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Online bingo intro

Bingo itself was founded back in the 1530s, when it was part of a lottery game in Italy. The following centuries saw it develop into the 75 and 90 balls bingo game that we know today.

Online bingo

Online bingo introduction by our nice bingo host.The latest development of this popular game is online bingo. The only difference between online bingo and bingo in the real world is that you can now play bingo at home on your PC by yourself. The online prizes for bingo are also often much bigger than those you get at your local bingo hall.

Bingo was named after a happy winner

There is an urban myth in bingo circles that the word bingo is an acronym of the Italian word ‘beano’, which means bean. At the beginning beans were uses to put over the numbers on your bingo cards, and when you won you had to shout beano. One day a bingo player shouted BINGO instead, and the name has stuck ever since the 1930s.

How do you play online bingo?

The main aim of online bingo websites is to try to create the same sense of community, experience and atmosphere that millions of people love to take part in every day at traditional bingo halls.
The aim of both 75 and 90 ball bingo on the Internet is identical to the one played at normal bingo halls. You either have to have a full card or one or two rows. Or there may already be a symbol, e.g. a letter, that you can fill in with the numbers called. The rules of bingo are so simple that everyone can learn them. Read more

More benefits of online bingo than bingo at your local bingo hall

The benefit of playing online bingo on your PC is that you can play a lot of cards at one time. This is due to the so-called Auto-Daub function on all bingo websites on the Internet. The Auto-Daub is best be described as a very talented bingo player. It fills in your bingo spaces for you so you can sit and have a cup of tea or chat with your online bingo friends while playing bingo and following the game. It is quite something that this is possible, but it is your PC that enables these simple things to be automated.

Another great factor about online bingo websites as that while playing online bingo, you can also try your luck at scratch card games or slots. It is very cheap to take part and you can go far with just a few dollars. It needn’t be expensive to play online bingo, or any of the other wonderful scratch games or online casino games which are at your fingertips when the first online bingo numbers are called.

The social aspect is also important in online bingo

Online bingo is also one of the more social medias, where more and more people meet others with a shared interest. In this instance, you know that online bingo is one of those things that all other people on the site will also enjoy.

It is possible to communicate and talk to other online bingo players on the other bingo sites available today on the Internet. It is very sociable and makes the bingo experience very unique. Read more

So what are you waiting for –set up an account on an online bingo site now and start with a prize! All online bingo sites give you free money to play bingo with, so it is just case of getting started. It is cheap and great entertainment – we can certainly guarantee that, especially if you already love playing bingo.

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