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Gambling Capital of the World - Candidates!

Of course everybody especially those who are attached to gambling believe that the two of most popular among the cities that have the most number of casinos is Las Vegas and Macau. But I should say that gambling enthusiasts should also know that there are a lot more destinations in the world that is actually an underrated when it comes to holding and maintaining numerous of casinos, obtaining super high betting revenue and accommodating multimillion players. It is always better if we could study first the places and analyze what could we benefit for in that city before deciding to spend so much money, exerting so much efforts and consuming so much time just to entertain yourself with a vacation and a little bit of gambling on the side trip. The objective of this article is to remind everyone that aside from the two mentioned part of the world, there are still some choices to be made if it regards to casinos and gambling. Of course, Las Vegas and Macau being the first and second top grosser profit with regards to gambling are also considered and still the two best among many others. It is just that if you are already sick and tired of just seeing same and common environment, or let us say you are in a bit conservation of your budget, you can save a little bit if you would rather choose those underrated gambling destinations.

  • Atlantic CityAtlantic City – Legalized gambling during the 1976 electoral process among the residents, though this was the second attempt because the first attempt during the 1974 did not make it to be approved.

    Atlantic City has become one of the most visited city in the United States as the casinos are starting to boom and one of the pioneer was Chalfonte-Haddon Hall Hotel when it became an International Resorts which include casinos and other entertainment aspects.

    And the major turning point of succession of Atlantic City is when Mike Tyson agreed to held his fights there that were the beginning that Atlantic City became popular to the people around the world. Of course, during the time of Las Vegas’ re-enhancement, Las Vegas overtook the popularity and Atlantic City’s super high gambling revenue starts to deteriorate.

    But I guess with proper tourism campaign and some sensational events, Atlantic City could still be on the list of the cream of the crop when it comes to gambling and tourism destination that would worth your visit.
  • Beautiful beach in Bahamas.Bahamas – Beaches and gambling are the most appropriate combination of a good vacation trip, though gambling is quite unnoticed yet, Bahamas could be one of those who have a very clear future when it comes to casinos and gaming entertainment. It is very promising both in the tourism and gambling category.

    In Bahamas, tourism generates the majority of the city’s wealth, and I presumed that this includes the revenue that they were taking from gambling casinos. Though the visitors had dropped considerably because of the global economic downfall during 2008, it is now beginning recover and the redevelopment make it better and the tourism is again the main focus of the Bahamas government.

    Since then, a lot of additional casinos were re-introduced like “The Atlantis Resort and Casinos”, with hotel rooms and restaurants, “The Dragons”, tagged as the Disco Casino of the destination, “The Jokers Wild” also known as the Comedy Casino and the super elegant “The Crystal Palace Casino” which is called crystal because of its brightness and glitziness. Those are just few and randomly chosen but if you would want to have the combination of excitement and fun, and Las Vegas and Macau are so common to you, you must try this one very promising gambling destination, The Bahamas of Nassau!
  • LA - Heart showing how much we all love Los Angeles.Los Angeles – It seems that LA had just voluntarily given the right to Las Vegas as the gambling capital of the world as they already had a name of themselves, the city of Angels and the city of stars because of Hollywood.

    But it can never be denied that gambling is also one major tourist spot of this city, to name a few such as “The Bicycle Casino”, “Hollywood Park Casino”, “Commerce Casino” and Isle of Capri Casino Hotel”. This is the city that can beastly challenge Macau and Las Vegas when it comes to Poker events such as tournaments and competitions. As a matter of fact, in 2006 and 2007, the Champions of the World Series of Poker main event Jamie Gold and Jerry Yang respectively are from both LA.

    We must also consider that there are beaches and resorts from LA that can actually compared parallel to those beautiful resorts from Macau and Las Vegas. There is also a written report that most of the online bookmaker websites are profiting from the well known international sports events and popular teams from international leagues such as Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, Los Angeles Kings of National Hockey League, Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association, Los Angeles Clippers also of NBA and Los Angeles Sparks of the Women’s National Basketball Association.
  • Monte Carlo CasinoMonte Carlo – The Bahamas of Nassau is actually rivaled with none other than Monte Carlo when it comes to the evolution of gambling combined to the natural wonders of the world. The beautiful beaches which are considered as the most eminent destination for gamblers can be found in Monte Carlo.

    This is the place where European Poker Tour grand final and the World backgammon Championship were held. One of the most prominent casinos here is the Monte Carlo Casino which is supervised by the government of Monaco and its ruling family. This destination was used several times in James Bond’s movies such as Casino Royale, Golden Eye and Never Say Never Again. Also featured in some Disney movies like Cars 2 and Madagascar 3.

    Though major casinos can be equaled only by the finger, this may not mean that this destination couldn’t be on the list of the candidates because the mentioned casino itself can be compared to numerous casinos in some destinations. And as seen on those mentioned films, the greatness of the Casino De Monte Carlo is very sophisticated as the Wynn and Grand casino in Las Vegas and Macau combined.
  • A luxury cruise ship.Floating Casinos – May not be categorized as the above candidates for being the gambling capital of the world because no particular city can be accounted for these floating casinos. For me, this is the most exciting destination to have my gambling hobby, any cruise ships that hold gambling entertainment can be fun for me.

    One thing that I believe is that international ocean whether it is Mediterranean or Caribbean means only one thing and it is entertainment. And entertainment means the inclusion of gambling. To name a few of the best casinos that were hold in a cruise ships are as follows; Crystal Serenity of the Crystal Cruises which roam around Europe, Royal Caribbean International which is an American Norwegian Cruise line and based in Miami Florida, Carnival Miracle of the Carnival Cruise Lines, this is well known for its unique design of the casino floors.

    Aside from these mentioned cruises, there are a lot more cruise ships that are having a great voyage of casinos within, and most of the fabulous of this kind are from America and Europe.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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