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Because they are Popular…

Football Players who did not able to escape controversies!

Many believed especially those who are in the world of Showbiz that whether it is bad or good publicity, it is still publicity. And those who are making a buzz and creating noise whether in the world of society, in the world of business and in the world of sports are considered celebrities. Many of them no matter how they evade trouble or gossips, they just can’t simply avoid them. It seems that headlines (front page, middle page or back page) are entwined to them, Soccer Ballintentionally or not, they are always the favorites of the reporters and writers probably to gain more attention readers or even for the ratings. And why is this? Simple… they are always on the news because they are popular. This subject is quite broad so to be more specific and précised, we in the, would simple enlist controversial celebrities who portray a vital role play in the world of sports particularly in the industry of football.

There is actually no big difference between those very popular in the field of entertainment like the movie superstars from Al Pacino to Leonardo Di Caprio to Robert Pattinsons and music icons from Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber in comparison to the Football superstars when it comes to popularity, to the number of fans, number of commitments and especially to the amount of their salary. The eagerness of the writers to write articles about them is just equally parallel and so all of them are equally being watched critically by those who are hungry to see them in any controversial or worst with their scandals.

And just to remind the readers that the list was purely based on the opinion of the writer and has no whatever inclination to the management of, and the chronological order has nothing to do with their intensity of popularity neither based on the weight of what the controversies they had been involved. There are actually hundreds of football players who had created a reputation inside the football arena and many of them were also involved in a controversy or two. And we prepared 20 of them for you to have an idea what life they had living inside or out of the football field.

  • 20. Frank Lampard of England – The combination of play power and good looks made him one of the topnotch in the field of football. As a very young football player, Lampard had caused several noises in the newspapers and any news program on national television. In fact, it was shown in a documentary that this player had engaged to several escapades entitled Sex, Footballers and Videotape. He made a buzz also when he was caught by his children’s mother cheating with another girl from which many considered as a natural habit for many of the football players. But despite all of these, he managed to sustain his capabilities as a player and moved on to his football career.
  • 19. John Harkes of the United States – It all started with a simple leadership problem as he was the captain of his team during that time, it was also believed by his coach that the problem was just his relationship and rapport with his colleagues as a captain of the team but it turned out years later that there is more than that, quite bigger issues than just a matter of leadership. It was revealed that Harkes had an intimate relationship with his co-team mate’s wife. Though the gossips happened years past, the controversy that lies within remains up to this date.
  • 18. Eduardo da Silva of Brazil – Falling down to the ground intentionally while playing inside the football arena just to win a free kick or to penalize the opponent’s team could actually one of the easiest tricks for the players, and so it was happening once in awhile during a match. But this was also one of the most prohibited which why Eduardo da Silva who happened to create a buzz by committing this mistake was charged with Footballfaking the flop and deceiving the referee and so he was banned for two European matches. The referee and some other football analyst commented that the flop that Eduardo had done was as clear as a crystal to be so abrupt and absurd. According to them it was obvious that the falling down was intentional just to win a free kick, though he was not proven guilty, his hotness as a football player was so hard to retain.
  • 17. Bruce Grobbelaar of Zimbabwe – This player is actually an outstanding keeper but also considered as an outstanding trouble maker. Being in bad terms with other players though within the team is just normal. His incident of fighting verbally and physically with a much younger player is not only the issue, though he was half condemned because his opponent during the fight was considered to be neophyte and needed his support to be more efficient football player, his biggest gossips occur when he was accused of fixing or selling a match game. There’s a video tape showing that he was negotiating with the other team about what is to happen in a game but he denied the rumor and swear that it was only his way of gathering evidence and he would present it to his own team.
  • 16. Patrice Evra of France – This football superstar was once accused of being the reason behind the loss of his team during the 2010 World Cup. As per his training coach, the loss was because of their lack of practice due to Evra’s bull headed decision to refuse practices. His action of leading his team mates to fight against their coach made his team administration to ban him from the team. He convinced his team mates to refused practicing before the competition and so they lost the match. He was benched and demoted the captaincy for the final tournament of France. There are also suggestions that Evra should be banned forever to play with France National Team. Of course, football fans on his side got annoyed and the fans on the other side celebrated victory.
  • 15. Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Sweden – He was one of the most awarded football players of all time and this is just one reason why he was always on the news. But the buzz was getting fuzzier when he was traded with another highest paid footballer but did not go along with a certain player on the team and had affected his football matches. A series of failures and fall down occur during the transfer though considered to be Football faceunintentional and many believed that it is not Zlatan’s fault. Another is that when he was loaned with arch rival team while in the middle of consecutive wins of his former team. And another reason of being a newsmaker is that despite of all these rigodon of players, he was able to win his seventh consecutive league triumphs.
  • 14. Michael Owen of England – Owen was actually a Ballon D’Or awardees and a consistent goal scorer for his team. Until he just felt that he is no longer accepted on his own team so he refused to attend some games that are actually important for the team. He was then transferred to another team for a certain amount but after his transfer, his ability deteriorates plus a series of injuries occurred to him plus some failures that was marked to his name making him one of the newsmaker in the field of football. According to some analyst, the transfer is very timing for his previous team as he was an asset before turning to another team becoming him to be a liability.
  • 13. Gennaro Gattuso of Italy – This defensive midfielder is known not only by his ability and speed inside the football arena but his being combative literally not only via football matches but also personal differences combatant. He is known to be enjoying slapping opponent’s players and exchanging foul words with them. In fact, he was caught on a videotape making a quarrel with a certain coach; it was shown there how he pushed the coach to his throat and doing a head butt against him. He was frequently seen on a news on this kind of incidents, though he still have fans to support him, he also had his number of bashers increasing.
  • 12. Rio Gavin Ferdinand of England – He was called an annual newsmaker as he was charged with several issues like being drunk while driving, he was also caught over speeding not only once but several times. He was also in the news when he failed to take the compulsory drug test which is actually a requirement to be part of any football league. And most of all, his biggest controversy was when he was caught cheating his wife with another girlfriends.
  • 11. Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira of Portugal – also known as Pepe was an excellent defender who would not finish a match without making an incident with his opponent’s member or even more. He was actually banned for the preceding ten games for pushing and kicking another two players making those players fell in the ground right after a tie game. He also needs to prove to the football authorities that he would do his best not to repeat the incidents again or else, he would lose his right to play in any leagues in the future.
  • 10. David Robert Joseph Beckham of England – One of the most famous football players of all generations as even the remotest area in the world knows him. He is considered the face of football globally, but this popularity never goes out without a twin trouble for him. The most alarming controversy happened when he Football Facekicked an opponent’s member while he was already down on the ground during a World Cup. According to him, he did not able to control himself when this player called for foul against him. His personal life was also considered news already as he has a lot of gossips encountered while in the midst of popularity.
  • 09. Nigel De Jong of Netherlands – This player seems to be a martial artist more than a footballer. Once in a friendly game, he injured an American player by his kung fu attack, then he did a karate kick on another player during the World Cup finals which made him on top of the list on the newsmaker category. This incident was actually one of the most talked about material in the industry of sports during that time. The last incident forced him to be disqualified to his team as he double fractured another player during a season game. His martial arts expertise should be left behind the football arena every time he would be participating in a football match.
  • 08. Franck Ribery of France - He is actually a good player when it comes to playing his game but it seems that this is not only his game. he admitted once that he intentionally hurt one of his team mate during a certain tournament. He also had a lot of arguments with his coaches and to some of his co-players. But this is not his most controversial inclination; he was caught engaging to a prostitution den from which he did not deny, instead he narrated that the he has no idea that the “escort service girl” he encountered was of legal age, not knowing that this supposed to be prostitute is underage. Actually, there would be no problem if the girl is 18 or up because this kind of industry in France is legal. But again, the football player needs to follow also the team’s rule which prohibit this kind of engagements.
  • 07. Marco Materazzi of Italy – This player is actually as simple as his simple life every time he was outside the football arena, but sometimes no matter how you evade controversies, it would follow you in whatever way. Marco had made a loud buzz when he was head-butted on the chest by another player which made him fell down. As per the report, the incident happened when he gave an unsolicited opinion about certain relatives who happened to be this player’s special people. But it is more remarkable on how Marco had fallen down rather than the head-butting itself. This incident was one of the most talked about material, in every news program on TV or in newspaper or in the internet or even in every group of people who just wanted to know gossips.
  • 06. Carlos Tevez of Argentina – Though he has no participation on any controversies which involves his personal life, rumors did not evade him as he was involved to many rumors in regards to his football career. His contract with a certain club did not go well during a league because he signed a new contract without the old one lapsing. He transferred from one club to another so frequently and there is an instance that he changed his mind in a very short span of time.
  • 05. Zinedine Zidane of France – This player is considered as one of the best football player of all time. But his reputation deteriorated when he gave an awful head-butt to another player that caused him to fell down. His defense was he just done that because the player had insulted his family and he is not willing to give an apology to that player as he would rather be dead that doing it so. This incident was very controversial because what he did give the opponent’s team a free kick that leads them to win the victory. And so Zidane’s team lost was all blamed to him.
  • 04. Wayne Rooney of England – Well, this player got the talent really inside the football arena, but his temper had to bring him always into trouble. He was always on the news for shouting and blasting opponent’s Sexy girl with football under her fans. But it is not all about this; he was a frequent customer of a massage parlor and was entertained by a prostitute there. Not so distinct past, he was prohibited to play by the FA for a couple of games for screaming foul words into a camera after making a score against an opponent’s team during a tournament.
  • 03. Paul John Gascoigne of England – If there is a list of the worst footballer, this player could never be on the latter part of the list. He was nicknamed Gazza who admitted to be an alcoholic and charged several times for driving while drunk. He also had engaged with destroying a hotel room just for not being contented with the hotel service. He was also charged for carrying an illegal drugs and assaulting a photo man who had just trying to get his picture for reporting purposes. He had been contained a rehabilitation center several times but failed to rehabilitate himself. And worst of them all, he was reported and he admitted actually that he was beating his wife and his children several times.
  • 02. Ashley Cole of England – The only player to be known who had written an autobiography of himself, but garnered not only compliments but also criticisms. This player was a frequent complainant for fouls but he himself doesn’t know how to play clean. He was made very controversial when reports leak that he is sending text messages with his naked body to the girls not his wife and not even his girlfriends. But wait, there’s more, the most controversial of them all was when he shot someone. He was penalized to the fullest extent due to this incident.
  • 01. John Terry of England – We in the, consider John Terry as the most controversial of them all because controversies involved not only himself but also his family. First, his mother together with his mother in law were charged of shoplifting to a certain store, second his father was suspected to be pushing illegal drugs, then his numerous incidents that involve bullying American tourists in a hotel, running over a security guard while going out of the venue of the game and his most controversial inclinations cheating his wife. The worst is that when he was caught having an affair with his co-team mate’s girlfriend. This caused his captaincy be snatched from him during that times.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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