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Absolutely Motocross!

What’s this all about?

Motocross is actually a competition of motorcycle racing. Usually celebrated in a place where riders can actually drive their big bike without speed limit. This contest can be participated by anyone provided they have driver’s license. This can be joined by any individual regardless of gender, age and ethnicity depending on the patterned rules of the organizers. This can also be held on any season of the year whatever the weather is.

Big motorcycle.

The Rules!

There are actually variations on the rules depending on the company or group that would sponsor or facilitate the competition, but what would we consider is something like in general terms so that the writer would avoid disclosing any decisions from different motocross organizers. We would like to reiterate that this rules may change without any notice from the writer and the website management has no inclination for this article for whatsoever purposes.

Different rules may vary in accordance with the following criteria;

1. Riders’ Professional Status – this may be classified based on how frequent the riders are joining such competition. If the rider has won several awards during the previous contest, he may join the class a motocross competition competing with the other winners, let’s say from the top 5 other winners of the same previous contest and from Motorcyclewinners of the past contest relatively in the same category. Other classes of the contest may include amateurs, new riders, participants of the previous contest who did not win and or those riders who just won a competition but only for fun and entertainment.

2. Age – There are organizers that are very strict when it comes to the age matter, it depends on the age of the riders on what category they would be belong if ever they are allowed to compete. For example on the amateur’s motocross contest, the age should be at least 16 provided the rider must possess a driver’s license. For some organizers who planted a motocross competition for the youth, the qualifying age should be counted during the date of the competition, so if the rider for instance is aged 15 but his birthday is April 16 and the date of the competition is April 17, the rider is not qualified because the qualifying age is 16. But if let us say the rider is already aged 21 and the date of the contest is April 17, and his birthday is April 16, he would also not be qualified for the contest because the qualifying age is 16 to 21. In this case, the rider must advance to the other competition from his age would qualify for the contest.

3. Kind of Motor – There are organizers that classify the competition depending on the kind of machine that the rider would be using. For instance, eligible machines had not been modified by any chance or any parts. Also, the production dates are important. 2013 manufactured motors would only compete with the other 2013 manufactured brands. 2014 produced motors can be used to any of the competitions. Some organizers also consider the model of a motor for a particular contest, so all the same brands model will only allowed to compete with each other.

4. Registration – This is very important as the organizers would critically split all the criteria of the different competitions and would base the contestants on the details that they would register. Some organizers want the riders under age 18 would be accompanied by parents upon registration and would sign a waiver for their kids. Proof of age document is necessary and mandatory for some contest officials. Some organizers wanted also a proof of the riders with no case or whatsoever violation on the road while driving. And some even wanted the riders to buy some transponder before finalizing registration to be able to join the contest. And after all the evaluation of the requirements and the registration is marked as good to compete, the riders must submit their machines to the organizers for some inspection.

5. Contest Proper – how to start the contest would depend on the organizer’s discretion, there would be some factors of consideration on the contest proper, such as the first qualifier gate would be based on a raffle electronically and the concluding qualifier gate would be based on the result of the first one’s position. Riders are not allowed to have any means of communication especially in the middle of the rides and communication between riders during the contest is strictly prohibited. This is to avoid verbal attack as this is also not allowed. Putting others on danger whether it is another rider, officials or just a watcher would automatically disqualify the rider. Riders would be reprimanded also by the accident caused by a lost thread machines or a motor with problems during the contest. Dirty tactics are also strictly prohibited such as intentional blocking and the likes.

6. Winners – First, the finish line should be very clear and light for the riders to quickly notice even while driving. The contest proper would automatically be finished when all the riders had all finished the final lap with a checkered flag raised by the winner.

7. Scoring – Riders would gain score every lap that are completed. It is not actually necessary for the riders to complete all the laps up to the final lap to gain points. Any rider who start the contest but had not finish a single lap is considered DNF or “did not finish” tag while any rider who already had registered and considered a contestant but had not reported for joining would be considered DNS or “did not stage” tag.

Famous Motocross Competitions!

1. FIM Motocross World Championship – FIM or
“Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisne” was the organizer of this competition. It is actually the leading of all championship when it comes to motocross contest. FIM Motocross World Championship has actually three diverse categories, the MX1, MX2 and the MX3. The differences between them involve the number of laps.

2. British Motocross Championship – also known as the MAXXIS ACU British Motocross Championship was annually sponsored by the MAXXIS of course which was owned and managed by the Taiwanese. This is actually the main motocross competition in UK. Its classes include MX1, MX2 and MXY2. As per the history, this contest was started after World War 1.

3. AMA Motocross Championship – This contest is organized and maintained by the MX Sports Pro Racing and authorized by the American Motorcyclist Association making it the prime motocross contest in the United States of America. The three latest National champions for three different categories are Chad Reed who used a Suzuki for 450 class, Ryan Dungey who used a KTM Machine for 250 Class and Ashley Fiolek who used a Honda Machine for Women’s MX Division.

Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
Copyright ©

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