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Asian Culture and Gambling!

It is believed that the Asian Culture is as broad as its civilization. Meaning, Asia is not just as simple as continent that composed of many countries. It is actually a combination of many heritage and ethnicity, not to mention the different societies that evolve historically and the traditions and cultures of course of these many dissimilar nationalities. Las Vegas Casino Hotels on the stripGeographically, this continent is still sub divided so as with its cultural dimensions. But whatever the differences to their beliefs and knowledge, and their differences in religion, their cultures are actually more inclined to each other rather than of course from cultural heritage of other nationality outside Asia. One major difference of these Asian cultures involves religion, many had been argued as to whether what belief is believable and what traditions are to be ignored because it is just myths. And speaking of mythology, Asian history is rich in this kind of features and stories. Besides mythological legends, Asian countries are also rich in celebration of different festivals because as they say that Asian people are really happy humans. Such examples are the well celebrated Chinese New Year which actually is celebrated not only in China, the Dragon Boat Festival of the same nation, the Emperor’s Birthday of Japan and many others. The Philippines was tagged as the Fiesta Capital of Asia because of numerous Fiestas that are celebrated from different municipality of the country. Food and beverage are also a distinct factor in identifying Asian cultures and one major food is the rice that is actually the favorite food of many Asian people. Even in the use of utensils such as chopstick, it varies in the design depending on the country. There are a lot of Asian cultures that are so different from other continents such as to mention a few are the dance, martial arts, food and beverage, languages, festivals, literature, philosophy and religions. Of course they also have a distinct personification of their own form of entertainment such as gambling and other forms of gaming and betting.

Feng Shui of China is also one of the most famous beliefs from Asia that tells the positioning of the house, horoscope and even color combination can tell someone’s destiny, some Asian countries also believe for this specially those nations that are inclined on any way by the Chinese cultures. Arranged marriages have also been the cultural belief of many Asian countries, even today there are still nations that are practicing this beliefs especially in Indian society. Hara-kiri of the Japanese society is also very famous not only on its own nation but to the whole Asia. Hara-kiri is a way of ending your own life whenever someone is in full shame or whatever the purpose is. In South Korea, one of the most famous and distinct identification of their culture is their food, particularly the Kimchi. According to many Korean people, this is the reason of their rapid growth when it comes to economy and nation’s development. They believe that Kimchi would lengthen their lives and add luck to their fortunes.

Revenue is rising in Macau.Asian Gambling!

Macau versus Las Vegas

It is well-known that many of the biggest gambler in the world are from Asia, in fact, the biggest revenue of a business casino is no longer in Las Vegas. It is confirmed that Macau Casino business had already overcome the profit and revenue of the casino business in Las Vegas.

As many Asian people are having their gambling habits and skill brought to the other part of the globe like America and Europe, it is widespread since then that even their gambling cultures are taught to the other citizens of the world. One logical reason is that many Asian countries; especially China strictly prohibits any forms of gambling, unlike many of the westerners that legalize casinos and any form of putting a stake for a series of luck.

But there are arguments why those laws are mandated in China and other nations on Asia because even in the ancient history of these Asian countries, gambling is very accepted and considered as one of their favorite form of entertainment.

DoctorGambling as a Cure

History of some district in Asia believed that gambling is also a help on maintaining their health and would help them enhance their intelligence, but too much gambling can cause insanity. And some part of Asia as per history even consider gambling as part of their celebrations such as wedding, birthday, fiestas and other celebrated occasion.

In ancient China, as one of the richest country in Asia, was even the origin of the oldest board game as a cure to a king’s son sickness. It is believed that this board game would enhance the prince’s weak mind. And up to this date, this game is said to be the enhancer of the brain processes in many ways.

The Evil Lies in Gambling

In the history of Ancient Indian, gambling is also part of their culture and is getting popular during those historical Wartimes, for instance, any games that involve winning by chance is very much explained and shown in one of their Indian epic called “Mahabharata”. The story is about five famous King Brothers who were provoked to gamble by their cousin; one of the brothers accepted the challenged but unfortunately lost many times, he lost not just his wealth but also his kingdom and his brothers’ kingdoms. And one final bet started the war between relatives and caused many deaths among the soldiers of the opposing kingdoms.

The war started when the lost brother put his wife as his final bet to oppose his cousin, but his cousin is so good in gambling and of course, he lost his wife. The wife complains because when the final bet occurred, her husband is no longer king as he already lost his kingdom and has no right to gamble already which actually has a point. So even they lost in gambling, the five brothers put a war against their cousin and so the battle begins.

What Asian Believes in Gambling?

In accordance with the cultures and traditions, Asian gamblers are also rich in myths and beliefs that they always bring with them during gambling time. The following are just some of those that still linger on many Asian gamblers’ mind even in modern times and even in other part of the global outside Asia.

First and most popular is “Feng Shui” of China, this composes of negative versus positive vibrations. Be observant of many clues and signs before starting a gamble. According to them, life’s numerology is also important as this would enhance your luck in gambling. One good example is the hotel room that you would be staying, as per Asian belief, it should have a lucky numbers 3 or 8 and never stay in a hotel room with numbers 4 or 14 as these numbers according to them are unlucky. Before going out for gambling, avoid looking into a monk’s eyes and nun’s face as this would curse you to lose. For males, do not engage to a sexual act before starting a game but for females, this is quite lucky. There is also word that should not be spoken while gambling like the word “books” as this sounds bad luck in Chinese language. And the strangest of all belief is the myth about color, do wear red panty or undergarments before going to gamble as this would eliminate all negative vibrations on the surroundings.

Brass Arowana

Brass Arowana Feng Shui

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