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1. All about Horse Racing!

During the time of the most celebrated celebrities or politician in the world history, there comes a gateway to escape all those intrigues and life-changing drama that is most loved to evade any pains and headaches caused by Adolf Hitler or to just taste another news rather than Franklin Roosevelt. Every corner of the streets are having a television or a radio set enough for the viewers or listeners to cope up with the results being held in a horse racing event. Up to now, some not so urban countries are having these scenarios. This is to imply how popular the game Horse Racing to mankind. It was also the time of war where people are highly down and difficulties in life is flying high on everyone’s life when one hero arises for the people to cheer up and go on with their lives. It was Seabiscuit who admiringly convince people to get together and watch him on his final race, of course Seabiscuit is not the only horse to garner attention from the crowd but also other horses, but what is more important is that Horse Racing is making its wave for the people to forget war and politics during those hard times. Now, Horse racing is one of the most attended sport events in many countries along with baseball and basketball.

Jockey on his horse in a race.

To name a few very popular Horse racing events that are celebrated internationally are as follows:

  1. Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe: One of the most prestigious and the biggest Horse racing event in Europe. Usually held at Longchamp, Paris. This race is open to thoroughbreds horses who aged from 3 years and older. It consist of a 2,400 meters run and usually took place annually every 10th month of the year.
  2. Royal Ascot: One of the leading horse racing event in United Kingdom and includes UK’s 32 annual group 1 horse racing games. This game is based on the British Royal family as the name of the event may imply. The venue of this game was already used twice in a James Bond Film, “A View to a Kill” and “Skyfall”.
  3. The Grand National: this horse racing event is annually held at Liverpool England. Horses on these events run a distance of 4 miles including 16 fences to jump over including the so called “The Chair” that stands 5 feet and 2 inches high and the “Water Jump” with the height of 2 feet and 6 inches. This kind of race is called “handicap Steeplechase”.
  4. Japan Cup: Considered as one of the most prestigious Horse racing event in Japan is the so called Japan Cup. It is actually an invitational event that confirmed from previous winners in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

This also something that built the rapport of Japan to any other countries as this is an International competition for them to give more opportunities for the Japanese Racers to compete with other popular racers from different parts of the world.

Horses and jockeys together in different situations in races.

2. Horse Racing as Technological Innovations!

What else anything under the sun is not taken by the technology to be traced on computer? World Wide Web has a very good view of what is giving them an additional attraction and what would the consumers would love to see online. After casino has invaded the internet, many different kinds of betting options are also introduced especially when it comes to sports book or the undying mechanisms of Bookmaker.

Horse Racing has never been exciting being at the course track, making an arrangement for your wager at the ticket booth and watching your horse running on the field vying for the win is quite thrilling and more adventurous. But the technology has made possible to make Horse Racing more exciting and fun. You can now place a wager on any of the tournament you like all over the world, not just the competition near your residence. After making an account to a certain bookmaker online, you can put your wager online and then watch the race online also, all in the comfort of your own home.

Sportsbetting stamp

3. Betting on Horse Racing!

In an online Horse Racing, there are different types of wagering and these can be known through making a glance on the following terminologies. And these options of wagering can be both applicable to a Course Horse racing and in an Online Horse racing events.

  • Straight Wagers - Punters can place a bet on a single horse. This can be “Win”, the punter only win when his horse finishes on first, “Place” meaning the punter would win if his horse finishes on either first or second and “Show” meaning the punter would win if his horse finishes on either first, second or third.
  • Across the Board – Punters can place their bet on three straight wagers, Win, Place or Show. The punter can redeem the money pot for Place and Show if his horse finishes on first. And can claim the pot for Win and Show if the his horse finishes on second, and can win the money pot for Win and Place if his horse finishes on third.
  • Exotic Wagers – This involves two or more horses on the race and categorized as “Exacta”, meaning your bet is on two horses and should finish first and second exactly. “Trifecta” meaning you places a bet on a certain horse that would win first and another two horses that finish second and third simultaneously. And “Superfecta” meaning the punter placed a bet for horses that would win the first, second, third and fourth placers in exact orders.
  • Daily Double – This wagering option involves two consecutive races, from which the punter would pick a horse that must win for that two consecutive races. It could also “Pick Three” meaning three consecutive races and “Pick Four” which involves four consecutive races. Punters can actually pick more than one horses in any of these wagering options. The more the horses bet, the more chances of winning but also more money wasted if lost.
Horse racing for real with jockeys in competition.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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