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Bingo As a Social Network

As most of the online Bingo websites offers a “Chat room”: If a player spends a very long hours on the Internet playing bingo games, player will start to distinguish the user names of those who are also a certain regulars. Some players are actually downright talkative, while others are uneasily silent or peacefully quiet, depending on one’s perspective. Socializing of course is not a pre-requisite or not required to everybody. Bingo player may select to just sit at the computer and play. If someone doesn't like any particular chatter probably because he/she finds the chatter to be rude or annoying, that someone could just click on the chatter’s name and hit the "Ignore" button, and then finish, they are just history.

On this “chat room” a player may also click on the "Private Chat" button to send a confidential message to another player. It is seemingly obvious that a player may not mind the time in chatting, may not find that he / she has a whole lot of time to socialize, however, because the caller button basically is just a little tick box where the current number that are called appears, may agitate out several numbers extremely as fast as clicking the mouse. And that would be quite difficult for the player to overrun the game in following the called numbers, especially for the beginners. After just a few games, though, it becomes easier to keep up with the caller, and player may find extra time to surf other bingo games at other websites.


From time to time online Bingo also has it loopholes, as it doesn't go as smoothly as it would be on the local Bingo hall. The following are the potential pitfall in an online Bingo.

  • The game card face may not fit on the screen.
  • The game could get intolerably slow;
    a. depending on the connection speed,
    b. depends on the quality of the provider of the Internet service,
    c. depends on the amount of traffic on the Internet,
    d. Or depends on the problems with the Web site itself.
  • A player may get disconnected from a game;
    a. because of the heavy Internet traffic,
    b. Or because the Web site itself is so busy that it can't handle all the requests.
  • Online bingo players also should be careful of other potential pitfalls, like false bingo sites. This is why we highly recommend online Bingo sites listed on

These are just samples of those pitfalls a player may encounter, a reason why a heavy dose of patience may highly be recommended.


There are a lot of online websites that offers free gaming but while many of them are free, most do come at some price. Players would have to wade through advertisements attached next to the game cards or in pop-up windows. Plus, players would need to pay the internet access fee monthly. Some die-hard regular online aficionados might even select to devote another second phone line so they don't mess up the first line.

There is also online Bingo website that requires payment depending the amount based on the number of the game cards that the player would want to mark. Some even has different amounts per game card depending on the pattern that the player would need to accomplish. Example, the amount of the game card for Blackout Bingo is different from the amount of the Bingo game card for a straight line pattern. And never forget that there is also an online Bingo site that offers fix prize for any of the game.


Every casino game whether it is online or land based have their rules and regulations that the player should not only know but always needed to follow. Not only the games of Bingo would require or at least recommend some of the ethical necessaries in playing a game.

The mandatory directives on a land based Bingo game!

The first several mandates of Bingo pertain to a much uncomplicated common courtesies. If someone is playing with a group of hardcore Bingo players, he / she will definitely desire to make note of these directives.
The first halves of these directives of Bingo prohibit the following:

a. Sitting in other neighbors' favorite bingo seat
b. Coveting other players’ cards or dabbers
c. Taking the bingo caller's name in vain
d. Falsely yelling out "Bingo"
e. Wishing bad luck on other players

The second half of the list ridiculously prohibits playing absolute "dirty." Although most Bingo players naturally wouldn't perform such unsuitable behavior, Bingo enthusiasts with humorousness recognize -- and respect – these second halves of Bingo directives.

The last halves of these Bingo directives refer to the following unforgivable doings.

a. Threatening murder upon the caller.
b. Stealing players’ spouse's money to play.
c. Lying about own winnings and losses.
d. Coveting the winnings of your co-players.

The variances in the mandatory directives in an Online Bingo game!

Although the game has no big and major difference, playing Bingo online has distinct dissimilarity than playing a traditional land based Bingo. In the same way, a few of the listed directives have a slightly different twist to accommodate virtual players. Several examples of online Bingo directives may include the following simple instructions.

a. Not using caps.
b. No inappropriate aliases or screen names.
c. Not gloating over wins.
d. No monopolizing the Bingo chat room with personal conversation.

The same directives may pertain to the caller as in traditional Bingo, but let’s never forget that the caller is actually referred to as the "chat leader."

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