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Gambling in the Guinness Book of World Records!

As we all know, Guinness Book of World Records holds all the titles that can be linked to anything under the sun which is not yet beaten by its own category. It contains the best and the worst, the most beautiful and the ugliest, the tallest and the shortest, the largest and the tiniest, etc. There are also recorded most, best and worst categories that involve gambling and this would be the topic of the article that you are about to read. Though may not be enough to be part of the one of the most prestigious book and considered as the most interesting book to read, the Guinness Book, the following facts are no less than qualified to be part of the book’s content as once they had set a record on their line of category.

Biggest win in Euro ever.1. The biggest amount to be won in gambling – A student from Norway who is only a 20 year old punter had set a record for winning 11.7 Million Euro in Mega Fortune Slot on September 2011, but this was actually broken by a Punter of Finland who has hit the 17,861,813 Euros on the same game of the Net Entertainment Casino on January 20 2013.

This is also the very first in the history that a world record on slot machine had been broken by the very same slot machine game.

Also, this is Guinness qualified because this online casino had recorded world’s largest amount to be won by the players not only once but twice.

Breaking your own record in Guinness happens a lot of times in different category but in winning the largest amount of money in gambling in the same game and in the same online casino is quite difficult to achieve because of the fact that there are also a lot of online casino that are competitive and famous and to top them all, there are so many existing casinos that offers very huge amount of payouts.

2. The largest amount of loses over gambling – a mesmerizing 127 Million dollars in total loss, this was the very unfortunate life of a multimillion character gambler in Las Vegas, the guy believed to be a Japanese magnate who Lossworks hard for about two decades to garner this huge amount, but very unfortunate to lose them in less than a year. The situation leads the both parties to raise this to court for some allegations that are litigated through court that the alleged loser has been tolerated by the casino operators to gamble even he is under the power of liquors. And on vise versa, the casino management also had to file a case against the loser for not paying gambling debts.

This has happened in a certain Caesars Palace and Rio Casinos last 2007.Of course, this was not confirmed because the case is still under investigation as of the time of this writing. Anyway, the issue here is the amount that has been lost in a gamble and whatever the causes of this losng streak are no longer our concern.

Another recorded biggest amount of loses happened in one of the UK casinos with an Australian entrepreneur as the loser. This media enthusiast lost around 20 Million dollars in just three weeks.

3. The most extra-ordinary casino gambler – extra ordinary because the things that are recorded here is not the usual things that happens every time. The LA guy went out of his residence with just 50 dollars on his pocket, decided tBiggest fool in a casino EVER!!!o go to Las Vegas to try some poker games, his 50 dollars zoomed into 10,000 dollars to make him bet more money and after busting some poker players, he played different games and continuously winning.

And guess how much his 50 dollars became, it reaches 40 Million dollars. After reaching this fortune, believe that it is his luckiest day, and maybe as human nature that “no one ever had the satisfaction” he continue playing with ridiculously very huge amount of stake in just one hand, he ended up losing all his luck and brought home nothing.

Lesson learned; be contented on what is already quite impossible to have and never let your winnings be treated as if it is no longer important because you will forget your winning strategy that causes your fortune.

The player is in greater repentance, because he already had the chance to change his life for the better but he refused the fortune by losing them again in just one moment.

4. The largest online poker tournament – undefeated PokerStars, an online casino that specializes in poker games still held the record as they were able to host a poker tournament that was participated by amazing 200,000 registered players. This online casino had broken their own record as they were also the second largest on the same category, 2009. They were be able to accommodate 150,000 players and it has set a record, but in 2011, it was busted by another tournament with 200,000 players. Another case of breaking their own records. But this is not the only category they had won a title, PokerStars also owned the poker room that has the most number of players within a period of time. Almost 152,000 players playing on the same poker room at the same time. Hmmm, kudos to the advertising and promotion department of this online casino.

5. Player with most number of poker table – would you believe that there is someone who was able to play 62 poker tables unlimited Texas Hold’ Em games instantaneously. Meaning, he played 62 tables during the same time for more than an hour. A real genius indeed, analyzing the poker tables situation not once, not twice and not thrice but 62 times. Deciding when to hold, when to call and when to make a raise the bet in 62 different set of hands. He was able to play a total of more or less than 250,000 hands in a single hour or more. Truly deserving to be part of the book right? Though it was not mentioned if he lost or won or how much every hand the bet is, what more important is that he holds the most number of poker table still.

Cards built to a house.6. The largest house built with playing cards. – This is not just a hobby or just a fun past time for this guy who again had broken his own records in building a very huge house made up of playing cards.

Imagine the cards are free-standing, meaning he did not use any paste to stick and hold the cards. The architect of this Venetian Macau imitation used 218,792 cards and he was able to build this for about 44 days.

He admitted during the awarding ceremony of the Guinness that the completion of this building made him so eager to create another project but would take another sometime.

He also said that it was not easy because in the middle of the process, there are times that the building nearly collapse as the architect did not use anything that will hold them stack.

7. The longest playing time in one session. – Another poker related record was set by this poker professional who was able to set a record for poker endurance. He got the record for playing the game for 115 straight hours in a casino in Las Vegas. To think that this game only had a 5 minute recess every time out, this professional player really is amazing and awesome. I just wonder how he had managed his food, his bathroom activities and etc.

Grandmother with dice.8. The longest Craps roll and the most successive dice rolls – A grandmother from New Jersey was able to set a world record when she played 154 times of rolling a dice without getting a seven.

This lucky streak lasted for about four hours and 18 minutes. Have no idea if this is just a beginner’s luck because a report says that this grandmother plays this dice game called craps, or the player is just lucky herself.

No matter this is luck or a talent, it is more important to know that again, there would be no particular biases when it comes to casino gaming especially with dice games, and the other games that are manufactured have applications that are truly built with randomness.

  • Aside from the mentions above, there is also other recorded incident that has been set in a world records. Let us just praise those who did exert extra effort to gain this recognition and consider this an inspiration and challenge for those who cannot make it in the list. Let’s just do our best and continue what we are doing and do our best to make it better and better. Good luck to those who are aspiring to become part of this prestigious list and never stop believing. For the readers for the sake of information, let us just wait for the next generation of World record listed.
Guinness Book of World Records
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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