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European Culture in Gambling!

From the very start;

When different people from different nations are having conferences or meetings or just simply chats about gambling with each other, the topic always ends about Las Vegas or any state in the United States which are known to gambling casinos. This only implies that whenever gambling is the topic, we always think of Las Vegas and now Macau, but only few from the gambling enthusiasts have the knowledge on where gambling really originates, obviously gambling did not came from the United States, but rather most of the factors in its history are more commonly correlated to the cultures of Europe. In fact, many of the casino games such as roulette, baccarat, craps and blackjack have their origins from different places in Europe. Even those well known and biggest casinos in the world are built with a European theme as the designs and concepts.

But this is not the same in the beginning; gambling dens are housed through bars and pubs or a small drinking venue and only for those people who wanted to use their spare time while waiting for their partners. And slowly, the Bar with beer.development occurs and the changes happen as the people who became rich and famous because of gambling are envied and even idolized. This is the reason why the popularity of gambling in Europe became extravagant and the awareness of the non-gamblers during that time shifted to like it and should be tried.

Gambling was even used as the major basis of livelihood of those people who are good in gambling, even though as the old principle say that money gained from gambling would not and can never be good, still it helps those individuals to provide for their families and for themselves. But then again, gambling is illegal during those times and so gambling cannot burst in total action because if you are inclined to gambling, you are actually against the law and your enemy would be the authority.

This is the very reason why gambling could not make the most of it before the early 19th century and the players are actually limited. And the sun started to shine to those wishing that gambling would be authorized for them because after the legalization of gambling in Europe during the 1930’s, many became more interested in adding gambling as their profession though many from the moralists group rejected the idea, they would not be able to stop the spreading of the fact that some are getting their livelihood from it and it became their only source of income. This is not the only advantage of legalizing gambling in Europe, first and foremost, it has been realized that this would be a good source of revenue in some parts of Europe and so casinos, big and small started to pop up like mushrooms in the field and what’s next? Of course, every casinos and this kind of enterprise needs manpower which only means that many people from the vicinity are given the opportunity to work and earn their money. These benefits are not only good for individual but also to the society. And because competitions are getting stiffer, casino operators need to develop and enhance their services and the casino itself.

History of Gambling in Europe!

Well it is believed that the development of gambling as per history particularly in Europe was not as easy as it seems. Though, there are signs that gambling evolved in many ways and the difference were quite to the beautification of the games and the gambling itself. Since their introductions in Europe, there are many evolutions happened parallel to the enhancement of technology and lifestyle. It is considered as one of the most mature activities of humankind as proven by the ancient writings and paraphernalia which were seen in tombs and other forms of ancient lifestyles, gambling can be considered now as one of the most prominent entertainment factor to all the people who loves fun.

It was ancient Europe when the game of dice was introduced. It is believed that many bishops and other members of the monarchy love playing dice so much and this was written in their history. It is even used by the warriors in quite Dices on white background.sometimes while waiting for their turn to fight in a battle. This doing was prohibited by a King named King Richard because according to him, it may become the obstacle for the warriors to be trained and portray their duties.

During the thirteenth century, a law was introduced to restrict people to play dice even during Christmas and one of the most favorite is the throwing of knife in the air which is actually not quite safe. This is also the century where other forms of gambling were noticed such as cockfighting, pigeon racing and other forms of races. Checker games were also recognized as a form of gambling as it already involves money and betting. But the popularity of the dice games was not maintained as other forms of gambling were discovered and considered as more exciting and more entertaining.

This includes the introduction of card games to Europe during the fourteenth century, and because there are varieties of games that can be played through cards, its popularity easily spread all over Europe.

Then came lottery, during the fifteenth century, lottery became more popular as it was originally originated for Europe. Its importance garners more attention and awareness to the people especially to those who loves gambling. Lottery was introduced in Europe to disposed valuable materials and expensive things that the owner found to be very difficult to sell as the prize and rewards.

Aside from the mentioned gambling games, there are also reported signs of sports betting in Europe during the 18th century and this made gambling more acceptable as many already consider this as a form of entertainment rather than a mortal sin. And up to now to this moment, 8 out of 10 people had experience the form of gambling in any ways once on their lifetime. 19th century was the most significant evolution in gambling as technology has arisen and the internet can almost perfectly transform many activities which includes gambling. And therefore, online gambling is almost part of the world invasions on the internet.

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