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Freerolls – free online poker tournaments

Online poker tournaments -freerolls

Freerolls are online poker tournaments, which are available on most online poker rooms. Freerolls are very popular as they are free to take part in, yet offer a chance to win money. You cannot however win the jackpot, nor very large sums of money here, as the winnings are often relatively small.

An advantage of these online poker tournaments / freerolls is clearly that they are a great opportunity for new online poker players to gain experience. One thing you need to be aware of, however, is that everyone who participates in these tournaments / freerolls have not put any money in, given that it is free to play. These are therefore people who tend to take chances in their game, which they might not do in a normal poker game involving money. Freerolls should therefore be a place to spend time leisurely when you are a beginner at online poker games.

1. Online poker rooms – which one to choose?

Search through the different online poker rooms. There are always a few that provide freerolls, i.e. free online poker tournaments to their customers. 888 Poker for example (offers a lot) or PartyPoker (just a few). Also check out our listing of the daily regular free online poker tournaments, Click here.

2. Freerolls are also multi online poker tournaments – How to use them in practice!

First download the poker software and set yourself up as a user on the online poker room. Once you have done this you need to go to the lobby (online poker room's homepage) and click on the tab called "Multi Tables". Next you enter a sub-page, with an overview of that particular day's online poker tournaments. Multi online poker tournaments mean that the tournaments are distributed across several tables. (An online poker table can seat a maximum of 10 players.) Some of these multi online poker tournaments are free, called online poker freerolls.

Click on one of the freeroll tournaments and you will go to a new page, where you have to join by clicking on the bottom tab “Join/Leave”. The tab must be active in order to join.

Buy - In

Once you have clicked on the "Join/Leave" tab, a new window is displayed where you need to click on Buy-In. If this is a free online poker tournament, i.e. a freeroll, it will say “freeroll” under the “buy-in”. This means the tournament is free. Had it been a normal online poker tournament, there would have been a price listed under the buy-in. And that is all there is to it . You are now ready to play and if you leave the poker room software on, the online poker table you have joined will appear on the screen when the online poker tournament / freeroll starts.

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