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Financial Betting is no different from any other games on the casino, whether it is land-based or an online casino game. Just like any other games on the world of gaming industry, financial betting has its own rule and patterns. Financial Betting also involves a thorough analysis on how the game would be played. Though a lot of things also differ, like the involvement of luck to most of the games on the casino, such as Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps or Baccarat, Financial Betting more tackles on how would the player would analyze the movement of the Financial Market for a certain given time. Predominantly, the players specially the beginners would just simply predict what it would be, whether it increases or decreases but an expert Financial Betting player would have a critical analysis on the patterns on how the trading market would flow. Of course, we are not saying that the player should be an economist to be able to predict how the financial market would move. On the contrary, even economist could not say if the financial market deteriorates or would burst as high as the heaven to a particular point of time.

Financial Betting delimits the power of economic knowledge whether it is global or for a particular nation that is involves in the United Nation’s report of fact in accordance with this matter. And for the player to be able to get a hint or achieve a clue to embrace the idea of the following result of the trader, the player must have not only the guts to throw an asset or even the entire wealth that he possessed, but also needs a psychological courage and hardness slapped into his mind to accept the fact that it is not really Christmas everyday on his life. Meaning, a harsh decision would either make or break someone’s life to an instant.

Fortunately, there are some approaches that this website would like to share to everybody for them to analyze and learn before engaging more deeply into this kind of endeavor. As we believe that no one is more prepared into a battle of war with lots of weapon than having all the knowledge about the opponents, its weakness and strength would probably support the warrior’s plan on how to win this battle. Same approach with Financial Betting, players must know all the factors to be considered in engaging himself into it before putting a single amount as bet to initialize his predictions regarding the financial market movement. First and foremost, we can definitely say that the flow of the financial market industry for a particular scheme cannot be predicted, whether if it is just for the next five minutes, next hour, next day or even next month. Because we believe that the factors that push or pull the financial market movement is also not constant, in short, all the factors that caused the movement of the economy is also moving. It is at this point that we would like to introduce to all the leaders some approaches that are relevant to Financial Betting. This would probably add if not complete the weapons of the warrior in a battlefield of Financial Betting.


Fixed Odds Betting Approach:

This is the approach where a player can put a bet in a pre-determined arrangement for various financial markets in a series of time brackets. Fixed Odds Financial Betting is predicting the outcome of a certain financial market by series or by consecutive scheme, whether for every five minutes, every hour or every day. In short, this approach is just one constant odd in a series of financial market outcome. Of course, the betting is still about on what would be the movement of the financial market on the time that the player had put the bet, either it is going up for a series of time brackets or falling down on the same given time.

Example of this approach; putting a bet of about 10 Euros to three different schemes such as 8:00 – 9:00 – 10:00 for a positive outcome of the financial market for a certain date. This is 30 Euros in total. The Fixed Odd Financial Betting could also be not consecutive, such as from 8:00 – 9:00, 11:00 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 16:00 hrs. Every five minutes bet is also allowable and even daily changes on the movement. For instance, player would bet 5 Euros for the fact that the US dollar would increase its value against the Philippine peso for the next three hours, 8:00 – 9:00 – 10:00. Fixed Odds financial betting can also be depended on a particular financial instrument. This instrument would be the major basis of what the movement would be, whether the financial market ends up positively or slowing down straightly.

The odds are fixed just like the name of the approach because the prize reward is also fixed, unlike in any other approach, the operator would need to compute what would be the prize for that particular betting and must announce the prize even before the outcome of the financial market for that particular scheme. This is the reason why Fixed Odds Financial Betting is considered as the most secure way of learning how financial betting is to be played vying for a different financial market, and improves the probability of knowing what should be the outcome.

In a Fixed Odd Financial Betting, the player knew the exact amount of the prize to win, and the exact amount that he would probably lose. Meaning, the player would not need to provide a certain required capital, all the player needs is just the amount that would enough to cater the whole stake. Therefore, managing the deposited amount for a certain game is easy because everything is pre determined here, because of this, player would have more time to analyze the situation and could decide intelligently before putting a bet.

Floating Odds Betting Approach:

Unlike Fixed Odds, this approach is the least common approach among any others as a matter of fact; this is not really used by many of the financial betting websites. The bet here is floating as the name of the approach says, meaning it is changing and inconstant depending on how much the bet was put. The operators of this approach would need to calculate all the odds put, then will finalize the amount of prize in accordance to the amount that is bet. Aside from the amount of bet, the scheme or the time bracket on which the player would want to play on is also undetermined at first. Therefore, as the player is deciding on how much would the bet is, the time bracket would also be under the decision of the player. There are also websites that operates this kind of betting that allows the player to decide how much the bet would be but the time bracket is already given. For instance, the website would announce that there would be a floating Odds betting that would happen for a certain day, August 1’ financial market for a particular commodities, let say, oil, would the price of the oil increase or decrease on August 2? In short, if the player put up a bet on the “yes” side, he would win automatically depending on the computation of the prize.

Binary Betting Approach:

This is the approach that is said to be extreme among any other approaches, extreme because the bet is put via scaling, from 1 to 100. If the player predicted the right financial market movement for a particular scheme, the bet reconciles to 100 but if the player failed to predict the right flow, the bet ended as zero. In this approach, the player could “buy” if he believes that there is positively moving for a certain commodity, or vise versa, that player could also “sell” if he believes that the financial market for that particular commodity is going down. By the way, buying and selling on binary betting are not actually real buying and selling, they are still betting processes. The betting process here is by point system, for instance, if the player would buy at 35 and put a bet of let’s say 10 Euros, if that player believes that it is going up for that particular commodity and he is correct, that player would win 650 Euros. Because the bet reconcile with 100, so the computation would be like this; 100 – 35 = 65 multiplied to the amount he bet, so 65 times 10 Euros = 650 Euros. But for the same sample and the player is mistaken on what he believed, he would lose 350 Euros. Because he lost, the bet reconcile with zero. The computation would look like this; 0 – 35 = 35 multiplied by the amount he bet. 35 times 10 Euros is 350 Euros. Therefore, in this kind of approach, the winning prize or the losing amount could only be determined if the bet was placed, and the players’ stake could not be depended on how much he had put as bet. So, actually, the player would need a particular margin that should be deposited on his account to cover the loses he may encounter during Binary Betting.

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