of the Franks and actually the father of Europe.

He was called the Suicide King because of the unexplained death of himself and his sons, but these are just speculations that are not supported by any evidence or facts.

While Alexander the Great is the basis of the design of King of Clubs, the Bible’s King David represents the King of Spades.

The Queens!

A playing card that has a Queen image as the design is called Queen. It is usually counts 10 or 12 or ranked 12th among the other cards on the deck.

QueensIts hierarchy is in between King and Jack. In usual French Cards, Queens are represented by different persona both in myths and in history. Athena, of the Greek Mythology, the Goddess of Wisdom who was addressed as the protector of the city and appeared as the patron and helper of different heroes was represented by the Queen of Spades.

In Traditional English card, the Queen of Hearts is figured by the image of Elizabeth of York but in French deck, it was Judith of the Bible who defeated one of the most sought after warrior during her time through the help of her faith in God.

Another biblical heroine represents another Queen on the French deck, the Queen of Diamonds; it was Rachel of genesis 29 of the Bible, who belongs to the four Jewish Matriarchs and became the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

And the Queen of Clubs which is the only Queen on the deck that does not carry a flower, is just figured after Argine, a Latin word meaning “Queen” which is said to be a representation of another name Argeia who happened to be a legendary princess of Argos in Greece.


The Jacks!

Jacks also known as Knaves or Knights is ranked 11th on the deck of cards, its count could be 10 or 11 on other games. Jacks are also considered as the middleman in the Royalty of decks as it is positioned between the other courts Jackssuch as King, Queen and the last on the numerical card 10.

Jacks are also as important as the King and Queen as the Royal straight or Royal Flush cannot be completed without a Jack. In the French traditional deck, Jack of Diamonds is called Hector, of Troy probably, the greatest Trojan Hero and the main defender of the troy.

He killed the disguised Achilles who happens to be Achilles’ friend and therefore decided to avenge by killing Hector. On the English deck, Jack of Diamonds holds a sword.

The “Hire of God” also known as La Hire or Etienne de Vignolles of Joan of Arc represents the Jack of Hearts. La Hire is actually a Comrade of Joan of Arc. On an English deck, this jack holds a leaf and had an axe at the back of his head. The Jack of Clubs is popularly called the Lancelot of the Arthurian Hero on the French deck.

He was considered the right hand of his King Arthur and unexpectedly fell in love with his Queen, the wife of King Arthur. On the English deck, he was holding an arrow and there is a feather on his hat.

And last but not the least, the Jack of Spades, on the French deck, was actually represented by Danish figure, Hogier of the Ogier the Dane, he was actually the Prince of Denmark who killed Charlot for revenge because Charlot killed his son.

On the English deck, this jack is holding a spear and has a mustache.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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