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Blue dicesA Trivia about Dice!

There are different speculations as to where these tiny things really came from, some speculate that Dice originated from the Greek as per the Greek Poet, some believed that during the Trojan War, Dice were accidentally created, meaning without really the intention of creating a dice.

Around 400BC, some also say that it was created by Lydians Minor of Asia. But there are also studies that even before during those eras, dice have already been visible, some 6000BC from an Egyptian Pyramid by a prominent Archeologist who was able to provide proof that dice’s existence is immeasurable in length when it comes to date.

In this article, we would not reiterate as to when and how Dice has become and who invented them. We would just want to give reader a little bit of knowledge on what historical and archeological cultures have molded and created this slightly reliable thing called dice.

  1. Fortuna the Goddess of Luck, Daughter of Zeus is known to gamblers as the Lady Luck believed to be the controller of the dice result even during the Greek Mythology. As dice was the only way to determine who would rule a certain world during the Greek God’s times. It was actually the Dice who decided Hades to be the King of the Underworld, Hephaestus to be the God of Fire, Poseidon to be the God of the sea and so on and so forth.
  2. Seeds of the Fruits, Sea and Nut Shells, Flat sticks or Pebbles are the most common materials to be able to achieve a result of any probability during the ancient times. It is believed that those things are also used by the ancient faith healers to get acquainted with death, to talk to the dead people and to see things in the future. Ancient doctors are able to know what sickness dropped to someone by throwing these things and would be able to know the cure by throwing another one after.
  3. Knucklebones of the Sheep begins to be the main and major enterprise during the Greek times as the Dice during that times is made up of knucklebones. There is part of these animal bones that is four sided and six sided dices, these are called Tali and Tesserae respectively. Probably until the 18th and 19th century, any dice games that are known to modern times can be called Rolling the Bones. Any wealth or assets can be played through a dice game as a bet or stake or even sometimes a wife. These animal bones can also be the determining factor whether a certain man or woman can be your slave, or can be your husband or wife.
  4. Richard the Lion Heart, King of England is believed to be gambling some castle as a stake on a dice game, though this speculation was not fully supported, some historians still is eager to insist that this is not just a rumor and reiterated that this really exists in the King’s history. Another King is from Ireland, Henry VIII was said to gamble the historical bell of the St. Paul Church for a single throw of a dice. Even on Asia during the ancient times, Dice would play a vital role on the people’s journey to life, ancient Chinese are throwing a dice usually made up of Ivory into a pot for them to be able to evade any bad spirits to come.
  5. In America, there is one instance that a dice which is made from an animal bone has been found in one of the forts that is used as headquarters of the soldiers during the American Civil War. This fort is actually used by two opponents of the war in a particular series of times.
  6. A particular throw of a dice has also became the reason that triggers a war in an Ancient India Civilization. The possession of a certain Kingdom of Hastinapura was based by a dice game between Kauravas against Yudhisthira.
  7. There is a game of Dice that actually has figures of Superheroes from Marvels which are placed inside the dice. This game is called Battle Dice.
  8. Dice is a Latin word meaning Datum, or gatherings of data.
  9. There are several hundred of games that can be played with Dice and the number one on the list is the ever famous casino game which is Craps.
  10. There are also movies that used Dice game as part of the story and some of them are gangster movies, most of the time, the characters are huddled around and throwing the dice to the wall which begins the action.
  11. The most popular movie with a dice game is Jumanji.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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