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Local attractions in Las Vegas

Hoover Dam

The world’s largest dam, the Hoover Dam, was built in the 1930s and is the supply source of power to Nevada, including Las Vegas, Mexico and Canada. The Hoover Dam lies approx. 50 km from Las Vegas and is 221 metres high.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

This is one of the world’s largest artificial lakes with a circumference of more than 800 kilometres. The lake is approx, 40 kilometres from Las Vegas, close to the Arizona border.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon lies 250 km east of Las Vegas. It is stunning, and many think it cannot be as stunning as it appears on photos. Trust me – it is. The camera does not lie and the canyon is amazing and brightly coloured. If you visit Las Vegas, then seeing the Grand Canyon either by helicopter or car is a must. How was the Grand Canyon formed? Through millions of years of erosion caused by snow, wind, rain and the Colorado river. The Grand Canyon is spectacularly big and stretches 440 km through the states of Nevada, Utah and Arizona. It is up to 1600 metres deep and up to 30 km wide. There are currently around 250 different species living there, and back in pre-historic times, the whole area was covered by sea. This is known from the discovery of marine fossilisations in the Grand Canyon gorge.

The Grand Canyon has been a popular tourist destination since the 1880s. It is still one of America’s biggest tourist attractions today, and is visited by up to 5 million people a year. You can visit the area either by helicopter, bus or car. If you decide on a helicopter ride from Las Vegas, you can for between $300 - $450 depending on the length of the trip and helicopter type, experience the Grand Canyon in a morning. The wonderful thing about a helicopter ride is that you land down in the gorge in an area inaccessible to cars and buses. The alternative to a helicopter trip if you want to go down between the cliffs is to go with mountain climbing kit, which the average tourist might not be equipped with nor feel brave enough to do!

Man-made attractions

The Strip has plenty of free entertainment on offer. For example, the volcano eruption outside the Mirage casino hotel. You can see this once an hour and it is incredibly stunning and, what’s more, is free to watch.

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