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  • boasts one of the world's largest online casino, online poker and online bingo game listings. All gambling sites listed on have been tried and tested and we give each site marks out of 10.
  • What we do at online casinos listed on award free bonus cash of more than 10,000 Euros.
    The online poker rooms listed on also give out a total of 5000 Euro in bonuses to new online poker players.
  • reviews the biggest bookmakers on the Internet. If a bookmaker is represented and reviewed on , you can be sure there is also an option to play online casino and online poker games in addition to the traditional bookmaker sports games. This is one of the criteria the bookmakers are selected on.
  • reviews the best online bingo sites.
  • The portal is updated daily.
  • Security is our highest priority. In practice this means that we will always help you if, despite our expectations, you experience problems with one of the gambling sites that links to here on the website. Write to "" and we will help solve any issues. Or you can write about it to , Click here
  • Why are you called (or Well we have to be called something! In the beginning, the aim was to become a comprehensive online casino listing, but since then online poker rooms, online bingo sites and bookmakers have also made their way to our listing, because all of them now provide games for pretty much everything.
  • Which online casino, which online poker room, which online bingo room and which bookmaker do recommend? Pick a gambling site from our games listing , Click here (Hint: Use the marks out of 10 as a guide when choosing)
  • I would like to know more.. If you have any questions about an online casino, online poker room, online bingo room or a bookmaker on the Internet, you can ALWAYS contact us via the email addresses below. You will receive a reply within 24 hours.
  • Please send general enquiries to

Just a few words about us

An online gambling portal is a website that provides not only a series of online gambling sites but also some very important information that may regards to online gambling in particular and in online betting in general. This may include of course aside from the traditional casino games such as Poker, baccarat, slots, blackjack, roulette and a lot more, this may also include online betting on sports games such as Soccer, basketball, tennis, boxing, swimming and etc. A good online gambling portal also provides tips and techniques that would probably educate the readers to broaden their knowledge on whatever games they wanted to incline themselves. Their objectives shouldn’t be limited on how to persuade probable players to register in an online casino and create an account and deposit.

Part of the website should be about social responsibility and their portion to help the readers in maintaining a balance life between entertainment and fun to natural responsibility. Trustworthy, responsibleness and being true to their reviews are some but important attributes of a good gambling portal. Giving false hopes to the players are strictly prohibited; announcing unnecessary advertisements that are not approved by the online casino affiliates may lead to issues and troubles. And most specially, it is not about profit, not about the amount that the website can claim from the affiliates and most importantly not about pursuing an effective way of persuasion to invite people to play, it is about giving instruction on responsible playing, it is about helping the players be more knowledgeable about the games or sports, it is about educating the people about time management, money management and control and most specially, it is about discipline of course these are besides fun and entertainment. A good online casino portal is not just a portal for online casino, it is an Encarta on betting, it is a Google for fun and entertainment and last but not the least, it is a Webster for discipline and self control. is an online casino portal which enlisted not only those top caliber online casinos in the world of online gaming but also provides many up to date data and knowledgeable facts regarding anything that involves online casino games, online betting on sports and many others such as sports personalities, online gambling relevant articles and even social matters when it comes to online gaming.

The website’s vision is to acknowledge and parallel the innovations and styles of different forte in accordance with online gambling. Its mission is to provide an honest to goodness online casino websites to the players. Rest assured that all the online gambling sites that can be followed and played through are tested, reviewed and approved by the tasteful quality staff of this portal. All of the games on the websites that are listed are personally tried by the editor of this website himself. He is not just making a review on all of them but also coordinates with the operator of the reviewed site for further suggestions and commentaries. There are also highlights that are made to emphasize what is best website as perceived by the editor. also serves as a catalogue building a rapport between the online casino operators and the players, to Bingo lovers, to bookmaker enthusiasts and to online poker addicts.

This portal believed that there are a lot of crooks out there that are just waiting for their victims specially the neophytes in the world of online gambling. Enough reason for the players to read reviews first before indulging into any online casino website. But if the players play with any of the websites affiliated with this portal, it can be assured that security, honesty and transparency are visible. No website on this portal can cheat about the odds; no one among them would even try not to award the winnings as this is a mortal sin for them.

And most importantly, this portal has been reviewing websites since 1997 and had already selected the best among the best and included them on their listings. But before doing that, this portal had set a criteria and factors of considerations in analyzing and judging each and every online casino website that has been reviewed and this includes bonuses, user-friendliness, and simplicity of the web design, clarity of the instructions and most importantly the honesty and commitment to its valued players. It is also important with the editors and writers of this portal about the articles that are posted which are mostly based on a comprehensive research and analysis to further elaborate some facts about the matter. The articles are updated and from time to time, there is always something new to read which is very entertaining and educational at the same time. This is in part of the website’s social responsibility and its way of combining fun and entertainment with a good purpose. But still the main objective of is to provide excellent listings of the best of the best online casino websites.

The Analysis!

First, is obviously quite a nerd style of design as it emphasizes the listings of the updated articles. Very informative as well as very entertaining, the texts are clear and to add excitement was the inclusion of some visuals that are actually relevant to the topic. What’s outstanding about the front page is about an inspiring video that tackles some strategies in advertising, it is called “The Power of Words”. The essence of that particular taped video is that, the more creative wordings can persuade more people to respond. The operator of the website seemed to be very informative, with the mission of educating its readers, providing a lot of information that could be very beneficial to the readers. It is also obvious that the articles and reading materials are well versed and critically analyzed by the editor. The lower part of the page is the best among the best online casino websites that are graded with different criteria. It is not just persuading the probable players to register and deposit an account to play but assuring them that the fun and entertainment that they are about to experience is worthwhile and returned. Some of the stories are represented by visuals that are personally chosen by the editor to elaborate more the deeper meaning of every article. If the surfer is not really an online gambling enthusiast, that reader would think that the website is more on educational and informative rather than an online casino portal. But this is actually what the operator would like to project, more than gambling and betting, more than fun and entertainment, its social responsibility is to take care the players and the readers morally, spiritually and most of all with principle and conviction. There are articles like “Time Management” and “Money Management” which cannot be found on any other online casino portal probably because it may interrupt or stop the clients to play but not only included them on the list of articles but even emphasized for the benefits of the players as the operators feel that this is their moral obligations to the players. The visuals are simple but meaningful, every picture tells thousand of words and even sometimes more understandable that the texts. The rules and every processes of the games are also on the list of articles which actually the number one necessity of any portal that involves gaming and betting. Written in the simplest way to better elaborate and explain the consequences and premises, these rules are also to help the players knowledgeable about the games. The listings of the online casinos are chronologically arranged for the players to easily identify which online casino could help them improve the fun while they are playing. Reviews and comments are also attached to every online casino listed to show more visibility on the strengths and weaknesses of the websites not to be biased among many other online casinos. The reviews are purely based on experiences and some other reviews of the other players.


There is lot of reasons why players would use as their portal in playing through online casinos;

  1. All the online casinos listed on this website are surely commendable because of good reputations, credibility and fairness. Critically reviewed and analyzed by the editor himself through self-experience and trials. Majority of the reviews are positive and likable, though loopholes and criticisms are very minimal, still attended by to report and coordinate with the online casino operators to make suggestions in improving more the online casino website.
  2. Hundreds of valuable articles are presented related either to the rules and regulations of the games, histories and legends about the games, personalities and celebrities who are involved in gaming, different cultures and nations and their relevance to gambling, movies, music and proverbs that involved gambling and sports and many others. The number of articles is still counting as more interesting and updated articles are coming. Actually, with the articles listed on, anyone can use the website as a research material.
  3. One of the best thing that the website wants to portray is that this online casino portal is not only after the commission that they can take from the online casinos, one of the main objective of is to provide a socially relevant fun and entertainment and a moral and social responsibilities through educating the players about the advantage and disadvantages of being attached to gambling. The importance of self discipline in engaging oneself into gambling and avoiding being addicted to it.
  4. It is best that there is an online casino portal that is willing to take charge of answering issues and complaints though the real casino involved was just the affiliated one. Meaning, is willing to answer some queries about all the casinos that are listed on the website. If there is a problem between the players and the operators of any bookmaker or online bingo or online poker operator, this online casino portal can be a bridge or liaison to solve whatever the problem would be.
Edited by Henrik Jørgensen

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