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Casino etiquette

There is a difference between playing at a normal casino and playing on an online casino. The game itself is more or less the same. The difference is in the interaction with other people. This page provides some good tips on casino etiquette at a standard land-based casino. The tips are universal and can be used at both British and foreign casinos.

  • We recommend you read the list below before trying your luck at a Casino in Las Vegas, or before you and your colleagues try your luck at the Golden Horseshoe Casino.
  1. Do not comment on other people's casino games. Concentrate on your own game instead.
  2. Stay focused on your own game, so that you do not lose money or gamble money on the wrong game.
    Control your temper. It is not acceptable to shout and behave aggressively if you think that other players are playing badly or similar. Nor is it acceptable to throw your cards on the table just because you lose. This is very bad behaviour at a casino.
  3. Checklist at a landbased casino. Do your homework before you go gambling for real in Vegas.When you sit at a casino table to play, do a short presentation of yourself. Use a maximum of 5 seconds on this, as no one wants to hear about it when sitting at a casino playing.
  4. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. It will ruin your game and therefore your chances of winning. Other casino players will not appreciate a drunk at the table.
  5. If you want to follow a game at a casino, such as blackjack, then it is acceptable to do so from a respectable distance, if you are not playing yourself. Do not stand so close to the blackjack table, so that you are looking over the players' shoulders.
  6. Do not sit at a table unless you aim to play.
  7. Your language should never be harsh or patronising towards either the employees or other players, as you risk being asked to leave.
  8. Avoid ordering drinks during a game. If you play e.g. blackjack, it is acceptable to order drinks at the end of the game.
  9. In Las Vegas you are permitted to smoke indoors at the casino tables. However, you should still ask the other players around the table if it is ok for you to smoke.
  10. Never accuse a casino dealer of cheating you because you have a bad hand or similar. The dealer gets paid for doing his job and would never attempt to cheat you.
  11. Never ask the dealer for advice about gambling strategies. The dealer runs the game, but YOU are the player. If the dealer advised you on gambling strategy, you could then accuse him of bad advice.
  12. Do not expect sympathy from either the dealer or other casino players, if you have been unlucky and lost. It is only you who loses, no one else really cares. They all have their own activities to focus on at the table.
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