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David Beckham; the story of Success

Could you imagine if Michael Jackson was forced to be a boxer? Or Muhammad Ali was forced by his parents to be a rock star? Sometimes, destiny would never be enough no matter how aggressive the dreamer was. Most of the times; it would be a combination of will power, destiny and support from the people around you. If David Beckham was not a footballer, who could he be or what could he be? This question is actually the favorite question of him when he was still in grade school, every time he was asked by his teachers of this question, he would always answer, that he just wanted to play football and nothing more than that. Just like any other sports heroes who had managed to create a name in the primetime of sports entertainment and those who created their own scenario in their fields of expertise,

David Beckham also has his own story to share, the success, the downfall, the love, the heartbreaks and every steps that he stoop to acquire the ladder of success. He was not a perfect man, neither as perfect football player, but he was able to capture the hearts of many not only inside the football stadium but also some football fanatics outside his sports world.

David Beckham On The Jonathan Ross Show 2012 FULL INTERVIEW


1. Football:

Football is a game of endurance, strategy, style, strength and most especially, team works. It has so many variations like American football, Australian football, Canadian football, Rugby League, Rugby Union and other football games. It was 1888 when one of the most popular and anticipated football competitions was developed, The Football League. England took the credit of having the founding nation of this sport, and so considered as the pioneer of numerous professional football contests. And when 20th century approached, several types of football are introduced and became one, if not the most famous team sports in the world even up to present. But even though there are variations in the names of the games which are usually related to football, most of the varieties share common rules in playing them.

And these include the number of players per team, usually 11 and 18 players but there are types of football that only require 5 to 6 players per team. Of course, the field court area should be defined and most of the varieties of football are common. The objectives of the games whatever the type of football are mostly the same and it is by finishing the ball to the goal of the opponents or just into a goal area or sometimes just crossing the opposing team’s line. There is also a connotation that the game football from the word itself is just a game of ball using the players’ foot, but in the broader definition of the game, it is actually the game of ball suing any part of the body of the players. There are also varieties in the ball used in the game, some are oblong and some are rounded rubberized ball.

Ali-G Interviews Posh Spice and David Beckham


2. Famous Names in Football:

Aside from the famous David Beckham, there are also some names that made it to the cream of the crop when it comes to football. Of course, they have their own stories who contributed tremendous aspect in the popularity of the games.

  • Zizou or Zinedine Zidane is a French former football midfielder. His greatest recognition as a professional football player would be being one of the only two FIFA World Player of the Year winner thrice. He was also the “Most Valuable Player” of the Golden Ball during the 1998 and 2006 World Cups.
  • France Beckenbauer of Germany or the so-called “Der Kaiser” was the captain of the 1974 World Cup winning team and the Manager of the 1990 World Cup winning team. He was the leader of the Bayern Munich that won several European Football championships. Recognized as Player of the Year twice for 1972 and 1976.
  • Ronaldo or the so called “the Phenomenon” of Brazil became one of the most popular soccer player not only on his local nation but internationally. He has several winning records for championships and cups. He was part of the team that made it to the 1998 World Cup Victory and 2002 World Cup tournaments.
  • Raul Gonzalez was the famous “Angel of Madrid”. A UEFA Champions League for three times and ranked as second in the highest scorer of UEFA contest of all time. He became captain of the team Real Madrid for his leadership skill after his previous captain past away.
  • Luis Figo of Portugal can play the game well by playing strategically with the players. He was the leader of the team that made it to the Euro 2000 semi finals. He was recognized by his tremendous and breathtaking styles in playing and hailed as the European Player of the year.
  • Saeta or Alfredo di Stefano was one of the greatest forward players of all time, but though he was positioned as forward, he also a noticeable great defender. He was known for his strength and style. He was one of the three highest scorers of Spain’s top division up to the present and considered as Real Madrid’s top league goal scorer of all time.

Google+ David Beckham Interview


3. Beckham’s Synopsis!

But the one who really captures the heart of the football world as in global audience of this game is said to be David Beckham. Some of his recognitions and awards are the proof that he is not just an ordinary football player who plays inside the stadium but contributed a major factor in the popularity of the game itself. To name some awards are as follows; Player of the Year which was awarded to him by Premier League 1996, by Sir Matt Busby 1996-1997, by Football Association England 2003, by Real Madrid 2005-2006 and a runner-up twice for FIFA World Player of the Year. Beckham was also a recipient of Domestic & Overall Team of the Decade, Goal of the Decade, English Football Hall of Fame and many more. Most importantly, he was able to set world records such as First England Soccer Player to win league titles in four different countries. (England, Spain, USA, France), First England Football Player to score at three World Cups, First England Football Player to play 100 Champions League Games, Most Outstanding Regular World Cup Player, Premier Leagues’ 3rd Place in all time assist provider chart, Google Most Searched Athlete and First Global Ambassador for Chinese Football. He also have some awards outside football which he treasure the most as this would implicate his being human in general and not only as a football player.

These awards are as follows; Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Goodwill Ambassador, and Britain’s Greatest Ambassador and many others. Moreover, this football world superstar invades not only the football stadium but also the world of advertising and the gaming world. Advertisements which were broadcast around the world both in print and live screen such as Adidas, Police Sunglasses, Brylcreem for Men, Gillette, Armani Underwear, Emporio Armani, Fragrances, Motorola, Marks & Spencer, Pepsi Diet, EA Sports, Snickers Candy Bar, TBC Cosmetics, Vodafone, Samsung Galaxy and Sky Sports. David Beckham was able to lead a video game also such as the ever famous Go! Go! Beckham! Adventure on Soccer Island and David Beckham Soccer from which both are successful when it comes to revenue and public response. But these are just those he considered as past time and just an additional fun. His film appearances on the following featured movies Bend It like Beckham 2002, the Goal movie series; Goal; the Dream Begins, Goal 2; Living the Dream and Goal 3; Taking on the World made him consider trying Hollywood but due to some unavoidable circumstances, he changed his mind.

And because of these, his fans and some of the film makers and moviegoers are quite disappointed. He was actually offered a role opposite Miley Cyrus if not mistaken in the film The Secret Service. Plus there are reports that some of the film enthusiast, his wife former “Spice Girl” member Victoria Beckham included that he (David) could be a good James Bond material.

David Beckham - A Footballers story - Documentary


4. Beckham’s Football Biography!

As a kid, Beckham is already a football lover; he usually played football in Ridgeway Park even when he was still a schoolboy. Not to mention his parents Sandra Georgina, a hairdresser, and David Edward Alan "Ted" Beckham, a kitchen fitter happened to be football fans, particularly of the team where David first joined, the Manchester United. The parents are even taking time to travel from state to state just to render their support to the football team. And this was one of the many things that David Beckham inherited from his parents, the love and support that they have for the Manchester United. He even went to a football school in Manchester and very fortunate to have the chance to be part of a talent competition of football that was held at FC Barcelona.

The young David Beckham was coached by his own father together with his team mates on the Ridgeway Rovers. He first played as a mascot for Manchester United when it is fought against West ham United during the 1986 competition. But he played his love of his life game for the first time when he was under the club Tottenham Hotspur. In this team he already showed a remarkable play which was recognized and complimented by many especially those who had an eye for football. He got his first award when he was named as Under-15 Player of the Year in 1990 when he was under the club Brimsdown Rovers. When the young Beckham reached his 14th birthday, he signed a contract via youth training scheme and started to step on his ladder of success. From this Manchester United, he started his young career as a football player and destined to be one of the greatest among other professional football players. 1991 to 1993 was his introductory to the world of professional football as he was trained and taught many strategies and styles inside the club Manchester United. He continued his senior career with the same club until 2003 and in between was an extra experience for him as he was able to play with the Preston North End as part of the 1994–1995 seasons. He was able to catch the attention of many football enthusiasts via doing a goal score twice in just five appearances. After he returned to Manchester United, he was able to make a point and a mark that would remember his name in the world of Football.

He joined Real Madrid club from 2003 to 2007 from where he again learned many different strategies in playing his game as he encountered many other football legends on this club such as Alfredo di Stéfano, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos, Raúl, Iker Casillas and many others. 2007 to 2012, David Beckham was part of the club Los Angeles Galaxy and became the team captain immediately after he joined the team. When he was on this team, Milan club had set him as part of their as a loan player on 2009, Beckham returned to LAG and had his second loan to Milan on the 2010. And then on 2013, Beckham joined the club Paris Saint-Germain who acknowledge him as their 400th player ever since the club had started.

David Beckham best assists


5. International Football!

On the first of September 1996, Beckham was first inclined to International football as member of the England National Football Team to face Moldova. He was also able to be part of the game during the third match opposing the team from Colombia on the 1998 FIFA World Cup which was held at the Stade Felix Bollaert Lens on the 26th of June 1998. Though he has a lot of issues and uncommon stress during that time, Beckham was able to deliver a remarkable play making his first goal for the England Team through a long-range free kick in a 2–0 victory.

Then continuing his international football career, he was part of the succeeding competitions and rendered his contributions to his team. These competitions are as follows; 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifying games at the Anfield Liverpool on the 24th of March 2001 against Finland, against Greece on the Olympic Stadium Athens on the 6th of June 2001 and at the Old Trafford Manchester on the 6th of October 2001 and in the 2002 FIFA World Cup finals against Argentina on Sapporo Dome, Sapporo on the 7th of June 2002. Beckham also appeared on some of the competitions such as UEFA Euro 2004 qualifying games against Slovakia, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Turkey and Macedonia again for the second time from the 12th of October 2002, 16th of October 2002, 29th of March 2003, 2nd of April 2003 and on the 6th of September 2003 respectively. He was remarkably astonishing during his game on the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifying games against Wales on the 9th of October 2004, against Azerbaijan on the 30th of March 2005 and for the finals against Ecuador on the 25th of June 2006.

All the FreeKicks from David Beckham


In the middle of his international career, he also appeared and joined several friendly matches against Mexico, Sweden, Croatia and Ukraine on the 25th of May 2001, 10th of November 2001, 20th of August 2003 and 18th of August 2004 respectively. Beckham’s international career includes the victory against Brazil, France and Italy during the Tournoi de France 1997 or the so called French tournament. Tournoi de France is just a friendly international football tournament that took placed in France on June 1997 as a preparation game to the incoming 1998 FIFA World Cup. He was also part of the Victory of the England’s team against Iceland and Japan for the 2004 FA Summer Tournament which is actually just a minor international football competition held in England.

This is in preparation for the incoming bigger international football competition called UEFA Euro 2004. He was hailed as the English Football Hall of Famer on 2008, British Broadcasting Corporations’ Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award on 2010 and ESPY Award for Best Major League Soccer Player for 2011. Nowadays, even the amateur football players would say that their inspiration of inclining themselves to the world of football is because of the inspiration contributed by Beckham not only particular to soccer but to the general world of sports.

David Beckham - all 85 Manchester United goals!


6. David Beckham Academy!

When David Beckham was still a student at the Bobby Charlton Soccer School, he already had a dream of putting up the same enterprise for the future kids who would want to incline themselves to football. He always thought of not finishing his football enthusiasm after retiring in playing by continuing his passion to the game by acquiring a more relevant and useful enterprise that would help young football dreamers. And being one of the greatest international football players during his time, he pursued his dreams and put his name to two enterprises that would give privilege to new generations’ footballers. While the first Academy in London was built on the Greenwich Peninsula and officially generated on the 28th of November 2005, the second Academy was the Los Angeles Academy which is located the Home Depot Center in Carson, California.

This LA Academy was the home of training ground of Los Angeles Galaxy and CD Chivas USA who happened to be both Major League Soccer (MLS) teams. The first academy despite of numerous supporters and sponsors had to close on the early 2010 due to unavoidable circumstances but urgently replaced by another football program which was called mobile academy giving the attendees the privilege to travel for play around the United Kingdom and nearby nations. But though the official academy was closed, the sports field and other facilities are still used by some organizations inclined to football. But before the official closure of the London enterprise, the vision and mission of this Academy was spread widely through a variety of reading manuals and books. Reports say that there are also plans of putting up David Beckham Academy in Brazil and another one somewhere in Asia.

David Beckham Surprises Students By Joining Their Coaching Class


7. The Rich and Famous Beckham Family!

David Beckham was a birth child of David Edward Alan Beckham and Sandra Georgina who are both football lovers. He has two sisters Lynne Georgina Beckham who is older than him and Joanne Louise Beckham who is younger than him. On one of his game during his time in Manchester United, he saw a famous face on the audience and easily recognized as Victoria Adams, one of the member of the ever famous “Spice Girls.” They started dating though the eyes of the media were following them because they are both so popular during that time. David and Victoria’s wedding was on the 4th of July 1999. And they had four lovely children, Brooklyn Joseph Beckham who was born 1999 in London, Romeo James Beckham who was born 2002 in London, Cruz David Beckham who was born 2005 in Madrid and the only daughter Harper Seven Beckham who was born 2011, in Los Angeles.

8. The Alleged Others!

Of course, rumors and gossips would never evade such famous and rich couples like the name Rebecca Loos (David Beckham’s personal assistant) was attached to David Beckham as she claimed that she had an affair with the football superstar. Another name Sarah Marbeck, a model and a certain Irma Nicci, a prostitute also had claimed that they had a sexual relationship with the husband of Victoria Adams. All of them Rebecca, Irma and Sarah are denied by the football superstar which almost led for the Beckhams to file charges against them.

David Beckham symbolized with football and stars.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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