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Forex, Commodities and Indices Spread Betting!

Forex Spread Betting

Financial Spread Betting is more popular nowadays. One reason for this is the so-called foreign exchange spread betting market. Just like spread betting on any other commodities, this would require a bet, an offer, a price bracket and a particular scheme of time. In foreign exchange industry, players can bet on its value against any other forex such as US dollars against Danish Kronor, US Dollars against Philippine Peso or US Dollars against Japanese Yen etc.

With these foreign exchange samples, players can actually bet with the value of the forex market whether the conversion pair would be increasing or decreasing. On the average per week, the conversion for USD versus Euro is 1 U.S. dollar = 0.81214976 to 0.94225642 Euros for the month of July, with its corresponding Financial Spread betting, this conversion let’s say would expire on August 1 on the current year, therefore, anyone who wanted to experience Forex Financial Spread Betting could definitely put a bet on whether the conversion of USD versus Euro would be above 0.94225642 or below 0.81214976 within the current day up to Aug 1. And remember that in Forex Spread Betting, the players buy and sell a trade via per point or pip where every pip is 0.00000001 units for USD/Euro flow. Therefore, if the player put a bet of about 5 Dollars per pip, and the USD/Euro currency ends up with 0.00000007 differences, it is automatically 45 Dollars profit.

The computation whether the player buy, meaning put a bet on above the given currency or sell, meaning the presumption of the trader would be below the given value of the operator is just a simple mathematics. If the player bet on above the maximum currency scheme with 1 dollar per pip, it is just simple multiplication between the differences of the result of the foreign exchange from the given value. But if the player was not able to predict the correct outcome, he bought the maximum value but the result is below the minimum given scheme, the loss would be computed as the product of the differences of the final foreign exchange currency value to the maximum given amount of the operator.

Quite confusing at first but if the player regularly play this kind of endeavor, computation would be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Plus the prestige of being updated on the foreign exchange currency industry is immeasurable and Forex financial spread betting would be fun and entertainment. Just always assure yourself as a player that you fully understood the risks and consequences of Forex Spread Betting to avoid serious problems of losing everything because of lack of knowledge on what you had embraced as an endeavor.

Commodities Spread Betting

One of the most challenging aspects of Financial Spread Betting is the analysis on how the commodities’ value would move. Sometimes, the movement of a commodity such as Gold depends on the economy of the country where it was originated. For instance, the gold value is of course lesser in amount on some parts of Middle East Asia than in the whole United States, parallel on this; the movement also was affected by the original price itself. But in Commodities Financial Spread Betting, the betting and the movement would never be based on a particular nation or point of origin, we are talking Global Commodity Value in here, therefore no matter what the difference of the commodity value is per nation or per area of origin, it has nothing to do with the rule and results of the financial spread betting. And just like any other Spread betting, this again involves a bet, a given scheme of value, a particular time and luck. Luck because a trader would be needing a good prediction on how would the commodity would be priced for that particular time. As the most efficient example, Gold let us say foreseen by the investor or a particular spread betting companies to be resulting to 1,363.26 Euros to 1,363.95 Euros this coming August. Therefore, anyone who wanted to try luck on betting on this commodity by the end of July, that player could put a bet on whether the amount of Gold on the August market would be higher than 1,363.95 Euros or lower than 1,363.26 Euros. In Gold Financial Spread Betting, the player still put a bet per pip or by point in simpler term; every difference on the outcome of the result of the final amount of the gold in future would be multiplied by the amount that the player bet. Let say for example the player has analyzed the movement of the gold for the past three months and believe that he is so sure that as per the chart he reviewed, the value of the gold would be higher than 1,363.95 Euros in the coming next month. By this, the player would decide to buy by putting a bet of about 5 Euro. And the prediction of the player is quite correct because it has happened that the value of Gold after July 31st is 1,363.99 Euros and therefore profited 20 Euros for that betting. The calculation of the profit or loses is just a simple computation. In a simpler way, the measurement of what would be the profit or loses by the buying or selling a financial bet is just like getting what the differences between the given value amount of the spread betting companies’ operator and the outcome result of the waited amount value. Then multiply that difference to the amount the player has put a bet per pip or by point.

Kindly always bear in mind the risk that the financial spread betting would embark, the consequence is that the player may lose more than the pre-planned deposit and this could probably be unexpected for him. Always believe that not all the venture is always applicable to everyone. And most importantly, always hypothesize an amount to bet that you as player can afford to throw away.

Indices Spread Betting

Economists believe that the financial standards of one nation can sometimes be measured to some extent by the so called index level measured through FTSE 100 which happened to be one of the largest UK stock Market measurements. Of course there is FTSE 250 Index and the FTSE 350 Index that are also used widely to indicate the value of stock market. By the way, FTSE stands for the two largest company that joined forces just for the maintenance of the indices. These are the Financial Times and the London Stock Market. The numbers preceding FTSE are the numbers of companies that are included on the record book of FTSE with the biggest capitalization of the market. The index can be measured drastically by the FTSE group, there are times that the index value is bursting as high as the sky and sometimes also deteriorating as low as the land soil, one concrete example is during the financial crises on 1999, the index value dropped so dead with so many factors that affects this changes. But tremendously goes up high again in 2011. This only shows that the changes of the index value are also not constant and unpredictable. This made the spread betting enthusiasts decided to include this on the subject of Financial Spread Betting.

And just like commodity spread betting and forex spread betting, Indices Spread Betting would also involves the bet by the player, the minimum to maximum probable changes provided by the spread betting companies and the time scheme. In here, the objective is also similar to both the two recent subjects, it’s to predict whether the index for a particular FTSE category would be increasing or decreasing for some reasons. Good players would of course try to analyze first the situation, even the index graph before making a wise decision on whether to buy or sell the spread bets.

The computation of the profit or loss would also be simple just like the two above mentioned spread betting, where the bet is per point or pip which is always 1 as for the FTSE 100. Therefore, any player who wants to try his luck on Indices Spread Betting can put a bet for example $5 per point. If the spread betting company had given the premises of 5987 and up down to 5982 below until the end of July. In here, the player would bet whether after July 31, the index value would result to above 5987 or below 5982. And if the player is lucky enough to predict the correct movement, he would have profit as per the computation provided also by the company. The profit would be computed by multiplying the difference between the maximum probable value by the stake rendered by the player.

The danger in Indices Spread Betting is also high as the probable loss could be more than the planned allotted amount, so it is highly recommended by this website for the players to critically analyze the situation first before engaging into Financial Spread Betting.

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