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How To Play Online Bingo

We already had known that there are a lot of Bingo and other Bingo-related games on the Internet now which is absolutely available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Today you can even play bingo on an online casino. What the players shall only need is a practically up to date computer with a modem, meaning an internet device, of course an Internet access, and a Web-browsing software program. Time and patience and willingness to get into the game are also important to possess by any players who really wanted to engage in this kind of entertainment and fun.

In this piece of writing, we'll feature some discussions in accordance with the general rules on how to play online bingo, and some strategies and tips to assist players keep up with other players and safely gather their prize money if lucky. We will even familiarize players with different online terminologies so that they can communicate quickly with other players.

It is of course well known that there is no big difference between online Bingo games and a land based real bingo in halls and in other places, except for the fact that online Bingo has no necessary noises and a very smoke free gaming rendezvous. The main bingo card is usually a pop-up window that should have contains different information such as:

  • The game cards which usually comes in three.
  • All those currently and previously called numbers which are displayed in a tote board.
  • List of those players who are online.
  • A chat room where players can communicate with each other by typing a quick words between the games.

But, there's more… aside from those with connections to Bingo, there is a lot more than the game cards. Most websites that caters Bingo games do not limit their articles only on Bingo itself, most of the websites include a cluster of fun and educational stuff online, which includes bingo news, a lot of pictures and substantial comments from past winners, advertisements about incoming special tournaments and events, and a list of prizes or places where you can redeem gift certificates you win online.


At any online Bingo website, players may compete for prizes in free games before they should play at any game in any online Bingo game, however, players have to sign up first for a user name. They need to be sure to supply a valid e-mail address, or they won't be able to claim prizes. Most of the games are straight-line bingo or coverall.

Some of the online Bingo website but not all provides each player three cards per game, which come into sight in a special pop-up window with the bingo tote board and a chat area that happens to have a lot of advertisements. The pattern that the players must match would appear in the upper right corner of the bingo window. The virtual caller that the website assigned announces the numbers at random. Every time a number is called, players should mark or "daub" their cards through a click in the mouse. When a Bingo card matches the pattern, the player must hit the "Bingo" button. In land based Bingo, players shout the word “Bingo”.


Bingo card

A bingo card as shown above has a five columns-by-five rows table of squares with a corresponding number in each square except for the one in the center. That center square which can automatically be marked by all players as completed is called the "free space”.

Each column has a letter on the top that collectively spell out B-I-N-G-O.

  • Letter B: Spaces in this column are marked with 5 random numbers between 1 and 15.
  • Letter I: Spaces in this column are marked with 5 random numbers between 16 and 30.
  • Letter N: Spaces in this column are marked with 5 random numbers between 31 and 45.
  • Letter G: Spaces in this column are marked with 5 random numbers between 46 and 60.
  • Letter O: Spaces in this column are marked with 5 random numbers between 61 and 75.

Since there are only five spaces in each column except for the middle which has 4 spaces, there are multi-thousands probabilities to create unique number combinations for each bingo cards.


The objective of any bingo game is to fill up the player’s card according to the numbers called that corresponds with the numbers on player’s Bingo card. Of course the patterns would also depend on the house rules. This usually means marking all the numbers in a column, row, horizontal or diagonal, or by marking the entire card depending on the set patterns by the host of the game. This is also not just by marking and following the pattern, the winner would always be the “first” player who yelled the word Bingo. Meaning the player who firstly marked the Bingo card with the pattern is proclaimed the winner.


In a land based Bingo game, a caller is the master of ceremonies or the host for a Bingo game who randomly draws the Bingo balls and announces the numbers by calling out the letter where the number falls and number itself. This would help the players specially those who are only a beginner to easily look for the number called on their Bingo cards. For example, the caller would announce B10 or I26 or N43 and so on and so forth.

Virtual caller or the caller in an online Bingo sometimes is just a voice over for some website or none at all. For all we know, some online Bingo uses a system that has an automatic graphics that shows the balls with its numbers and letter that is automatically drawn by the computer.


In the previous article, the word “Pattern” is always mentioned. To give readers and players some of the patterns that are commonly used by both the land based Bingo games and the online Bingo websites, here are the samples that the players would love to meet.

1. Line Bingo — from the word itself, quite self-explanatory, line bingo is one option for card marking. In line bingo, a player must form a pattern that describes a line to create a winning bingo card. And the line may include the free spot in the center of the card. This line can be;

a. Horizontal

b. Diagonal

c. Vertical

2. T-Bingo — T-Bingo is also one pattern that a player must form to create a winning card. It requires a “t” shape to be marked for a winning bingo card. It can be formed as per the following;

a. Right-side up, which would include all of column N to be marked, along with the top row of numbers.

b. An upside down T is also accepted as a winning card, which again consists of the entire row N along with the bottom row of numbers.

c. A third option is the side T, which would require the center row of numbers along with either the entire B or O column to be filled.

3. U-Bingo — U Bingo is one quite difficult pattern that a player always wanted to form to create a winning card. It requires the formation of a “U” for a winning bingo card. The U shape can also be right-side up, upside down, or sideways.

a. For a right-side up U, the entire bottom row must be marked, along with the entire B and O columns.

b. For an upside down U, the top row should be marked, along with columns B and O. A sideways U is formed when either the B or O column is marked along with the top or bottom row of numbers.

4. Square Bingo — Square bingo is simply played by marking a square around the outside of the bingo card.

a. This would mean filling up the top and bottom rows of numbers along with both the B and O columns.

b. Some online Bingo site may also use the pattern small square inside the bingo card, meaning some numbers in I, N and G and the free space in the middle.

5. Blackout Bingo — as always used as the jackpot game on most of all bingo games, blackout bingo is the hardest and the longest of all bingo games. In blackout bingo, the player must be the first one to mark the entire card of twenty five squares order to have a win.


Prizes depends still on the online Bingo website that host the game, while there are some cash prizes at any of the online Bingo that corresponds on the “patterns” that the players should match, there are also some other considerations in proclaiming what the amount of the cash prize should be, for example, during Fridays all winners are automatically entered in a drawing for $50 in cash, therefore, the “day” itself is already a factor, it may define that the demand of the game is more powerful on that day. Other factors of considerations may include the number of players who are actually playing or betting for the same patterns, the more the players who bet, the higher the prize. But, players should not expect the stakes to be too high for most online games.

At some of the online Bingo websites, most games are worth a set amount of "bingo bucks." For example, a straight-line bingo vertical or horizontal might be worth 100 bingo bucks. And if more than one player wins, which is happening also sometimes, the prize would be divided by the number of winners. Some online Bingo website offers a corresponding dollar amount to every Bingo bucks. E.g. 1000 bingo bucks for 20 dollars, some offers a little bit higher and some offer a little bit lower, depends on the website. Just like any other online games, online Bingo games also have a jackpot game, and every jackpot game has its corresponding jackpot prize.

The prize for the so called progressive blackout (a Bingo patterns which require a player to mark all the numbers on the Bingo card) are a lot higher, and can easily top up to 2000 bingo bucks.

Prizes typically range from small Bingo bucks to large cash payouts as high as $10,000 in some bingo games on the website. But of course, the probability of winning this is no different than when playing in a real bingo hall. Players should be very lucky if once in a blue moon, anyone could hit this Blackout Bingo.
Some Bingo hall would not stop the game as long as there is no one yelling the word, but some limits only to a provided maximum number like, if 60 numbers are already called and no one is still shouting, the game would be over and no winner will be proclaimed.

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