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Popular streets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very dispersed city, and yet it is still very easy to find your way round as all the large casino hotels are all located in the same area – The Strip, which is called Las Vegas Boulevard. There are however other areas in Las Vegas that are also worth a visit. These are all listed below.

Las Vegas is split into 3 main areas. The most well-known is The Strip, which is the main street where all the large casino hotels lie as an extension of one another. Next is Paradise Road, home to the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Downtown is the third area, which 95% of all tourists never visit, as The Strip tends to soak up all the valuable time that the average tourist has available to spend in the city.

The Strip

Las Vegas Boulevard – The Strip is one many associate with Las Vegas. And not without reason. The Strip is home to the biggest casino hotels. The largest shows in town are held at the casino hotels, so if you want the spectacular shows and large, colourful productions, such as Mamma Mia, then Las Vegas Boulevard is the place.

The Strip is also the heart of the town, in that all the streets are named according to their position in relation to The Strip.

The most popular parts of The Strip is the southern part, South Strip, and the hotels that come after this are the Center Strip. North Strip is not so densely populated with casino hotels, but following the opening of The Wynn in 2005 and several other casinos, North Strip is likely within a few years to be just as attractive to tourists. Until then it is South Strip and North Strip where 95% of first time visitors will spend their time and money. And not without reason. The most ostentatious in size and accomplishment are also located here. In fact it is a pleasure just spending a day wandering from one end of The Strip to the other, just admiring the impressive buildings. This is also home to all the casinos and shows etc.

Why is the street called “The Strip”?

Because of the meaning of strip, as in to strip off your clothes or rob someone of something. The name is therefore not coincidental. The term "strip” is a synonym of what regularly goes on at "The Strip”. People are “robbed” of their money in the casinos – but it is all in good fun of course so it is a bit of a shame that the street is known as this. People who go to Las Vegas do so to have an experience, and the majority know that gambling is entertainment. The street's "real" name is not "The Strip", but Las Vegas Boulevard.

Definition of strip: [strip] vb. To take or pull or peel (off); remove; (ref. clothes) ; to unrobe; (about striptease) to remove all one’s clothes 1


  • All the biggest casino hotels are located on Las Vegas Boulevard – The Strip
  • The Strip has some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, one of the reasons many visit Las Vegas.
  • The biggest shows are performed at the casino hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard.
  • At night, the neon-lit hotels are an impressive sight. Several times a day there is for example a pirate performance in front of Treasure Island. Other places have volcano eruptions and waterfalls accompanied by powerful, atmospheric music. The waterfall is outside The Wynn.


  • A con for some people is the sheer volume of people. Everyone who goes to Las Vegas visits The Strip.
  • The Strip is the most expensive part of Las Vegas. This applies to everything from prices of hotel rooms to food, souvenirs, shows etc. This is also the place that oozes shows and luxury.
  • As there are so many entertainment options on The Strip, most people forget the rest of the city. You can actually spend several weeks / months on just one street!


Downtown is the oldest part of Las Vegas. It was actually here the whole Las Vegas phenomenon began. Hotels and casinos were built long before The Strip era started. The area was also called the Glitter Gulch. The biggest casino hotels in Downtown are located in Fremont Street. There is also the Fremont Street Experience, which is a must to see if you go to Las Vegas.


  • There are fewer tourists compared to The Strip.
  • Hotel rooms are often cheaper than The Strip.
  • There are often good shows at reasonable prices.
  • Everything in Downtown is within walking distance, so you do not need a taxi to get from one casino to another.


  • There are less hotels and casinos to choose from.
  • The area is a little isolated compared to The Strip.
  • The biggest and most famous shows are nearly all performed on The Strip and not at the hotels Downtown.

Paradise Road

Paradise Road is home to the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition to this enormous congress centre are a number of large hotels, such as the Las Vegas Hilton, as well as a lot of smaller hotels without a casino license. There are also plenty of restaurants and if you are taking part in a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center, then Paradise Road is a good place to book a hotel. If, however, the main aim of your trip to Las Vegas is to play at casinos and see some shows, then Paradise Road is not the best place to stay. Several hotels in the area advertise themselves as a short walk from The Strip, but this is a slight stretch of the truth.


  • There are many traditional hotels i.e. no casinos and shows.
  • If you are happy to have a brisk walk, then it is possible to walk to The Strip from Paradise Road. Otherwise you can take a cab.
  • You have access to Las Vegas attractions without being in it 24 hours a day.
  • The area has a lot of good hotel rooms at reasonable rates.


  • The entertainment is not on the same scale and quality as on The Strip and Downtown.
  • It is far from Paradise Road to The Strip if you want to walk.
  • If you have to go to a large convention in the city, you have to book your hotel room in plenty of time. Otherwise it will be fully booked.
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