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Bet365; the Face of an Almost Perfect Online Casino!

Millions of websites based on different nations are claiming to be the best among on their line of industry. Each offers different benefits and advantages to capture the attention of the online market. Some are so very trying hard to win the trusts of the vox populi while others are very quiet in determining the weakness of the audience for them to know Best Choicewhat to give. In the world of online gaming and gambling, thousand of online casinos are racing to the ladder of success when it comes to gaining loyalty among the online casino markets. While most of them are focusing on how the games of their online casinos can be innovated, others are making a high lights on how can they achieve the loyalty of the gambling world.

Many of the online casinos are making their waves on offering the players an offer so hard to resist, like giving the players a mesmerizing bonus a lot bigger that the imagined amount to be deposited, like providing the bettors to play more than what they expected or better than the money they supposed to bet and most especially, by offering the online casino gamers to enjoy much more than entertainment and fun. But unfortunately, there are online casinos out there that have forgotten the essence of real entertainment and fun, what they are only after is the profit and the amount that the players would deposit to play their games. Though there are good in educating people regarding gambling and its effect but the problem is they lack in persuading players to join their website and there are also good in persuading probable loyalist but they lack in social responsibilities that are mentioned above. Yes, there seemed to be always lacking in a good online casino that would really be worth to spend money with to enjoy just the essence of entertainment. Not to mention that there are also enterprises of SEO or the Search Engine Optimization that complains about the share of pay outs that they deserved to received.

Truly, it is so hard to find an online casino that would suit every ones’ taste in almost all of the categories that are set to be justified and followed by the website operators. But wait, if the player is actually an enthusiast of an online casino or just an avid follower of an online gaming websites, the player surely has the knowledge of this online casino that would be featured on this article, the Bet365 Online Casino. This player I mentioned awhile ago would probably disagree that it is so much difficult to look for a good website that specializes on online gambling, as he knew that all the good options and factors to be considered in tagging an online casino a good one can be seen and enjoyed on this website. Bet365 Online Casino; the face of an almost perfect online casino, can be the one that all the players are looking for. But of course, as they say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I can also say that this also implies on a good casino, only a player could tell whether satisfactory, superb or just so so.

But nonetheless, we would like you to take a snap and spend a few minutes of your time to read premises that would probably conclude why Bet365 Online Casino is the face of an almost perfect online casino and you judge yourself if this website would worth your trust, time, effort and money.

  • Bet365 Group Limited
    Company Profile
    Stoke-on-Trent, England


  • Company Name : Bet365 Group Limited
    Type of Company : Private
    Date Founded : 2000
    Place of Origin : Stoke-on-Trent, England
    Service Rendered : United Kingdom
    Other Offices : Australia
    Industry : Online Casino and Betting Games
    Founder : Denise Coates
    Owners : Denise Coates
    John Coates
    Peter Coates
    Services : Sports Betting
    Online Casino Betting
    Video Streaming
    Mobile Casino Betting
    Bookmaking On-Courses
    Licenses : U.K gambling Commission
    (For sports betting)
    Government of Gibraltar
    (For online casino gaming)
    Northern Territory Government
    (For Australian Businesses)

Languages Used :

  • English,
    Español (Spanish),
    Deutsch (German),
    Italiano (Italian)
    Dansk (Danish),
    Svenska (Swedish),
    Norsk (Norwegian),
    繁體中文 (Chinese),
    Български (Bulgarian),
    Ελληνικά (Greek)
    Português (Portuguese),
    Polski (Polish),
    Romania (Romanian),
    Cesky (Czech Republic),
    Mangyar (Hungarian),
    Slovencina (Slovenian)
    Currencies : EUR, USD, GBP,
    MXN, NOK, SEK, RON, and PLN
    Coverage : 200 Countries
    Market : 7 Million Customers and counting
    Manpower : 2,100 Employees and counting

Reputation at its best!

Since the foundation of the company, Bet365 was considered as the fastest growing company on its line of industry. The company that never stops creating innovations and developments in the beautification of every game parallel to the simplification of the process for the customers to easily navigate the website is surely had the edge to excel as Best Servicecompared to all its competitors. This is the main task of the company’s web designers and games developers as well as the advertising and promotions department. One good example is the fact that the advertising campaign leads the company to the market by showing transparency regarding the prices during the half time breaks. One of the most important aspects of any online casino in particular or of any website in general would be on how they would reach to communicate with the customers, and this is one Bet365’s expertise.

Bet365’s major highlights is on offering a second to none and first class customer service and supports wherever the players came from. Bet365 has the best and customer service oriented staff who undergone thorough training on how to handle issues and the best way to communicate. And this customer service had their own jurisdiction to cater to cover different 17 languages of different continents. Which is why this company could be considered as one if not the only greatest online casino to date for the players to consider trying for the new players and to consider worth staying for the experts in regards with the combination of fun, entertainment, challenge, luck and most especially strategic wisdom.

Cream of the Crop!

  • Operator of the Year
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards 2010
  • Casino Operator of the Year
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards 2010
  • Best Website Performance
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards 2010
  • In-Play Sports Operator of the Year
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards 2011
  • Sports Betting Operator of the Year
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards 2011
  • Fastest growing Profits
    Awarded by Sunday Times Profit Track 100 (3rd Place) 2010
  • Top 50 Most Influential Internet Gaming Companies
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards
    Ranked #1 2010
  • Top 50 Most Influential Internet Gaming Companies
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards
    Ranked #1 2011
  • Top 50 Most Influential Internet Gaming Companies
    Awarded by EGR (eGaming Review) Awards
    Ranked #1 2012
  • 100 Most Powerful Women in the United Kingdom
    Awarded to Denise Coates, founder and joint CEO of Bet365
    Awarded by Woman's Hour at BBC Radio 4 2013
    Social Responsibility!

It is actually every online casino’s mandatory to include a portion on the website that would discuss something about “responsible gambling”. It is their social responsibility to make sure that the services they offered could not be the reason of the players’ were being hooked or getting desperate just because of the website’s offer of “fun and entertainment. Unfortunately, to some of the websites that enjoy profits and revenues, these are just words written inside the online casino just to be included on its table of contents. But with the vision of Bet365 which include the prioritization of the customer’s welfare, it is really their responsibility to guard their players and guide them to walk the right path of playing responsibly. As Bet365 online casino not just included a general terms in explaining how they can help people with gambling problems, but very specific in giving facts and lectures not to cure but to prevent players for being a gambling addict. Bet365 provides clients with a series of choices to support them in playing with irresponsibleness.

And these are as follows;
Underage gambling is strictly prohibited so the staff and crew of the online casino would ask some identification for the new players if they think it is necessary and the player registered is quite suspicious. It is also important to include systems which enable the players to limit their deposit for a certain period of time and Bet365 has this kind of system. Information like these things are very important not only to be included on the webpage but most importantly to be implemented with the help of the professionals within the online casino itself.

Bet365 Casino Website looks like this,

Bet365 Casino Website

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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