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Financial markets - Financial betting


ProgressThe development of any country is said to be a peculiar condition, uncontrollable and so unpredictable. This is actually the primary objective of Financial Betting. Affected by many natural phenomenon, moods of every investor and any other business enthusiasts, it cannot be predicted nor can’t be pre-assumed. Reason why Financial Betting is not only an analysis of facts but also considered as gambling. Though there are years that the production during those business dead times critically deteriorates because of the domineering factors, there are also years that boost the economic situations not only to a particular nation but also globally. During the 2011 challenges of life quality structure, it was not merely a positive one, probably because of natural disasters and political crises that happened to be a major factor on the financial market industry. But unlike in Financial Betting that involves luck; economic situations merely run through the flow of life that corresponds to the nation’s day to day financial industry.

On the contrary, during the first quarter of 2012 marks a positive output in accordance with the financial market due to the momentous important governmental structure, judiciary and monetary high-income on some parts of the globe added to the relevant enhancements on the financial market situations in deterioration of the financial containments. Congratulations to those Financial Betting active players who voted positively. On this is the inclusion of financial policies moderating in the development of any country that would be affected in the empowering of the true-face trade and industry activities in both the rural and urban nations. Yearly production average especially for industrialized industry, the demands for importations and funded products embarked again positively mostly on the developing countries in the world.


The word financial may refer to monetary, fiscal, economic or pecuniary and betting defined as putting a stake, trying to obtain an instant win in exchange of a collateral that cannot be reclaimed again. Betting can also be defined as gaming with stake on the pot and who ever win gets the pot for that round. Actually, there are a lot of terminologies that can be inclined to the terms Financial and Betting, but if these two words are combined, the meaning would just simply combine the definition of both terms, though the term “Financial” on this matter refers only to the financial aspect on the economic situation in a given location. Therefore, Financial Betting is foreseeing the financial situations by putting a stake on it as a bet on how would the financial flow will move. Of course there are rules and regulations that are implied on this kind of game. But basically, financial betting is taking the chance of multiplying the players’ assets by giving all his hands to bet whether the economy for a particular time bracket would increase or deteriorate. On the other hand, this may also make the player from billionaire to bum if not analyze well the movement of the financial market, a financial betting enthusiasts may lose all what he’d got in just a split second of harsh decision.
Confirmatory, financial betting is as simple as playing any game in a casino whether it is land-based or online. Though the risk is higher and faster than any other ordinary games, it would also be the best and easiest way of becoming one of those socially authoritarian citizens. There are many existing ways on how a player would try this adventure, as many online websites already cater this kind of gaming. A variety of processes and levels are also offered to the players on how would they wanted to have the chance of guessing the movement of the financial market whether it is going up or falling down. Not to mention that there are websites that allow the players in financial betting to be engaged on this by just enjoying the game or just dance with the tune, meaning the player would play this kind of game with just a small bet, this may also lessen the risk for the player to lose big amount. Occasionally, many websites are also into a bigger amount of betting, the risk is also of course higher but the chance of a lifetime is also there. So, it is the player who would choose to decide whether they would risk their asset or would just want to play the game in a smaller bet wishing for a smaller win but with also a smaller risk.


Financial betting can only be fun if and only if the player is just playing for entertainment, just killing time, waiting for the moment to pass by, without the tensions, without the aim of winning an instant or winning huge amount. For those who just put a bet just to add some reason and logic to waiting what would the economy movement is, it is just for fun. Meaning if you are a concerned citizen who was just curious on what would be the result of the financial market and wanted to know whether it is deteriorating or improving, you would just spice up the time of waiting by putting up a challenge with the other probable players. Considering the main objective of financial betting, which is to increase the players’ assets by predicting correctly the movement of the financial market from a particular time bracket, this kind of game can also be gambling. Adding to the reason is the type of financial betting that requires a very limited time for the player to decide and choose which movement of the financial market would be the result. Because there are websites that allow players to put a stake on a five minute scheme of financial market movement. But if the player wanted to be engaged into a larger scheme, players can play the hourly or the 24 hour scheme financial betting competition. Of course in here, the larger the scheme, the larger the bet, the bigger the risk. Though a five minute financial betting scheme is faster, players can also place a larger bet on this depending on the allowable amount set by the operator of the website.


It is therefore a gambling to some extent. But there is still good thing in financial betting for heaven’s sake, that is, financial betting website that permits players to come up for a decision that would probably cut their own loses or enhance their winning even before the trading would be closed is existing. Meaning, if a player has decided to continue the bet and increase the amount of stake if he was able to foresee that what he predicted is happening. Same case if the player doubted what he guessed and not sure if he would be able to afford to lose his assets, he could cut the bet and stop financial betting for awhile and wait the result to pass by without losing more.
There are existing books and online readers digest about how people are hiding from gold and other valuable commodities every time financial markets are losing its integrity because of the continues deterioration. According to the financial markets analysts, this is just common with those who belong to the upper class and middle class society as we all know that the value of gold and some valuable commodities are constantly increasing, so as with the realty industry which is really a good escape for the people who value so much their assets and not risking them in a financial market situations. Actually, not all are like these, as there are financial market concern citizens who either can be called as the “Bullish Market who just follow the flow whatever the movement of the financial markets or the so called “Bearish markets” who are resisting the flow and reciprocating the trends.

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