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2016 Summer Olympics

Once again, more or less 12,000 athletes all over the globe would have to meet up together again to showcase what they’ve got. Most of them would travel thousands of miles to represent their own nations hoping that they could bring home an honor. Almost 250 nations would target the same goal as the others, would unite to be one to celebrate the day of triumph. “To go for the gold” would be everyone’s motto during the time. believed that this international sporting event would definitely give the athletes the opportunity to make or break their sporting careers.

But it is not actually the winning is more important, yes, it would make their country proud but what is more valuable is the experience of a lifetime that once in your life, you had competed to the most significant and most prestigious sports competition in the world. 2016 Summer Olympics which would be tagged as the Games of XXXI Olympiad would still be the official global multi-sport competition in line with the celebration of the Sports Olympics that are held every four years. It is actually an alternate between Winter Olympics which was held just recently at Sochi Japan 2014 and the Summer Olympics that we had experienced last 2012. 2016 Summer Olympics would have the hosting city for the first time in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

This is the first time that this big event would be celebrated in a South American country and also the first time that would be held in a non-capital city and would be hosted for the first time by a Portuguese speaking country. It is believed that because it would have so many first time, it would be as exciting as playing the competitions itself. But Rio de Janeiro did not get their greatest opportunity by just showing the city to the officials of Olympic Games, the process of getting the chance of hosting this big and broad event is compared to finding a needle in a farm of grasses, not as easy as preparing a hot cake or just having a cycling exercise in the neighborhood, it is actually competing with the other applicant nations to host the event, your city would have to be the best during the bidding session. With all the requirements and criteria that your city would have to meet, it is not simple to convince the board of jurors that your city would be the best city to host this most prestigious event.

But for Rio de Janeiro, it is not just having the opportunity to become the host city of the event, it is not just showing the world that their city could be as beautiful and mesmerizing as the event itself, it is not just promoting their city to a more tourism opportunities and it is not just creating an additional investment to boost their economic status, it is actually giving athletes of the world the chance to showcase themselves in a city that would never abandon them, it is actually providing the sportsmen and sportswomen of the world to live their passion in the city that is living the most passionate love to sports, the Rio de Janeiro city as their tag to the event “Live your Passion”.

1. The Process of Application!

2016 Summer Olympics legitimately open its table for application on the 16th of May 2007, 9 years before the official event would occur. One main proof that the process is not simple to take but the complication would just parallel the prize to become the host city of this most prestigious sports event internationally. The initial way in the process is for the city to propose a formal application to host the event to the authority that handles the bidding process of the event, the International Olympic Committee or the IOC. The deadline of submission of the application was on the 13th of September 2007, four months after the announcement of the opening for application.

During the initial application, IOC would provide them forms and documents of bidding files to be filled up by the applying cities. This form given to the applying cities contained 25 questions relevant to their city and some important requirements to prove that the city deserves to host the event and the deadline of submission of this form would be on the 14th of January the preceding year. IOC would evaluate all the forms and questionnaires thoroughly and would pick the four most deserving cities to be the finalists for hosting the event. On the 4th of June 2008, four cities were chosen to further convince IOC their capabilities of hosting this most anticipated sports event internationally.

These four probable host cities would have the chance of a lifetime to further promote tourism not only to their own country but to the whole world. Chicago which is a state of America was chosen for the first time as one of the finalist, though there are already states in America that hosted Summer Olympics like St. Louis on 1904, Los Angeles on 1932 and 1984 and Atlanta on 1996. Second finalist was Madrid of Spain. Madrid was chosen as one of the finalist for the first time also but Spain already had a city that hosted Summer Olympic Games, Barcelona on 1992. The third finalist was Tokyo of Japan which already had experienced hosting the event on 1940 but was cancelled due to World War II and 1964. The fourth finalist would have been Doha of Qatar scoring much higher than the fifth placer Rio de Janeiro, but Doha was out of line because of their intention of holding 2016 Summer Olympics on October 2016 which is out of schedules for IOC.

Therefore Doha was out and Rio de Janeiro was in. There were also states and cities that almost did it to the finals but due to some unavoidable circumstances were out of the shortlists like Baku and Prague. After the selection of the four shortlist finalist, representatives from IOC would visit the four cities for ocular for further evaluation of the venues that the Summer Olympics would take place. These representatives would make a thorough report analysis and would submit this to the other voting personnel of the IOC. Then on their final collaboration and brainstorming, all the officials and members of the IOC would cast their final vote for the selection of the final city that would host 2016 Summer Olympics.

2. The Host City!

On its 121st Session which was held in Copenhagen Denmark on the 2nd of October 2009, International Olympic Committee made the most important announcement in regards with the celebration of the 2016 Summer Olympics, which will be held from the 5th of August to the 21st of August 2016, the announcement of the winner from which the event would be hosted.

It was Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. Almost 35 venues for different events would be prepared for the competitions, but most of the contest would be in Barra da Tijuca and from three other areas, Copacabana, Deodoro and Maracana. 10 Evaluation Commission members headed by Nawal El Moutawakel of Morocco did the ocular for the four finalist cities for further inspections on the mid of 2009 and exactly a month before the 121st session of the IOC, these commission members submitted a detailed and analytical assessment in document forms for the IOC members to be the basis of their elections that on their 121st session. Before the final notations, IOC released a memo as a reminder to all parties regarding the restrictions and prohibitions of the finalist cities that would in any way affect the personal beliefs and decisions of the voting members. These prohibitions include the communication between the finalist cities to any of the IOC members and an invitation to the voting jurors to visit their country is also prohibited.

The four cities are not allowed to send any form of freebies or anything that would be considered as gifts to the IOC members. But these four cities are permitted to spend budget that would unintentionally persuade each member of the board of judges to select their city. They are also allowed to provide a program that would seek support from their own citizens, sports enthusiasts who are known globally and promotion programs that would win the sympathy of international media. And so, final selection of the hosting city was held on the 2nd of October 2009 in Copenhagen of Denmark. There were three rounds of the election process; the first round favored Madrid of Spain with 28 votes followed by Rio de Janeiro of Brazil with 26 votes. Third place was Tokyo of Japan with 22 votes and lastly Chicago with 18 votes making it eliminated on the second round. The second round of election gave Rio de Janeiro a mesmerizing 46 votes making it number one on the second round of election. Second was Madrid with 29 votes and lastly Tokyo with 2o votes and being the last would be a disqualifying factor for Tokyo on the third and final round of the election.

The final battle would be between Madrid and Rio de Janeiro and the tally favored Rio de Janeiro with 66 votes far behind from the opposing city Madrid with 32 votes only. It seemed that the winning city got all the promotions and ads that had help the city to be chosen by 115 voters. Therefore, Rio de Janeiro was announced as the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics on August 5 to August 21 of 2016.

3. Rio de Janeiro!

River of January is the English translation, meaning overflowing of chances and opportunities. This is Rio de Janeiro or simply Rio, the capital city of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is populated more or less 6.5 million people and counting making it one of the largest in the midst of America. Rio was founded by the Portugal citizens making it Portuguese speaking state on 1565. Rio became the capital of the state of Brazil on 1793. Rio de Janeiro was once the selected house for Queen Maria I when the Royal court of the Portuguese transferred to Brazil on 1808. Rio was raised to become a kingdom in partial portion of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves on 1815. But despite of the leveling up of the nation, Rio de Janeiro remained as being the capital of the Pluri-continental Lusitanian Monarchy. And the history of Rio was being so broad and many other significant sub stories are written and documented. Nowadays, Rio was always featured in many entertainment forms especially in movies because of its natural settings. In fact, it was now included in the new 7 wonders of the world, the giant statue called “Christ the Redeemer” which was located in Corcovado Mountain.

Rio had also the Maracana Stadium which is considered as one of the largest football stadium in the world. All the beautiful beaches can also be found on this state that is why Rio de Janeiro became one of the most visited cities of the southern hemisphere because of many reasons, carnival celebrations, the ever famous Samba and Bossa Nova and the many beautiful beaches. Aside from the giant statue and the largest football stadium, Rio de Janeiro is also known for some globally popular land marks such as the “Sambodromo” a stable grandstand-lined spectacle boulevard which is utilized every Carnival celebration and Sugarloaf Mountain or the “Pao de Acucar”, it is known for its cable car rides that is one of the most significant tourist spot of the city. Rio is also known when it comes to technological and scientific research center because of its many universities and institutions. Thousands of students from different nations are taking their degrees of expertise on Rio’s universities.

And because of all these natural settings and international popularity, major international sports events had been celebrated already in Rio de Janeiro like 2013 World Youth Journey, the 2007 Pan American Games, the FIFA World Cup of 1950 and the FIFA Confederations Cup of 2013 which was held at Maracana Stadium. Rio will also be hosting the much anticipated 2014 FIFA World Cup. And finally, on the 5th of August to the 21st of August 2016, Rio de Janeiro would be the hosting state of the most prestigious sporting event in the world, the 2016 Summer Olympics. And after this giant event, Rio would no longer be the same Rio as ever because it will burst out all its potential to the world and after the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro would become one of the most important state in the world.

4. Issues and concerns!

Well anything under the sun faces some problems and shortcomings, many of them sometimes affect the result or resulted to more serious problems. But they say that there is always a solution to any problem. still believed that prevention is always the best solution, which is why we reiterate that it is better to address to a probable problem though it is not yet happening than making a solution to a problem that had been occurred already from which that damages are already been faced. One of the major issues that Rio de Janeiro would face in accordance with the celebration of the 2016 Summer Olympics is the issues of security that the country had been experiencing. Crime situation in Rio had been questioned as not so long while the application process is ongoing, there is also an ongoing drug wars from which a helicopter in the side of the police had been shot down resulting for the pilot to die. But this concern was brought actually by the Mayor of Rio during the application process so that IOC could not put the blame solely to the authorities of Rio.

One more thing, It was also brought up to the committee that during the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the host city London also faced security problems because there was a terrorists attacks during the day it was announced that London would be hosting the event. But London had celebrated 2012 Summer Olympics without any harms and problems. Despite of the crime rates that Rio is having right now, IOC is still confident that the National, Regional and Local authorities of the state could do something that would help reduce the crime rates on the city. Of course, security is one of the most important aspects of any events whether it is for sports or entertainment especially if the participants are from all over the world and would gather to a common place to just compete and join the event. But the committee would also have to give chances to those experiencing bad situation but willing to develop and transform the place to a friendly significant venue.

And Rio de Janeiro already had plans to attend to this security issues which helped convince IOC officials to select their city to take the opportunity of hosting this very big event. In fact, these plans are very effective during the past many years and it has been reported that crime rates in Rio de Janeiro had its lowest ever since these plans had been implemented. And all major events that took place on this city had been delivered without any reports of violence and crime. Therefore, IOC along with the NOC of Rio de Janeiro are promising the public, the participants and the sports enthusiasts that they would give them the best of effort to celebrate 2016 Summer Olympics. They were all optimistic that this most prestigious sport event 2016 Summer Olympic would be another milestone in the history of sports in the world.

5. The Games!

With a lot of brainstorming and reviews, it is finally decided that 2016 Summer Olympic Games would attribute a sports programs featuring 28 sports, 41 disciplines and 306 events as follows; (most number of events to the least)

  • Athletics with 47 events
  • Swimming with 34 events
  • Shooting with 15 events
  • Weightlifting with 15 events
  • Artistic Gymnastic with 14 events
  • Rowing with 14 events
  • Judo with 14 events
  • Freestyle Wrestling with 12 events
  • Boxing with 13 events
  • Sprint Canoeing with 12 events
  • Sailing with 10 events
  • Track Cycling with 10 events
  • Fencing with 10 events
  • Diving with 8 events
  • Taekwondo with 8 events
  • Tennis with 5 events
  • Badminton with 5 events
  • Road Cycling with 4 events
  • Slalom Canoeing with 4 events
  • Table Tennis with 4 events
  • Synchronized Swimming with 2 events
  • Water Polo with 2 events
  • Football with 2 events
  • Basketball with 2 events
  • Volleyball with 2 events
  • Beach Volleyball with 2 events
  • Tennis with 5 events
  • BMX Cycling with 2 events
  • Mountain Biking with 2 events
  • Dressage Equestrian with 2 events
  • Eventing Equestrian with 2 events
  • Jumping Equestrian with 2 events
  • Field Hockey with 2 events
  • Golf with 2 events
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics with 2 events
  • Trampoline Gymnastics with 2 events
  • Handball with 2 events
  • Modern Pentathlon with 2 events
  • Rugby Sevens with 2 events
  • Triathlon with 2 events

6. An Overview of the Past Summer Olympics!

2012 Summer Olympics

2012 Summer Olympics had been hosted by London; Olympic Park in East London was the center of the event. A lot of major venues are just near the area like the Olympic Stadium, Basketball Arenas, Handball Arenas, Velodrome, Aquatic center and BMC circuit. Here are the results of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games Medal Tally.

  • 10. Australia with 7 gold, 16 silvers and 12 bronze totaling 35 medals.
    9. Hungary with 8 gold, 4 silvers and 6 bronze totaling 18 medals.
    8. Italy with 8 gold, 9 silvers and 11 bronze totaling 28 medals.
    7. France with 11 gold, 11 silvers and 12 bronze totaling 34 medals.
    6. Germany with 11 gold, 19 silvers and 14 bronze totaling 44 medals.
    5. South Korea with 13 gold, 8 silvers and 7 bronze totaling 28 medals.
    4. Russia with 24 gold, 25 silvers and 32 bronze totaling 81 medals.
    3. Great Britain with 29 gold, 17 silvers and 19 bronze totaling 65 medals.
    2. China with 38 gold, 27 silvers and 23 bronze totaling 88 medals.
    1. United States with 46 gold, 29 silvers and 29 bronze totaling of 104 medals.

2008 Summer Olympics

The Games of the XXIX Olympiad was the official tag of the 2008 Summer Olympics. The host city of this event is none other than Beijing China. It was held from the 8th of August to the 24th of August 2008. Almost 11 thousand sportsmen and sportswomen from 204 countries competed on this event. Here is the medal tally of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

  • 10. France with 7 gold, 16 silvers and 18 bronze totaling 41 medals.
    9. Italy with 8 gold, 9 silvers and 10 bronze totaling 27 medals.
    8. Japan with 9 gold, 6 silvers and 10 bronze totaling 25 medals.
    7. South Korea with 13 gold, 10 silvers and 8 bronze totaling 31 medals.
    6. Australia with 14 gold, 15 silvers and 17 bronze totaling 46 medals.
    5. Germany with 16 gold, 10 silvers and 15 bronze totaling 41 medals.
    4. Great Britain with 19 gold, 13 silvers and 15 bronze totaling 47 medals.
    3. Russia with 23 gold, 21 silvers and 29 bronze totaling 73 medals.
    2. United States with 36 gold, 38 silvers and 36 bronze totaling 110 medals.
    1. China with 51 gold, 21 silvers and 28 bronze totaling 100 medals.

2004 Summer Olympics

Games of the XXVIII Olympiad were the tag of the 2004 Summer Olympics. The host of this event is none other than the city that hosted the very first Summer Olympics, the 1896 Summer Olympics. Athens of Greece called 2004 Summer Olympics as the “Welcome Home” event. It occurred from the 13th of August to the 29th of August 2004. Almost 11 thousand sportsmen and sportswomen competed for almost 301 medal events in 28 sports. The medal tally of the 2004 Summer Olympics is as follows;

  • 10. Great Britain with 9 gold, 9 silvers and 12 bronze totaling 30 medals.
    9. South Korea with 9 gold, 12 silvers and 9 bronze totaling 30 medals.
    8. Italy with 10 gold, 11 silvers and 11 bronze totaling 32 medals.
    7. France 11 gold, 9 silvers and 13 bronze totaling 33 medals.
    6. Germany with 13 gold, 16 silvers and 20 bronze totaling 49 medals.
    5. Japan with 16 gold, 9 silvers and 12 bronze totaling 37 medals.
    4. Australia with 17 gold, 16 silvers and 17 bronze totaling 50 medals.
    3. Russia with 28 gold, 26 silvers and 36 bronze totaling 90 medals.
    2. China with 32 gold, 17 silvers and 14 bronze totaling 63 medals.
    1. United States with 36 gold, 39 silvers and 26 bronze totaling 101 medals.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen
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