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Floyd Mayweather Jr. - The Story of a Champion!

Millions of men around the globe are trying their best to at least create a name in their respective countries in any way. And one of the best and the fastest way to step up the ladder of success is through a famous sport that is equally attainable and parallel to one’s capability.

Though our star has no difficulty of engaging to the boxing world because most of the members of his family are already inclined to this world, actually not just a simple ordinary boxers but famous and all champions, our starrer has created a scene on the boxing industry by his own and only by his own endeavor and effort. And just like any other champions, this guy is also not exempted in the difficulties of life. Before he was able to reach the top of the ladder, he was not free to all the obstacles and challenges on his way to the extreme. But because of all the strengths and guidance from his love ones, he is now the most bankable boxer of the world, the highest earning athlete internationally, the undisputed champion of the ring and the reigning king of boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Two Boxers fighting each other in the ring.

1. Who is Floyd Mayweather?

Once there was a welterweight contender who had made his way to invade the world of boxing and fell in love to a mother Deborah Sinclair-Orr who gave birth to another champion in the making, it was in Grand Rapids Michigan on the 24th day of February 1977, a child was born by the name of Floyd Sinclair, then became Floyd Mayweather Jr. not long after his birth.

This child was surrounded by boxers, his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a champion vying for another title in welterweight division, his father’s brothers Roger Mayweather had several achievements in boxing including being the World Boxing Council super-lightweight champion and became his trainer and coach later, another Uncle Jeff Mayweather was also a professional boxer who defeated a lot of boxers too and became IBO super featherweight champion.


According to some of the reports and written biography, it was his grandmother who noticed his likeness to boxing even when he was still a child. Boxing is already in his heart since his childhood, not so long after he learned to walk, he was brought by his father to the gym and introduced him to the other boxers, his father let him see the agony and hardness of the violence of boxing every time they visit the gym. Probably the reason why punching anything that would block his way is just a common doings for him. Good to know that this was just a hobby that would be kept inside the gym and because he loves boxing so much, this became one of the reasons why he did not try to get another job though his life with his mother and grandmother was so difficult during that time.

His life was full of obstacles and difficulties; it was not easy for someone who just had the idea of the world’s situation to encounter life complications, not simple problems and the agony of having drug addicts in the house, his mother and some member of the family are drug dependent.

He also had many issues with his father, not just simple issues but involved abandonment, inattention or dereliction; he also had some controversial statement that he had an abused matter from his father like whippings and painful words which the latter denied. And all of these life’s issues can only be escaped by engaging himself to boxing.

  • Boxing became his backrest, became his way of living and the source of his income. Boxing became his life.

2. The Love of His Life!

This world champ Mayweather has three lovely kids with his former partner Josie Harris who had file complaints against him by battery charges. The reason why he had to face bars in prison for 90 days, a one year counseling program for domestic violence, a hundred hours of community services and should fine 2500 US dollars for that matter.

During that time was the time when Mayweather had a scheduled fight against Miguel Cotto making the judges allowed him to stay out of jail for the preparation of his fight? Ironically, he won the bout and wins more than a thousand times of his alleged fine. On his birthday party Floyd Mayweather met Keyshia Cole and made her date him for more than half a year Ms. Cole is an American R & B singer who also write songs and produce album and singles. She got a Soul Train Music Award Nomination for Best R&B/Soul Female Artist.

When Floyd Mayweather appeared in a reality show “What Chilli Wants” there are gossips that started to spread that he was dating its beautiful singer host Chilli. But the host proclaimed that the boxing champ would not be on her list of qualified “husband to be”. Ironically, this happened right after he just proposed to his current girlfriend Shantel Jackson, a very stunning model, fashion designer and a business woman. It is believed that Mayweather formed a group of jewelers/engineers to make a personalized ring which was made up of pure diamonds.


3. “Pretty Boy”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has an amateur boxing record of 90 bouts from which only six of them turned negative. He was baptized by his co team members by the name “Pretty Boy” because every time he fights, there are always no marks on his face and seemed that his face was always untouched. This was during his amateur times in boxing. And even he is still in that category; he was already idolized by his co-amateur boxers because of his boxing styles which were taught to him by his father and uncles, the expertise that only he can possess and not every boxer can learn. One of which is the shoulder roll, a non-traditional boxing strategy from where the right fist was positioned a little bit above the usual height while the left fist was a little bit below around the waist. In this kind of technique, the fronted shoulder was parallel level to the face to keep the chin and cheek safe from jabs and possible injuries. This is probably the logical reason why Floyd Mayweather’s face was always un-scarred every time he had a fight.

4. “Olympians”

Floyd Mayweather’s Olympic experience had set a record on the history of Olympics as he was the only American who defeated a Cuban boxer for about 20 years. He was able to qualify the U.S team for Featherweight Division by winning the bouts against William Jenkins by technical knock-out and winning the fight against James Baker by technical knock-out also.

Though Mayweather had lost the fight to Augie Sanchez, he was able to regain his position by defeating Sanchez Again on the box-off fights after winning the bout against Carlos Navarro by point system 31 to 11. And on the final box-off with Sanchez, Mayweather retained the spot by the defeating his opponents by points 20 to 10 against Sanchez.

By these results, Mayweather was able to represent the U.S. in the 1996 Olympic in Atlanta from where he was able to brought home Bronze Medal by defeating boxers Bakhtiyar Tileganov of Kazakhstan by technical knock-out, Artur Gevorgyan of Armenia by points 16 to 3, Lorenzo Aragon of Cuba by a very close score of 12 to 11, this is where he set record in U.S. boxing history as this is the only time that an American defeated a Cuban boxer for more than 20 years. And for the final round, Mayweather unfortunately lost the bout against Serafim Todorov of Bulgaria by a close score again 9 to 10.

5. The Controversial Boxing Medal!

His final bout against the Bulgarian boxer Serafim Todorov was considered the most controversial fight in the history of boxing in Olympics. He was not proclaimed the winner by the judges but his hand was raised by the referee knowing he was the winner. Though the U.S. team raised a protest officially for countless charges like the intimidation of the judges to the official head of boxing department of the Olympic who happened to be a Bulgarian also, the protest was not heard by due process. Three Bulgarian boxers won Gold during that time.

In the report of the press, the complaints include the points of Mayweather’s punches that were given to Todorov, the five time warning to Todorov for slapping should be automatically a deduction for Todorov’s score but not deducted from him and the fact that Mayweather was the leading contender for Gold Medal was neglected by the judges. This decision was also the first time that the winner was booed by the audience tremendously in the history of boxing Olympic.

But this does not stop Mayweather in pursuing his dreams to become a champion, instead he took this as another breakthrough in his boxing career to strive harder and focus more on his endeavor.


6. Mayweather, the Professional Boxer!

Mayweather’s professional boxing is considered the most successful boxing career as he remained undefeated as of today with 44 professional boxing bouts from October 1996 up to date. His debut in professional boxing occurred Time is moneyduring his fight against Roberto Apodaca of Mexico on October 1996 from which he won via technical knock-out.

This fight made him an instant celebrity boxer as he gained tremendous compliments from different boxing experts and sports enthusiasts. Though very immature to judge him as a boxer, he already won the hearts and loyalty of many boxing fans.

This was followed by sixteen successful bouts against 10 American boxers, 2 Mexican boxers, one Puerto Rican boxer, and one Dominican Republic boxer, one Argentinean boxer and one Canadian boxer.

After defeating those 17 boxers for a non-title bout, he won his first Lineal & WBC Super Featherweight titles. He was able to snatch the belt from Genaro Hernandez of the United States on October 1998 via Referee’s technical decision. 9 boxers from different nations tried to steal this belt from the boxing champ but unfortunately unsuccessful. Genaro Hernández, Angel Manfredy, Emanuel Augustus, Diego Corrales and Carlos Hernández of the United States are being part of them. Carlos Rios of Argentina, Justin Juuko of Uganda, Carlos Gerena of Puerto Rico, Gregorio Vargas and Jesús Chávez of Mexico also failed to snatch the belt from Mayweather.

On April 2002, he won WBC and “The Ring Lightweight” titles over José Luis Castillo of Mexico via unanimous decision. The Mexican boxer tried to regain the belt on a box-off fight on December 2002 but failed to defeat Mayweather, won another title which is WBC Light Welterweight on June 2005 against Arturo Gatti of Canada.

Another title gained on April 2006 against Zab Judah of the United States. This title was IBF & IBO Welterweight. Mayweather did not stop leveling up and continue to step higher on the ladder until he had won several titles including WBC, IBA & The Ring Welterweight titles, WBC Light Middleweight title, WBC Welterweight title and WBA (Super) Light Middleweight title. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the only boxer in his time who did not experience loses on his professional boxing career. He was about to defend WBA (Super) Light Middleweight title and WBC & The Ring Light Middleweight titles on September 14, 2013.

Smiley for Mayweather and what he is building and also is a symbol for.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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