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Bluffing in online poker

1. Have a clear idea of how many online poker players you want to bluff.
One or maybe 2 players can be bluffed, but do no’t think this will work every time unless you really believe you can succeed!!!

2. A bluff does not need to be successful to justify it.
You still only risk one Bet but with the chance of winning the full Pot with all the other online poker players' Bets in it. Bluff numbers only need work occasionally for them to be a suitable course of action in some situations. Even in those instances when you are caught bluffing, you bluff numbers may still prove to be of value in future games. It can affect your online poker players’ game, so that they Call when you have a good hand - but think you are bluffing.

3. Avoid bluffing online poker experts or people who play more or less randomly.
Focus instead on bluffing generally good online poker players.

4. Do not bluff for the sake of bluffing.
Some online poker players only bluff to stand out. There is no point in this. In 9 out of 10 cases, you should only bluff if you have a reasonable chance of succeeding.

5. Never bluff if you have a really bad online poker hand and there are more cards on the way.
Instead consider semi-bluffing as a possibility, as you then have 2 options of winning the Pot. Your opponent may choose to Fold, or you might be really lucky and get the right cards for your online poker hand.

6. Consider bluffing if all your online poker players have Checked in the previous betting round.
It is even better if everyone has Checked in a very expensive betting round. Your chances are however reduced if a newly visible card has improved significantly one of your opponent’s online poker hands.

7. Suggest a specific online poker hand.
If you give the impression that your online poker hand is, for example, a Flush or a Straight, then the likelihood of this succeeding is far greater than if your bluff comes out of nowhere.

8. Focus on the bad online poker players.
It is easier to bluff players who Checked often in previous games, rather than online poker players who are strong at Betting.

9. Strive to create a tight, aggressive image.
Used the recommended online poker hands available on the Internet, in online poker books and on this site. If you gain a reputation as a tight, aggressive player, you have a far greater chance of succeeding at both online poker and real poker, not to mention other home games as well. If you are perceived as selective, tight and aggressive, your online poker players will not be on their guard when you start bluffing.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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