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Gambling Folklore

Ancient greek old man.Betting, putting a stake, or trying to win in exchange of a collateral are those signs of gambling which is considered the most aged way of fun and enjoyment. The pleasure of winning is just parallel with the agony of losing but the thrill in between is just immeasurable, this is why even the gods and goddesses, kings and queens, or the leaders of the ancient tribes are engaged on this kind of entertainment. As the whole throne, or the whole universe or even the whole tribe for that matter is at stake, the battle between two opponents cannot be stopped.

This is in a way considered as gambling; not knowing what would be the outcome or the result. But if we would analyze better critically, neither one of the antagonists is the winner, as long as there are collateral damages who happens to be just in between the two rivals or just jailed in the middle of wars. Unfortunately, this is not the main concern when one leader or let’s say an individual who engaged on this kind of activity, it is just between winning and losing, just a matter of life to some extent but generally, it is about achieving something in the fastest way possible and that is gambling. In the oldest generation of humans, gambling has already been recognized specially during the festive that celebrate and practice rituals.

There are actually a lot of books and articles that proves how gambling or betting games affect the structures and configurations of a kingdom, nation or country all over the universe. In fact, it is a major role that gambling has played on this civilization. The throne for instance, can be achieved by anyone who is capable to be king by competing with other probable candidates, especially when the reigning king has no one to replace him on his own line of family. There are also instances that the king has to make a deal between his four or three sons to gamble for the throne.

Gambling has also made essential part on the formation of family in a particular tribe, wherein the male needs to compete and engage himself into a gambling where the reward would be the female that he wanted to be his wife. Also, there are written historical events regarding with the great heroes of the Trojan War who have been engaged into gambling with their own lives just to protect and secure peace and serenity among their civilizations. A lot of occurrences in the mythology of Greek’s and Romans’ Gods and Goddesses are very well known up to this date that have involved tremendous gambling, from a simple arguments to a great wars and had affected the lives of millions. Humans, Semi-gods or even Gods in the timeless tales and folklores of Gods and heroes, gambling would always be part of the story.

Gambling in the Greek Mythology

Seeing into the written book about Greek Mythology, it composes of story compilations regarding Greek Gods and Goddesses. The Greek according to the author would never accept that it was the God who formed and created the universe, in fact what they believe is the other way around, that the universe is the sole creator of Gods. This fact per se is a concrete sample of gambling. For God that will create an environment without knowing what would be its future is a risk and still putting it into a stake.
On the other hand, for the universe to create Gods who happens to have a Bag full of greek gold money.major effect on them would also be a big risk and needs universe to gamble its future. Say for example, Hercules, no human alive can defeat him for he has the strength nobody conquers; even Gods needs to gamble by seeking his help to defeat the Giants on the Olympians’ battle. It was also a gamble for Hercules to fight for the first time against super natural magic by a Goddess’ prowess.

The Trojan War was initiated because of gambling, a fight against two men for the love of Helen that led to one of the most popular war in the Mythology, not to mention, the agreement between Hector and Achilles of whoever wins the fight would take the victory of being the strongest warrior during the time.

Of course, the greatest gamble of all time during the ancient times was the dice game used by Zeus, Hades and Poseidon of whoever would reign as the God of Olympus that happens to be the reign for Zeus, the God of the underworld for Hades and the God of the Sea that went to Poseidon. Another very popular myth is the existence of Fortuna, the daughter of Zeus to the Goddess of Chance Tycho. It is believed that the two Gods had just met by chance, loves each other by chance and formed a daughter by chance. This is the reason why Fortuna blesses those gamblers of chance with passion who call on her for assistance and guidance.

Gambling no matter what it means already plays a very vital part in an ancient Greek Mythology and it is not considered by the Greeks as a simple form of entertainment and just for fun. Even those modern days, Greeks used to gamble through sports and other racing games. Gambling would always be an essential part of every Greeks lives even nowadays that the evolution of gambling casinos indulged into online industry. Actually, a lot of casino game themes even to this modern day of gambling are still derived from those Greek features and from the gambling houses that originated from the ancient Greece. To this date, the pioneers and the oldest online casinos have their games based on the characters and heroes of the Greek Mythology.

Gambling the Roman’s Way

Just like the ancient Greek, Romans have their own history of gambling. Any forms of betting are famous to any kind of ancient people whether majestic, middle citizens and down to slaves. And Romans are not actually exempted on this. Dices for greek to gamble with.These are just their way of entertaining themselves, to the point that gambling was already a national issue for that matter. During those ancient times in Rome, their authorities became wary and worried about this, which is why the government under the leadership of Emperor Augustus had enforced that gambling would be strictly prohibited except of course during the festive of Saturnalia, derived from the God of Saturn. Every time Saturnalia is being celebrated, the whole nation is enjoying not only because of the fiesta itself but because of the fact that gambling is allowed. But aside from this time, all of the gamblers should be very discreet because they would probably pay big fines and even put into jail when caught gambling by the authorities.

On the other hand, because of the addictiveness of the leaders including the Emperor himself to gambling, there is no guarantee that this law would be initiated to everyone. Though the leadership of the emperor during that time was always questioned because of his gambling habits, he did not actually mind whatever it takes for him just to continue entertaining himself through gambling.

There are also written Roman myth about Commodus who made the palace as a gambling house with prostitutes just to cover up the bankruptcy of the nation during his time. Nero, one of the famous leader during that time is also known to bet extra outrageous amount of money just for a single dice-roll. And many other ancient names on the Roman history are indulged into gambling not just for fun but for extra wealth and even for the regeneration of the whole nation. In fact, being an expert gambler is considered one great status for an individual Roman just to belong to the society class of the nation, but this does not limit to the aristocrats because even slaves have their own way of gambling. These are just simple example of gambling habits by the ancient Romans, but the fact is there are still a lot written way that proves how Romans be considered as hardcore gamblers.

Of course, gambling is no exemption to the rule that only men can honor and achieve the pleasure of gambling, women during that time are only allowed to gamble during a certain festival, a holiday specially dedicated for women equivalent to “all-girls night out” of the modern times. During this festival, wives of rich and famous citizens would be allowed to bet huge amount of money for a single toss of a coin, but would not spend extra small amount for the sick slaves.

Until now most of the figures in casino whether online or land-based are based on the Roman Empire configurations, one very good example is the symbol of the Roman Goddess of chance Fortuna which happens to be the Wheel of Fortune. This symbol is used in many roulette games on any casino nowadays.

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