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Famous Names and Gambling in World History

Philosophers has influenced gambling and betting.And How Gambling Affects Their Lives!

Even prominent people who have made a name in the history of the world have their dark sides, some made this not so good habit a liability to them but there are people who made this negative traits particularly gambling into a positive one that helped them improve and pursue their line of duties. Some of them even made it to the world most prominent personality because of what it takes to be a gambler.

Here are some of them who consider gambling a major factor why they has stood on their position right now.

1. René Descartes – a philosopher whose work has made a tremendous impact not only on his time but more importantly during these modern times.

Spent so much time in studying mathematics not only for the benefit of a good school grades but soon be used as a good chance of betting purposes.

Started a life with gambling as a habitual career and then realize that there is more life in doing something else than gambling.

Shifted to another career but gambling isn’t that easy to evade so, while doing a new job continues to gamble and actually more productive in pursuing a career being a scientist and philosopher and being a gambler at the same time.

Palette for painting.2. Claude Monet – from a simple office messenger to a great painter.

Gambling has changed his life because after winning a huge amount of money from a lottery, he resigned as a messenger and pursues his painting career.

In here, we can therefore conclude that if not gambling, we would probably miss his great paintings.

3. Jacques Casanova de Seingalt – an author, an adventurer, a lawyer and a devoted Catholic believer who is actually also an avid gambler.
He is a known personality when it comes to gambling during his time but soon decided to change his profession as he also admitted that he lacks control of himself every time he experience winnings.

He played a lot of betting games and considered as the most interesting man during his time by a superiorly prominent people of his time named Prince Charles de Ligne.

This gambling enthusiast even had a book written by him and translated to English by another author Arthur Machen which was released last November 2, 2006 and updated recently on June 12, 2012.

King of Scotland
4. Charles the Second
– the proclaimed King of Scotland, aside from gambling the future of his land by signing a Treaty of Dover which involves money and freedom, he has also gambled his position by negotiating with the parliaments that if he would be king, he would allow parliamentary and tolerate spreading of the religion during his time, he was also enthusiast of gambling activity himself.

He even concentrated on pursuing “game of chance” on his monarchy. And because of this, he was called the “Merry King”. His face can be seen in an old coin which has a great value during his time.

Russian novelist5. Fyodor Dostoevsky – a Russian novelist who wrote great novels based on his own experience as a gambling addict. He even rushed the ending of the novel “Crime and Punishment” to be able to get paid by the publication office for him to be able to pursue his gambling habits.

His complicated life was written indirectly on his novels. A lot of his love ones have their own portion on the novels he wrote. But his passion in writing novels as much passion as his love to all his ladies was actually parallel to his passion in gambling. Coming to the point that he needed to escaped from his own country to evade those debts he had made because of gambling.

Basketball player makes a goal!6. Charles Wade Barkley – this very famous basketball cager has invaded the world through his fastness and versatility in the basketball position. He then became an NBA analyst. He was also considered the only famous superstar who had admitted his gambling problems.

In one of his interviews, he admitted being a thrower of a nearly 10M Dollars in a casino.

There is one instance that he was sued by one of the prominent casino in Las Vegas for not paying his debts.

He was actually the one who quoted that gambling is not a problem as long as you can afford to lose money, but already realize that because he can afford to lose money would not mean that he had to.

7. Ben Affleck, Leonardo Di Caprio, Charlie Sheen and many more celebrities – Well not only during pre world war famous people had suffered or experience being drugged to gambling which has affected their lives.

Celebrities Las Vegas Skylinelisted lastly though some would not admit but rumors and news are wide spreading and getting being the tip tongue of many gossipers.

What is important is that players should always know their limits and should also know when to start and should understand how and when to stop.

Whether you can afford to lose huge money or just simply having fun, players should always understand the consequences of gambling especially those who have names that can be role models for the others.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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