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Casino in the Movie World!

From the gaming enthusiasts’ point of view, many believed that aside from playing casino games whether on websites A camera to record or in a land based casino, life is still entertaining because there are a lot of alternatives to target the goal of relaxation even afar from poker tables, not having a playing cards, no dice to roll, no roulette to spin or without the excitement of waiting for the result of the spinning reels. What else would be the next clean way of killing the time or spending some quality time with someone who is important to you? Or even together with a family member or a friend is still as enjoyable as playing in a casino.

What is meant here is MOVIETIME! On this article, we will not just tackle the benefits of enjoying a movie or the goodness of the movie itself, but as part of the mission and vision of a gambling affiliate website, we will discuss the correlation of a casino to a movie. And this will be called Gambling Movies!

Guy in cinema watching a movie.Gambling Movies

Movies that tackles casino games or about gambling are actually too many to count for, as we believe that the popularity of the casino matters implicates different storyline that suits cinematic scenarios and justify that being in a casino or playing in a casino games are just part of everyday living. We will not give you the complete list of those movies because we may reach a thousand pages and just lead you to boredom and we may evade the real essence of the subject. On the other hand, what would we enlist are those movies that marked in the history of casino gambling and in the mainstreaming of the movie world industry.

1. Rounders:

When his friend loses his whole bankroll to a poker tournament, he let his truck borrowed by the poker loser to make up and get money, but the time comes that his friend had picked up an old friend who can manipulate and believed that is so good in playing poker, he was again convince to play poker with that old friend.
The story revolves in a casino playing poker tournaments; the characters in the story line are all inclined with a casino games. They even relied their lives with the luck they have while sitting in a poker table.

2. Casino

The story is about a man who runs a casino, the rise and fall of a personal life in accordance with the success and failure of a gambling business. Greed, love, loyalty and betrayal are just some ingredients of the movie.
As the title itself already establishes what and how the story would run, it also involves socially relevant issues as even the government or the big establishment tries to encore a big profit out for gambling. Different faces in the gambling world are also shown on this film, such as the big winnings, simple and not complicated life involving casinos, even cheaters in the casino are featured here.

But the main course of the meal is actually about the life of a man being one of the casino bosses; his friends who love and betrays him and an enemy who happens to be his savior in the end. And being the top celebrity on the ladder, his life is always being endangered.

3. 21.

Tape for movies.21 is a movie about students who have talents in numbers. They are used by their professor in a much deeper lesson. These talents are used to win millions of money in a casino. The professor taught the students how to play blackjack and some strategies and techniques on how they can use their talents to win over a blackjack table.

4. Shade

The author himself is a self proclaimed real-life card shark. So, obviously, the story would revolve to a card shark life that dominates and has the reputation of sweeping all the pot in poker tournaments. Shade is about partners who dreamt of defeating the well known card shark and had done so many things to achieve this dream. But of course, pursuing a dream would not that easy if there are obstacles and hindrances. Some tricks of the games are featured in this movie.

5. God of Gamblers

One of my favorite, as the title itself, it is about a person who happens to be good in every game in a casino. All the characters are portraying a role that involves gambling on their lives. Some even put their own future and own lives as a stake. Though there are dirty tricks featured here in this movie, it is believed that it can only be done by a person who has a talent of reading cards with his eye power. This is a story of friendship and betrayal and how gambling affects their individual life. Majority of the scenes are in a casino.

These top 5 gambling movies are those movies that tackles gambling or either casino not only as part of the movie but the whole story line revolves around it. As the earlier paragraph had mentioned, there are a lot of gambling movies as a proof that gambling had also played a vital part on everyone’s’ lives.

More great gambling movies

Below are some honorable mentions to include on the list and just to reiterate, the selection has been made in accordance to the writer’s personal choice.

  1. Croupier – about a story of a writer that works as a croupier in a casino and was able to write a better story of his life.
  2. Cola and popcorn.The Good Thief – a story of an old gambling loser who ended up robbing the casino but still lose as the police had stopped him.
  3. Two for the Money – the story an athlete who injured himself and forced to stop playing but pursue his life with a sport-gambling business.
  4. Ocean’s Eleven – a story of an ex-convict who plans to rob not only one but several big casinos such as Bellagio, The Mirage and the great MGM Grand.
  5. The Cooler – the story is all about an individual who has a gambling problem and cured but still in the end, him being a luckless gambler turns to a positive side.
  6. Indecent Proposal – A story of a woman who was offered a million dollars for a night of pleasure after she and her husband lost all their savings in a roulette game in a casino.
  7. Casino Royale – a double 0 agent’s story that involves gambling as a major part and considered as the climax in the story.
  8. Rain Man – The story is about a man with autism but possesses a tremendous memory especially on numbers who was used by his brother to win big money in a blackjack tournament.
  9. House of Games – a story of a psychiatrist lady who has been cheated a lot of times by a gambler; she was even used to exercise her talent as a psychiatrist to read the opponent’s mind while in a game.
  10. Titanic – Last but not the least, when Jack Dawson (Leonardo Di Caprio) won his tickets through a card game just to become one of the passenger of the ship Titanic.
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