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Blackjack counting – Become an expert at counting cards in blackjack

Smart manOne method that can give you an added advantage in a casino is counting cards in blackjack. Unfortunately you can only use this method in casinos in the real world and Las Vegas.

An online casino shuffles the cards after every game, so do not try this method on any of the casinos reviewed on this site. We also recommend that you already master the basic rules of blackjack.

There are several techniques to counting cards in blackjack, and the ones reviewed in the following section are quite simple. You do not need to be a ‘rainman’ with a near autistic memory to master this technique.

Anyone can learn the blackjack technique in 5 minutes and thus increase their likelihood of winning at this game.

Using card counting techniques is unfortunately not particularly popular at any casinos, but you should still learn these techniques to improve your game. It will make you more aware in your future blackjack games.

It is in fact a question of thinking about what the probability of winning is and then, when the odds are in your favour, playing extra high.

The technique for counting cards

Math teacherEach time the dealer at a casino has dealt a card from his card pile, the probability of the remaining cards that have not yet been placed on the table facing upwards changes. You can use this to your advantage in the following way:

Blackjack card counting table

  • 2 = +1
  • 3 = +1
  • 4 = +1
  • 5 = +1
  • 6 = +1
  • 7 = 0
  • 8 = 0
  • 9 = 0
  • 10 = -1
  • Jack = 1
  • Queen = -1
  • King = -1
  • Ace = -1

You need to add the above numbers together during a blackjack game. The sum of the numbers will during the course of a blackjack game tell you whether to bet large or smaller amounts. The sum of the cards will tell you whether there is an excess of picture cards versus number cards left in the card pile.

Example – use of simple blackjack counting in practice

Let us imagine that you are sitting alone at a blackjack table and one deck of cards is being used. The cards have just been shuffled. After the first game you win with the following hand "jack-king", against the dealer's hand, which is a “3-2-jack-jack”. According to the blackjack card counting table, this will give (-1)+(-1)+(1)+(1)(-1)(-1)= -2. This means that the dealer has the advantage in the next games, in that there are more smaller cards left in the card game. We assume that the used cards are put to one side and not used in game 2. You should therefore wait before playing with high stakes in the next blackjack games, until the sum of the cards played is positive. Once the sum is positive, the advantage goes to you again.


If e.g. 6 card games are played at a casino and the number of unused cards corresponds to 3 card games, the sum of the cards already used is divided by 3. If the remaining number of cards corresponds to 4, the sum is divided by 4 and so on. Then the sum is -6 and there are approx. what corresponds to 3 card games left, which will be used for future games, so the real sum is -6% 3=-2.

  1. You should use the above table and example for future blackjack games to determine when it is worth you deviating from the blackjack chart.
  2. You should use the sum total to determine when is a good idea to bet a little higher. You should do this when the sum total is positive.
  3. You should use the sum total to determine when is best not to bet on large amounts. You should do this when the sum total is negative.
  4. But be aware that no casinos like players that count cards in blackjack. They hate them in fact, so have a practice at home first if you want to do this.

Anyone can learn to master this technique, and it is always good to use your brain while enjoying a bit of blackjack at your local casino or during your casino holiday at the Mirage casino in Las Vegas. You will suddenly have the advantage over the casino!

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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