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Bingo at the local bingo hall with my Nan

Online gambling has reviewed a vast number of different gambling sites. If you want to try online casino or online poker rooms, then you have come to the right place. We have even tried out sports betting sites.

We have over the years received several enquiries from people wanting to know why one of the biggest online games sites in the country for the last 10 years does not review online bingo sites.

We are doing something about that. But before we get to that, I wanted to tell you about my own experience of playing bingo in the real world.

My own bingo experience when I was a kid

A bit about my own bingo past. When I was little I played TV bingo on Sundays at home with my mum and dad. It was Sunday Sifa TV bingo, and it was very exciting for a young boy of 6-7 years of age on those Sundays we played. It wasn’t every Sunday, but approx. once a month we would buy bingo cards, and then we sat with pens poised in front of the TV. We won a couple of times, as far as I can remember, but only small amounts as you had to be lucky enough to get through on the phone to the Sifa TV bingo studio if you wanted the chance to choose one of the covers with the big prizes behind it. If you found e.g. a troll, there were bikes, Miele vacuum cleaners and trips to Paris to be won.

When my Nan and grandad came to visit, one of the highlights was that we would play bingo. My Nan was an experienced bingo player and had been playing bingo for 30 years in the local village hall near her home in the country.

When my brother and I went on our annual holiday to stay with my Nan and grandad in the summer between the ages of 6-14, the highlight of the week was always going with my Nan to the local hall to play bingo. The prizes tended to be goods donated by the local business community. The local Tesco donated a beef or a pork joint. The hairdresser donated some products or a free haircut. It was just such a lovely safe, British thing to do going down the local hall with my Nan to play bingo.

What I remember most clearly was my admiration for this fairly stout lady with her 15 bingo cards in front of her. What was impressive was her ability to follow the fast bingo pace, even though she had a sea of cards before her. I only had one bingo card in front of me so I had enough to deal with.

The social side of bingo

The social side was also one of the highlights as I remember it. Everyone greeted each other and commented on each other’s prizes when all the bingo games had finished and people got up to leave to go home. Some had won a lot and others had not won anything. The most important thing about it wasn't the winning, but that you had taken part in a game of bingo and had had a lovely time.

That was my childhood memory of bingo. In the next few days and months I will play Internet bingo and hope that I can experience some of the same atmosphere that I enjoyed as a child when I went to bingo with my Nan.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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