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Betting Exchange

Betting Exchange is a process from which a bookmaker player could probably buy or sell a contract in accordance with betting purposes. Outlined based on Binary betting options, this contract is actually can be sold or bought. The payout for betting exchange could be fixed amount or nothing depending on how the game or event would finished. One good thing about this betting exchange is that this tackles not only on some high-profiled sporting events but also to some socially relevant happenings such as elections and the likes. It also allow players to set their own odds, unlike in an ordinary bookmakers, the operators set all the prices of the odds and let the players swallow whatever their procedures and rules regarding the odds, but it is also necessary to take more pre-cautions in choosing a bet as the punters would always need to anticipate that there is always a player who would also always be ready to take the challenge. Betting exchange is actually running its way to the mainstream of gaming and gambling, as the popularity and efficiency rises up, the commission and the interest that the players would need to pay is just minimal average of up to 20% of the net winning stake in accordance with the commission set by the market. But of course, logically, losing wagers would not need any commission to be paid. This would be beneficial to the punters who are placing their bets in numbers or in more than one event at a time. Some bets would win and some may lose but the good thing is, if the net winnings are not more than the amount paid in total of the bets, there is no commission to be paid.

Backing or Laying!

In betting exchange, players can put a bet whatever options he wanted whether there is a movement also known as “backing” or an odd that is stagnant or no movement which is also known as “laying”. These options of bets are being matched by those other players who placed a bet in different views. For example, you are placing a bet for backing, the operators would find another player who places a bet for laying and they would match it to your bet.

A clearer example would be betting on an ongoing team match, if a certain bettor would want to place a stake for the winning team, he would put a bet on backing and the operators of bookmaker would find someone who would want to put a bet on laying, the two punters would set an agreement regarding the odds and the stake and confirm everything is good. If the team wins, the punter who puts a bet on laying would pay the agreed amount to the player who put a bet on backing, but if the team loses, the backer would give the agreed amount of stake to the layer. It is important to know that every transaction on these bookmaker events would need a backer and a layer.

Even though the bookmaker operators or the exchange betting supervisor knows all the details both the layers and the backers, the information would be strictly confidential to them to keep the privacy and safety of the punters. The backers would not know who would be his layers and vice versa. By this rule, it is therefore concluded that the site is safe, the security and confidentiality from the bets to the details of the punters are kept safe and secure. This is also a rule not only by the betting exchange sites only but adopted pushed in the industry by the government through “Betting Exchange Code of Conduct” agreed and confirmed by both the parties from the operators to the authority.

On-going Event!

One more advantage of the Betting Exchange option is that the players are permitted to put a bet even the game is already in-progress, meaning while in the middle of the game whether a match or a race, players are still capable of expressing their views and allowed to try their luck through putting a bet on whatever they wished to gamble for. There is no more excitement than putting yourself to the game players’ shoes whoever is your bet and making your best effort to engage yourself by placing a bet on the game while the iron is still hot. Of course, the operators would have to consider their own situation so as to avoid risk and dangers on allowing this kind of bet. This “on-going event” betting exchange options are usually available and only permitted to those very popular events and viewed by national television.

The Difference!

This is also actually the feature of this betting exchange that is most liked by the players, as the punters would be able to benefit a more profit for instance, especially if the player’s instinct about the game is doing correctly by the early stages of the game, it is more likely to predict what should be the deciding factor in putting a bet. If the punters are playing in an on-going play, there would be a slight time delay constituted to avoid some smartly naughty players to accept a challenge on a 100% sure win. This is also the reason why the exchange operators are more strict and active in guarding the bettors and the betting exchange themselves.

While playing in an in-play is just a matter of time to wait for the operators to look for someone who will consider to antagonize your views for the game, the players placing a bet in an upcoming events are remitted into the system automatically as soon as they had put their bets. So therefore, in an upcoming game, the backers would not need to wait for some layers and vice versa.

The Most Essential Tip on Betting Exchange!

It is already discussed that all the data that the punters would need to encode to register an account to start betting would always be confidential. This is because the authority had required this pre-requisite code of conduct to any of the bookmaker operators. So, If we may suggest that the account details that would be registered are true and correct for the benefit of the complete and easy withdrawal just in case of winnings and other aspect for that matter.

Be realistic in putting up a bet. Meaning, bet only with the amount that is manageable by your asset as there is always someone to challenge and parallel your odds. In betting exchanges, you should analyze and understand the odds offered before accepting the challenge. Take a good look and a deeper analysis on the odds before a game even starts, and be aware that it would be changing as the people in the market placing their bets on any game continuously increasing.

If ever, you already have the choice of what odds to offer or what challenge to accept, it is also important to know how you would move the games favorable towards you. Know and understand the movement of any liquidation either the movement of the backing players and the laying punters.

To make the story short, the best way to get a favorable result in betting exchanges is to monitor first the movement of the exchanges weeks or days before putting up a bet or starting to engage for betting games.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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