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Live blackjackUndoubtedly, online gaming is one of the greatest things that have been invented for so many decades. Along with the blasting of technology and the zooming of the internet world, online gaming also had been popularized and loved by those who are casino enthusiasts.

The goodness of playing your favorite games with the suppleness and expediency of staying in your own homes while enjoying the “hope of winning” a fortune would be the greatest benefit of this greatest invention. Internet gambling tolerates gamers to put a stake whenever they want, regardless of the time of the daylight hours or nighttime, and devoid the need of worrying what time would the land based casinos be opened in the morning and what time would that casino be closed in the night.

However, despite of these advantages, many players doubt some of the online casinos to have manipulated the results of the games and intentionally created the software to make money for the casinos. It is in this regard that another evolution in online casino history had been introduced to overpower such allegations and provide additional enhancements on gambling experiences for the players. It's an innovation that has been gradually expanding attraction in the last few years as internet connections, internet speeds and internet streaming technologies have developed. Software with a notion that has captured the gaming world by storm is called the live casino dealers. This type of gaming merges the easiness and expediency of online gambling with the live component of offline gambling via uncomplicated yet prevailing tools. Nothing relatively defeats the thorough and lively conversations between the players and the dealer, the resonance of real chips echoing on the table and the murmur noise of a real live casino would definitely make the players feel like playing on a brick walled casino.

Live casino dealers


A live casino dealer would be described as what precisely the name means like. An online casino with a special feature called live dealer who deals with the players on any of the live games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack and even sic bo. In a casino with a live dealer, players would be able to experience live interactions with a real dealer spinning the wheel in a roulette game, rolling the dice on a baccarat game, or dealing the cards in a blackjack game.

Beautiful blackjack dealer.

Live casino dealer are not very usual common to be searched on the internet because of the fact that online casinos are making big profits for not hiring and paying a lot of staff. However, many players are not so persuaded that many of the online casinos are fair when it comes to treating the players and so players would only engage themselves playing in an online casino that has a live dealer.

Live dealer in roulette.Moreover, a lot of gamers believe that online casinos are not very sufficient with the private touch of a brick-walled casino. Players wanted an online casino that would make them feel like playing in a land based casino, meaning there are social interaction and a thorough communication with a live dealer. And because of that, there are online casinos nowadays that offer a live dealer for their casino enthusiasts. Gratefully, lively illustrations unswervingly from reputable brick walled casinos into a player’s own home means that live gaming is a very real alternative for gamers who are searching for this category of amusement. Live dealers thus interrelate with the gamers, discussing about anything under the sun, especially if the dealer is not that busy dealing, talking about the game and everything during the game.

Live dealing in an online casino is an alternative that were never as elite and as high tech as they are nowadays. Take for instance the internet connections has been developed so much that there are very few users nowadays who encounter big problems in regards with the internet connection including the speed as compared to the connections during the past few years. Also, a lot of innovations have been introduced to these offerings, to name a few is the use of gigantic cards to be able for the players to see it unmistakably, and a feature that enable the cameras to zoom in and out on the table, wheel or even in cards as necessary.

Bet365 Live dealer.


As we all know, unfortunately not most of the online casinos use live dealer options especially those websites that are not yet familiar with this or those online casinos that are certainly contented with what they have now, not really knowing the importance of innovations and promoting camaraderie by giving the players something new for them to stay loyal on their websites. These facts are probably the things that the biggest names on its line of industry, like Playtech, Microgaming and VueTec (Distance Gaming) have on their vision to continuously enhance their facilities to maintain its persuasiveness to the eyes of the players. Those big companies built partnership with the big websites to include live dealer games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat on their websites for the benefit of the players’ sake and interests. Some of online casinos offer only one of these games to have live dealers but there are also online casinos that offer both of the games or even all of the games mentioned with live dealer as an added attraction for their websites.

This girl is what I would call a very very attractive and beautiful dealer.

The Benefits of Playing Live Games;

  • Live Blackjack
    The advantage of playing live blackjack is that the players are able to see the cards being dealt by the dealers live. This is one big enough reason for many players to choose live dealer blackjack. Considering blackjack as a delicate and intimate game between the players and the dealers, this live gaming option elevates the players gaming experience by making them more comfortable in playing with a live dealer.
  • Live Roulette
    Just like blackjack, players of live roulette are more interactive with the dealer because player feels the real spinning of the wheel avoiding the feelings of the players that they are counter defeating the machine instead of the dealer. This is why live roulette is also bursting its popularity in the world of online gaming. But the rules of the software for live roulette are quite different so, it is very suggestive that the players should understand first the rules of the game before engaging themselves to this kind of game.
  • Live Baccarat
    Although not as famous as the other two live games, live dealer baccarat owns its loyal followers who selected this live game as their favorites. Considered mysterious, this game also has advantages to be noticed by the players. With a couple of captivating smudges, baccarat can confirm to be an exceedingly money-spinning game. Not to mention its capability of entertaining every players who wishes to play this game by always having a space on the table for any players.
  • Live Sic Bo
    The last but not the least is the Chinese dice game called live sic bo. Live Sic Bo just like Live Baccarat has less followers, those players who actually engaged themselves as a loyal players of this kind of game are the only weapon of this game to maintain its popularity. But those players who loved this game would be able to love this game more because of experiencing a real dice rolling in a real table with a real dealer.
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