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90 ball online bingo explained

A bingo card in 90 ball online bingo has 3 rows and 9 columns. All 3 rows contain 9 spaces. Each row has 5 numbers. A whole bingo card therefore contains a total of 15 numbers.

How to win

You win by having a complete row, 2 full rows, or the entire card complete. It is virtually the same thing as in real bingo that you already know. It must be noted though that you can have several bingo games on the go at the same time. But do not let this worry you. It is really easy to figure out once you have had a go at 1 or 2 games. Any further explanation would only confuse rather than help and is unnecessary.

Download the software and get yourself a couple of online bingo cards now. Within 10 minutes you will be playing bingo!

An example of a bingo card in 90 ball bingo

90 ball online bingo card

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