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All about Bingo!

Bingo is a game where a player should follow a pattern of a five-column card to match from the called numbers from 1 to 75. Whereas, the card only contains 24 numbers plus the free bonus cell on the middle.

Patterns are actually based on the operator to decide whether the game should be for a warm up game or should be for the championship. Warm Bingo hallup games are usually those patterns that match a triangular or a four corner numbers on the cards, while championship or the final bingo game is usually a blackout game whereas the players should mark all the 24 numbers on the cards. Game proper patterns are usually a straight diagonal or horizontal lines on the card. Prizes also depend on the pattern where the player had matched.

Huge amount of prize is of course acquired from the bingo blackout game. This game is different from any other casino games because your opponents would be all the players playing bingo on the same room.

And the twist of the game is that, the player should shout, yell, scream the word bingo whenever he already had matched a certain pattern to catch the attention of the operator.


On the Mid 16th century, Italy is initializing a game called “Lotto” which is actually still very popular from many different countries not only its reputation of giving very huge amount of prize but also as the only game that is powered and administered by the country’s local government. Lotto is actually an Italian word that defines someone’s’ fate or the A columnar card was invented. This card contains nine columns and 3 rows.chance specially on this game as it uses numbers and definitely a 100% game of chance. Many years after the introduction of this game in Italy, Lotto has became the tip of the tongue of many other countries like France and so a French national modified the game and enhance its playability to other class of society.

During this time, a columnar card was invented. This card contains nine columns and 3 rows. The game should start with someone acting as the announcer who also would draw chips made of wood with numbers 1 to 9o from a container. This will be done one at a time until someone had covered an entire row of his card and would declare himself as a winner by yelling a certain word “beano”. Beano from the word beans, because people of that time are using beans to mark the cards. This kind of game is not really hard to be famous as the entertainment factor is really unexplainable, that is why the spread is like the wind of a typhoon that it reaches even the glamorous and glittering lights of America. And so, the history of Bingo is again developed and up to this date, most of the Bingo games we are playing in any corner of the street, in any boutiques on the mall or even in any online casino that caters Bingo game are mostly based on the Bingo game that has been modified by a certain American Edwin S. Lowe. It was also the beginning of the name Bingo, as it said to be as the game of accidental name because during that time, one of the player that plays with Lowe scream the word Bingo instead of beano by accident. And the rest is history.

The spread of Bingo games did not stop there, as the entertainment that it gives did not only cater the players for fun but soon also used for charities and fund raising for many of the new organizations that wanted to portray a vital role on the developments of their communities. Even Churches and other religious aspect for that matter began to accept and use bingo as their sources of funds.

The Golden Rules!

The rules of the game vary depending on the type of bingo games. In a Bingo Hall game where players are positioned seated in front of stage wherein the caller, the Bingo Electronic Board and the device where the numbered balls are to be drawn are placed, the game would be starting after all the players are ready to play and had bought necessary The caller with a number in a bingo depending on them on how many they can play every set of games. In an online Bingo game, the game automatically begins after the player had purchased a number of cards and clicks the button “play”. After the caller had announced the first drawn ball, the player is no longer liable to buy tickets until the game for the set had finished.

Talking about a hall Bingo game, the objective of the game is to form a pattern pre-determined by the Bingo operator for the player to match with the numbers in the cards. The first player to match the pattern set by the game master should yell the word “Bingo” getting the attention of the number caller so that the caller should stop drawing another ball to avoid another potential winner. The caller would announce to all the players that there is a possible one winner but the players should not yet erase all the marked number on their cards unless that possible winner would be declared a confirmed winner. Someone from the operators would run to the player to verify if the card won is valid and registered from their own manufactured cards through a serial number on the card. If the card is valid, the operator who validates the card would then read all the marked number on the winning card and the caller would check if the number read is confirmed drawn. If all the numbers on a certain pattern on the winning card are checked and valid, the caller would announce the player as a confirmed winner and all the other players should ready for another set of game. The winner should keep his winning card and would be instructed to proceed to a certain place from the hall to claim his prize. The winner may choose to claim the prize instantly or he may wait until all the sets of games are done. It is his call.

In an online Bingo game, the rules depend on the website, there are bingo websites that would ask the player first to buy bingo cards for every set of games and there are also website that would only require the player to a one time deposit, a certain amount and can already play all the set of bingo games for a particular scheme.

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