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Considering the extra efforts exerting by the online casino operators to prove the fairness of their gaming processes through the RNG or the random number generator, many players are still peculiar on the honesty and truthfulness of the results of the games they are playing. This is part of online casino history and nothing can actually misspell that myth despite of the best energy of online casinos to provide evidence that the games are randomly manipulated. And because of these issues there are innovations and enhancements that are tried and tested to manipulate any remedy 2 of the popular live dealer girls at Bet365 overpower these myths.

Many online casino operators have come up with a remedy and answer to this undying battle. This is the “live dealer online casino” games. Live dealer casinos are swiftly fetching to be the top choice for online gamers because it actually transports the games to the players. In the comfort of playing in own home, players will be able to communicate with a live dealer using live cards or real wheel and enjoy the betting options like playing as if the player is just in front of the casino dealer.

One good advantage of this kind of play is that players cannot only play with live dealers but also can play with other players as if they were just sitting around the table facing each other. This virtual casino style permits gamers to have a chat as well as take pleasure in internet casinos with the most enjoyable ever. Live online casinos are usually engaged to a tributary record and also a game task via the internet. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a broadband internet connection whether cabled or sticked because these would transform the players’ ordinary simple play to a grand live dealer gaming knowledge.

The Live Dealer Casino Games!

Live rouletteThere are games that can be played online with live dealers. Though there are also games that are not capable playing with live dealers. To name the most common games that can be played online with live dealers are blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Few of the online casinos present a game called sic bo using a live dealer, but very seldom operators allow this because of the complexity of the game.

Craps is a kind of game that is not possible to play with in an online casino using a live dealer though most of the games are not yet played with live dealers. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and sic bo when played in an online casino with live dealers have a much higher table limits as compared to blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and sic bo not using live casino dealers even within the same casino operators.

There are online casinos with live casino dealers that are deteriorating the minimum number of table members just to fill in fully the table to avoid waste of time in playing. On the other hand, if there are excess players who really wanted to fill in the table, the casino operators might increase the minimum stakes to strain who are capable of playing big. Therefore, the myth and the gossips regarding being the untruthfulness and the lie being unfair of some games cannot actually be cured. The remedy for this games would be within the players itself.

The Live Dealer!

The Live Dealer as it described by its own name, can be dealt live by the players, although still not considered as spontaneous as the live chat, live dealer could usually be communicated via the sound feed. Live dealers unfortunately cannot use the live chat options for spontaneous conversations with the players but only a pre-recorded voice messages. Players can talk back to the live dealers and to other co-players through the live chat features of the website. These live dealers are well trained professionals for the players to have a free-worry contacts and communications while playing their favorite games that usually offers live dealers as part of the game.

Live dealer in a game of roulette.

Pit bosses are also available on these kinds of website to supervise the games and monitor the conversations on the chat feature. Those pit bosses can be trusted by the players who wanted to asked questions or any queries that may arise during the game proper. Those pit bosses are sometimes the basis of the most players if ever a decision is necessary to be made in regards with the games rules or strategies. Because most of the online casinos that use live dealers have their target players as predominantly male executives, the majority of the dealers at live dealer casinos are pretty and sexy women who really do the best they can do to boost the players’ gaming experience.
But still the best way to maximize the gaming enjoyment is to play the not real money game first for the players to be able to get comfortable with the set-up and to be able to familiarize the techniques and rules before dealing with the live casino dealers playing real money on the games.

Live casino dealers
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