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Boxing decisions to shock the world!

Boxing, just like football and basketball are amongst those which belong to the most famous sports known to being that had been followed by many sports enthusiasts. Though boxing is more physical as it is in single forms, it can also unite millions of audience in a single particular event. Consider by others as violent form of sports because it involves physical sparring fights and matches. It is a game of endurance, speed and strength and sometimes a game of accidental death and pain. But despite of the many violent reactions of many people who did not really know boxing by its definition and essence, there are still many followers who would take the risk of spending an amount to bet for a particular favorite boxer. And by betting in a boxing match, punter would need to deeply analyze all the factors of considerations before putting a bet. But if you are a punter and had bet for your favorite boxer, and you really believed that your idol had all the edge to whatever angle as you were able to watch the whole fight, and yet the referee raised another hand rather than your idol, showing everyone that his opponent had won the fight, how would you react? All the involved boxers would have their commitment in practicing and preparing for the match, doing everything to reach his weight target and then would exert extra effort to put his body to a perfect condition hoping to win the battle, and while believing that what is happening inside the ring is favoring him as he knows really his capacity, but unfortunately for whatsoever reason still not enough to win the match is very depressing and degradable.

It is actually demoralizing to the side of the boxer, shameful to the side of the judges and very uninteresting for the side of the boxing enthusiasts. There are a lot of controversies that linger in any sports games’ result whether it is from football or basketball which is actually performance based outcome, what more if the sport is based on a judgments of some particular individual like boxing? Well, had enlisted some of the boxing matches that had a decision from the judges which shocked the world of sports in general and the boxing industry in particular. Unfortunately, the judges’ decision is final and irrevocable. There are reports of complaints and recounts but very seldom the result was changed. It had just sensationalized more fight and adds some flavor for the next round of matches. The chronological order of the matches was not based on the popularity of the boxers neither to the number of audience of the particular event. It is about the animosity of the decision and how the audience had reacted to the result. The writer would like to reiterate that the boxers listed below and the instances enumerated are purely based on personal opinions and beliefs and no whatsoever relations to the management of the website.

  • 1. The Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley fight!
    The most controversial so far is the fight between Pacquiao and Bradley as 100 percent of the audience including those who are on the side of Bradley believed that Pacquiao won the fight. Even known personality such as Harold Lederman of the HBO knew that Pacquiao won 11 rounds out of 12. There are reports that even Bradley before the decision had made a comment from which he admitted that he has done his best but not enough to beat Pacquiao. And most especially his manager scored the fight 8 rounds for Pacquiao and 4 for Bradley which he denied after the controversies. In contradiction to many scorers, two of the judges favored Bradley for 115-113 and as expected, boos and flying bad words rained inside the arena. Many of the boxing fans started not to believe much on the judges and even shared their sentiments on the social network showing their disbelief on the result of this particular fight of the two.
  • 2. The Park Si-Hun and Roy Jones Jr. match.
    Though the most of the shocking decisions are from the professional boxing matches, it is much unexpected that one of the most shocking scandal happened from an amateur event that actually led to some legal matters and even to the suspension of some judges. It was during the 1988 Olympics from where final match is for Park Si Hun a South Korean boxer against Roy Jones of the United States for the gold medal. Audience and many sports enthusiasts saw the fight with 86 punches by the American boxer against 32 from the South Korean but for whatsoever reason, 3 out of 5 judges voted in favor of Park giving him the gold medal. And then controversies arise more when Park invited Jones for the gold medal stand and he even apologized to him for the wrong decision. Investigation happened and the three judges had to be suspended after admitting that they had decided incorrectly.
  • 3. The Lennox Lewis versus Evander Holyfield fight!
    Undoubtedly two of the most followed and idolized heavyweights of their time had to face for the belt. It was actually a statistic of 348 is to 130 punches in favor of Lewis and a 137 is to 52 landed jabs, so obviously it was a way for Lewis to win the heavyweight belt, but maybe, it was not really meant to be because the judges scored 115-113 in favor of Lewis, 116-113 in favor of Holyfield and a 115-115 making the decision a draw. Many boxing experts commented that Holyfield robbed the heavyweight championship belt from Lewis. There is a point from the fight that Lewis had backed his opponent to the ropes while throwing his punches making the audience believed that it was really him who had won the fight. There is a reported complaint but was just ignored or no reports of recounts had been documented.
    4. The Felix Trinidad against Oscar de La Hoya fight!
    Two undefeated boxing legends were involved in the bout which was tagged as the “Fight of the Millennium” that was held last September 18 of 1999 at the Mandalay bay Resort and Casinos at Las Vegas Nevada. The result was one of the most talked about controversy as even the first quarter of the fight showed that De la Hoya dominated the ring and though he had laid low on the preceding rounds making his opponent to deal and get even, it was still obvious that the fight really belongs to him. De la Hoya was even criticized for evading his opponent for the 10th, 11th and 12th rounds and not throwing punches but still the difference from the statistics of 263 over 166 in favor of him is large enough for him to win. But arguments and rumors arisen when two of the judges scored 115-113 and 115-114 in favor of Trinidad making him won the WBC and IBF welterweight belt.
  • 5. The Thomas Hearns versus Ray Leonard bouts!
    Two boxing legends can also be linked to controversies and doubts, not once but twice. First during their initial bouts on September of 1981; on this fight, Hearns was about to win the belt but for whatsoever reason, the judges stopped the fight on the 14th round. Many believed that the judges stop the fight due to a clear reason that they cannot score on Leonard’s favor because it would be obvious. The rematch was taken on June 12, 1989, the time that their popularity was not as hot as their first bout still they can draw a crowd and full a boxing arena. On the third round, Hearns knocked Leonard down and repeated the incident on the 11th round making the audience and many sports experts that Hearns this time had his vengeance to what was happened during their first bout. But again, unexpectedly, the judges scored 113-112 in favor of Hearns, 112-113 in favor of Leonard and 112-112 for a draw. The result was booed and Leonard even accepted that Hearns really deserved the belt for that particular fight.
  • 6. The Manny Pacquiao against Juan Marquez series of fights!
    The Octuple champion versus the four division boxing champion who had the most number of chances of facing each other inside the ring also had the one of the most controversial decision result in the world of boxing. Their initial bout was on the 8th of May 2004 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada. Both are in good mood to win the title and had their time to over score their opponents, the first quarter of the fights in favor the Filipino boxer but the instance turned around during the middle time of the fight. Scorecards show 115-110 in favor of Marquez, 115-110 in favor of Pacquiao and 113-113 giving the fight a draw decision. Then there are rumors that the third judge who scored equal to both the boxers had a slight memory disorder that scored supposedly 10-7 instead of 10-6 in favor of Pacquiao. This allegation was not proven and so the result was not changed. By this time, Marquez’s side also claiming that he had won the match. The rematch took place on March 15, 2008 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Las Vegas Nevada, trying to prove their worth of the belt; both boxers are enthusiastic in defeating his foe. Again the result was unclear with stat 115-112 in favor of Pac-man, 112-115 in favor of Dinamita and 114-113 in favor of Pac-man. Many of course from the side of Marquez that their boxer had won the fight and Pacquiao had just stolen the belt. It was still debated and rumors again spread that the manager of Pac-man had made some arrangements for them to win. It was December 8 of 2012 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Nevada when the third encounter happened between the two boxers. And by this time, Marquez won via knock-out on the sixth round making the Dinamita “Fighter of the Decade” champion.
  • 7. The Floyd Mayweather versus Jose Luis Castillo fight!
    The first time that Mayweather fight for a higher division from where he was about to fight another boxing superstar Castillo. It was him who dominated the first few rounds but had injured his own hands giving his opponent the opportunity to parallel around and even bypass Mayweather’s power. Castillo obviously outnumbered the punches that Mayweather throws and made the fight very favorable to him. It was on the 20th of April 2002 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena at Las Vegas Nevada when the boxing arena was filled with boos when the decision had been made. It was Mayweather who was declared the winner by the judges with 116-111, 115-111 and 115-111 in favor of him. One commentator even said that the judges seemed to be watching a different fight as they did not really know what is happening on the ring. There is a controversial that the judges gave this to Mayweather as a gift as they had given a decision based on what they expected.
  • 8. The Oscar De La Hoya versus Felix Sturm fight!
    It was actually a tune up bout because what De La Hoya really wanted is to go up to his next level to middleweight and fight legendary middleweight champion Bernard Hopkins. Oscar was really a great fighter but during this bout, the reason why he was so down was unclear and unknown. He was wounded by his opponent Felix Sturm and stood in the middle of a dreamt fight between De La Hoya and Hopkins, but of course, the judges to whatever reason had different views, probably they wanted another job by judging the Golden Boy versus Hopkins in the near future. It was a unanimous decision of 115-113 in favor of De La Hoya and as expected, the judges were criticized and booed by the audience during that time.
    9. The Pernell Whitaker against Jose Luis Ramirez bout!
    One of the most talked about fight of all time is also considered as “complete disgrace” in a book about boxing. In the eyes of many, the audience who had watched the bout, it was clearly a 12 round performance for Whitaker. But the judges once again saw different views probably watching a different bout during that time decided to give the fight a split decision in favor of Ramirez. One judge even gave them a much differentiated score of 118-113 in favor of Ramirez. Clearly a sign of misjudging as all of the eyes were expecting the referee to raise Whitaker’s hand for victory. But it turns to be another scandalous decision. But fortunately, during their rematch after 18 months, Whitaker still dominated the bout and had a unanimous decision victory.
  • 10. The Paul Williams against Erislandy Lara Fight.
    It was a comeback move for Williams to regain his dignity in the world of boxing. But to his journey going back to the top, he needed to face a Cuban amateur boxer named Erislandy Lara on July of 2011. Press releases in favored Williams even before their fight as many from his side already looking forward for another step on his career and that is to fight Sergio Martinez for the third time. But Lara is not an easy to defeat boxer, even during the first quarter of the fight, Lara had showed strength by giving a hard blow to his opponent making him stunned and moved. William was even bloody and had an injury to his left eye caused by Lara. Many boxing experts scored the fight 117-111 in favor of Lara including boxing specialist Howard Lederman. But to everybody’s exclaimed the judges had showed different statistic 114-114, 115-114 in favor of Williams and 116-114 in favor of Williams. The decision was unrevoked though the reviews showed that 42% of Lara’s punches landed on Williams’ body while only 19% of William’s punched landed on Lara. But due to the controversies and misjudgments, three of the judges were suspended by the New Jersey Athletic Control board.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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